Dedicated host

Brief description

Network service providers will provide network monitoring services, manual technical support, and maintenance services. Suitable for large-scale websites and web servers. The advantages are stability and security, exclusive bandwidth, multiple IP addresses can be bound, firewalls can be set separately, and hardware can be expanded. After purchasing the exclusive host product, the user can view the status information of the server in real time by logging in to the monitoring panel, including hardware status, system status, disk status, bandwidth/traffic status, etc., and can configure monitoring to realize changes in disk space and service progress Early warning. The disadvantage is that the general price is relatively high.


Exclusive host means that the customer owns the software and hardware resources of the entire server, which can be configured by themselves or through web, mail, ftp, etc. through the host management tool of the network application service provider Network service. The advantage is that the server is used by only one user, and the server hardware resources and bandwidth resources are greatly guaranteed. Secondly, many network application service providers exclusive hosts also provide customers with complete host monitoring, vulnerability scanning and many other value-added services.

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