Danny O'Neill

Character Life

May 3, 1939, Danny O'Neill was born in St. Louis City, Missouri, USA.

O'Neill University After graduating from the US Navy, I have experienced the Cuban missile crisis. Later, I was reported in the newspaper, and a series of experiences made him always maintain the attention of reality.

from 1986 to 2000, becoming the editor of the bat system.

June 11, 2020, Danny O'Neill died because of the natural reasons, and the year was 81 years old.

Character Works

Danny O'Neill During the work of Way, he participated in the creation of "Extraordinary Spider-Man", "Iron Man", "Super Gallies", and Participate in the role of the lady of the spider web. He also hired a newcomer, and later became the Frank Miller of the Master of Comic Master to take over "super-gallcy".

In the TV series, he also served as a "Batman" animation drama. O'Neill's script lets return to the real key, he has created a lot of comics as a drama. He also creating Ninja Masters, Talley Algur, Richard Dragon, Lesley Totumus, etc., and participated in the role of the clown and double-sided people. Image makes them a well-known representative of modern DC.

O'Neill's work runs through the two times of bronze and darkness, and the active period is up to 30 years and has become the evergreen tree in Fense.

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