Dedicated computer


Special-purpose computer, an electronic computer designed and manufactured specifically to solve a specific problem. Generally have a fixed storage program. For example, the rolling control computer that controls the rolling process, the special computer that calculates the missile trajectory, etc., can solve specific problems quickly, with high reliability, simple structure and low price.

Management of special computers

1. It is forbidden to use special computers on the Internet.

Second, it is forbidden to use CDs, floppy disks, and mobile storage devices on dedicated computers, and it is strictly forbidden to copy and install files and software that are not related to work on the computer.

3. It is forbidden to process special information on non-dedicated computer systems.

4. In principle, the dedicated computer resources of each unit can only be used for the dedicated work of the unit, and it is prohibited to use the dedicated computer resources to engage in activities unrelated to the dedicated work.

5. Foreign units borrowing special computer resources from each unit of our company (including lending resources and using resources in the company) need to fill out an approval form and get the approval of the person in charge of the unit, the custodian or user of the computer Do not borrow without authorization.

6. When a user takes a special portable computer out for use, he must fill in the "Registration Form for Outing with a Portable Computer", which shall be approved by the computer administrator of the unit. After returning, the computer administrator needs to check the computer and fill in the computer information truthfully.

Seven. The dedicated computer can only be used by a dedicated person. Without authorization, no person is allowed to turn on or use the dedicated computer at will.

8. Each unit designates a person to be responsible for the installation and maintenance of the computer software of the unit, and it is strictly forbidden for users to install computer software and disassemble computer equipment without authorization.

9. When using a dedicated computer, the user is responsible for custody, and the user shall compensate for any malfunctions and damages caused during use according to the situation.

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