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ALPHAGO, DeepMind development program.


In March 2016, the AlphaGo program defeated the Korean Go Champion Li Shi Shi (Lee Se-Dol), and became a few milestones in the artificial intelligence in recent years.

November 30, 2020, DeepMind released the news that its artificial intelligence system "Alphafold" artificial intelligence system participates in a structural prediction key assessment organization (CASP) how to calculate protein molecules 3D structure Competition, and predictive accuracy reaches unprecedented levels. DeepMind said this will "solve the huge challenge of human 50".

Future Vision

Demth Hazabas said: DeepMind's goal is not only a game victory, but also has fun and inspiration. But from the perspective, I like to play games, I have also developed computer games. From a certain extent, they are all test benchs, that is, try to write the algorithm and test it. In the end, we hope to apply technology to solve the problem of real world.

Development experience

2010, Dimis Kazaki et al. Created DeepMind.

In January 2014, Google plans to spend $ 400 million in acquisition of artificial intelligence start-up enterprises.

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