Dazi sauce


Daci Court to "City Club Tower" reputation has become a symbol of Baoding, it is "less than Daci Court, ever to Baoding," he said. Daci Court since ancient times as a Buddhist shrine, is a national key cultural relics protection units.

Daci Court pickles Southern Song Baoqing began three years (AD 1227). Qianlong thirty years (AD 1765), Emperor Qianlong via Baoding, because the opportunity will be the occasion Daci Court pickles were picked for the Emperor Qianlong Queen meals.

Daci Ge pickles sauce to the traditional process, work fine, sophisticated materials, characterized sweet, salty, tender, crisp, rich sauce.

Daci Ge pickles purchase of raw materials, to ensure excellent, at a price. Such as the acquisition of radish, on a given price, but we must remain tender crisp. The acquisition of chives, fresh pure will have to spend, without seeds, flowers bell.

But the purchase price is often higher than that of ordinary chives doubled. Dross-free finished product, no high quality wood, food made from such material.

Daci Court pickles to ensure pure taste, the sale of part of its demanding, pickles should be stored in a vat, selling out how many cylinders are completed from a cylinder into the hands of customers in a very short period of time.

Daci Court pickles nutritious, many varieties, there are Daci Court sauce packet melon, Daci Court sauce Eight dishes, Daci Court cucumber sauce, Daci Court dill sauce son, Daci Court sauce to reveal, Daci Court sauce spiced pimple head, Daci Court peanut butter and other 30 varieties.

have the shape of strip, wire, butoxy, angle, block, sheet, paste color was yellow or golden yellow.

means aforementioned various pickles can baskets, bottles, bags or almond together with sauce, sauce, vegetables and other accessories made of walnut assorted pickles, its simple flavor, color, smell, taste, a good shape .

For centuries Daci Court pickles only to retain the fine tradition of their own flavor of the North, the South and gradually absorb specialty pickles, formed their own unique production technology, has maintained a sweet, salty, tender, crisp, Maotai rich flavor of the old life.


founder Daci Court sauce is soft sheets Yuan Cai Guogong Ministry, Yuan Yi of Public He Boxiang younger brother Ho policy.

Southern Song Baoqing three years (AD 1227), when he was state security Marshal Yuan Zhang soft-shift town state security (Baoding), began to rebuild on insurance chow. At that time, He Boxiang Nanzheng led troops put down the Southern Song Dynasty, his brother Ho policy have been involved in Daci Temple Court and other construction work, and served as administration officials Daci Court and other temples.

Yuan Meng in the era of monks, Dao enjoy special preferential treatment on both political and economic, can acquire land and temple run shot Lee.

Therefore, all Daci Court is not limited to land, mountain Lin Chuanze, but also run the rule cellars, workshops, Code Library, Yutang, shop house, stack and other commercial field and handicraft.

In many industries, making Ho and his family in the name of business Daci Court sauce is particularly famous.

its sauce dishes sweet, salty, tender, crisp, rich sauce, over time, they call it folk sauce is Daci Court sauce, sauce dishes that call for the Daci Court pickles.

After the demise of the Yuan, Ming Dynasty was founded, in view of the Ho family name in the Yuan Dynasty official experience, in order to avoid combat, they are prone to living in a state of desperation, rural states such as finished.

He named after the family come down, holding a simple concept, "a move rarely eat days", has been passing on skills Daci Court pickles, living lives of ordinary people in the country. However, due to years of war, it named the family is displaced, of no fixed abode.

Junji four years, are yellow attache Wang Xi Gunn glimpse settled in Baoding Mountain waist, waist and began to build Wang Manor Hill, this time, Ho policy descendants with superb cuisine has become Wang manor kitchen chef. With the construction of the manor waist Wang Shan, Wang Xi Gunn led the tribe began to do business, at the same time, and deliberately set sauce marinated pickles sale.

Wang founded the tribe word "and" firms all over the country, they put their pickles pickled together with other goods through "and" famous all over the marketing.

Since Wang Xi Gunn generous man and deep knowledge of business, "and" name of the business to be rising.

Thirty years of Qing Emperor Qianlong, Emperor Qianlong parade to Baoding, especially in view of the line to cotton was cotton cultivation, production, processing and textile market occupies an important position in the waist Wang Hill Manor view.

A time when hot weather, when Emperor Qianlong meal appetite, then Wang tribe will own pickles pickled goes, Jinki after Emperor Qianlong food, and the unique fresh pickles , sweet, crisp, tender taste much appreciated, then hand-picked pickles Wang manor as imperial palace.

when the emperor Daci Court incense, Japanese pickles as the vegetarian monks gift.

Qianlong Imperial Topic Cotton Figure in recorded history, the cotton is drawing by the then viceroy Fang Guancheng to the Qianlong Wang Manor cotton planting viewing lines, production, textile processing as Created out of the background group.

After the founding of New China, to allow more people to enjoy the taste of life with the old Daci Court pickles, sauce Daci Court's successor spirit of respect for history will be responsible for the future attitude personally in secret and planted hundreds of acres of green farmland in the Taihang Mountains, not only in source control the choice of materials pickles original quality, but also the curing process has been using traditional techniques to maintain the existing Daci Court pickles old life taste.

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