Danjiangkou Reservoir Scenic Area

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2017, the scenic spot of Danjiangkou Reservoir in Hubei Province, selected from the 9th batch of "national-level scenic spots

Danjiangkou reservoir is the first water source of Asia's large artificial freshwater lake, China Nanshi North Middle, China's first-class water source protected area. The total area of ​​Danjiangkou reservoir is 846 square kilometers, known as the natural water level regulator of Hanjiang, and has the reputation of "Asian Tianchi". 90% of the Danjiangkou Reservoir came from Han River, 10% from Han River tributary - Danjiang. After the Danjiangkou Dam increased, the reservoir total storage capacity reached 29.05 billion cubic meters. It is expected to water to Henan, Hebei, Beijing and Tianjin after 2014.

Danjiangkou Reservoir Scenic Area (17)

Danjiangkou Reservoir, the reservoir area is mainly located in Danjiangkou City, Hubei Province, belongs to the upper reaches of Hanjiang River in the Yangtze River Basin, and the domain crossing two majes Province. The water surface of Danjiangkou reservoir area is in the Liangshuihe Town and Liuanqiao, Danjiangkou City. It is more than 20 kilometers, called "small Pacific", is a good place to travel. The narrowest is in the belt, the two sides of the strait is less than 300 meters; the deepest water level in the reservoir area is in the provincial, Jiangkou City, Hubei Province, and the provincial river in the provincial border, with a deep up to more than 80 meters.

Danjiangkou reservoir area is located in the north and northwest, and there is a unique natural landscape with the warm temperate, the vegetation coverage is 48%, and there are 13 national key protection animals, and 58 provincial key protection animals.

Danjiangkou Reservoir Scenic Area North to Danjiangkou City Home Shop Wangjiawan, south to Yuehe Town Lujiaying, West Dalongshan Town, Western District, Dongzhi Danjiangkou District. The total area is 471.15 square kilometers, of which the water area is 350.13 square kilometers. There is a key natural landscape area such as Danjiangkou Dam, Canglang Tourism Port, including Danjiangkou Dam, Canglang Tourism Port and the small Pacific, Qiandao Gallery, Longshan Scenic Area.

Among them, Danjiangkou Dam is a national water conservancy scenic spot. It is the resort of water in water and landscape tourism. It is divided into Danjiangkou Dam, Danjiangkou Engineering Exhibition Hall, Dutal Park, Ginkgo Bi Valley and Sakuit Dance and other attractions. Canglang Sea Tourist Port is close to Danjiangkou Dam, mainly including ecological tourism port, peninsula street, tropical rainforest hot springs, thousands of acres of Duchao, bliss film city, large shopping park, large integrated business district, ecological parking and other travel and supporting project.

Qiand Island Gallery Ecological Core Scenic Spot Orientation is "Middle Courier in Qingshan Biwateria", showing ten meters with landscape, the unique scenery of the 100 meters. Longshan Scenic Area is next to the reservoir area of ​​Danjiang Kelong, the core scenic spot is the Longchaishan of the Danjiang. It can see the Wudo Mountain Tianzhu and the Hanshui, the Hanshui, which can be described as "affordous small wonderland".

Main Attractions

Danjiangkou is the origin of Wudang culture. Wudang Mountain in Danjiangkou City is a famous Taoist Holy Land in my country, the grand Wudang Ancient architectural group is listed in the world cultural heritage list, is the national AAAA-level tourist scenic spot, national-level scenic spot, Wudang Wushu is known in the world. There are also famous "folk cultural alley" - Wujiadu's story village, the first village of Chinese Han folk songs - Lu Jiahe folk song village. The popularity of the southern water and the mid-line engineering water transfer source head and the long-standing cultural history have promoted the booming of tourism economy. Danjiangkou City has begun to cultivate Danjiangkou Reservoir and Wudang Mountain as a famous brand to develop an eco-tourism area with local characteristics, and vacation.

Danjiangkou City has now developed a number of special attractions scenic spots, there are 5 national AAAA-level scenic spots: Taijiquan Scenic Area and Wudang Jing Palace, Wudang Mountain Canyon Drifting, Wudang Shannan Shendao, Danjiangkou Reservoir Area Tourism Central Hong Kong (Canglang Harbor Tourism Port).

Danjiangkou Reservoir Scenic Area

In addition, Danjiangkou City has many national AAA-level tourist scenic spots, namely the Jindu Gorge, Danjiangkou Dam, Song Tao Villa, Wushu Peak Scenic Area.

Danjiangkou Reservoir Scenic Area (17)

Featured Scenic Area is: Wudang Daming Feng Scenic Area, Wudang Xianshan Rafting, Justic Guo Town, Taizi Island (located in all counties Town), Taoist Forum Address, Longshan Smoke (one of the Yudong 8th), Longshan Tower, Taoist Cultural Health Base, Wudangjing Harbor Resort, Yinmong Lake Resort, Qing Dynasty Manor, Wudang East God, Alishan Tourism Area , Wudanghua Valley, Wudang Road Tea City, Lion Rock Resort, Qiandao Gallery, Danjiangkou Engineering Exhibition Hall, Canglang Ecological Wetland Park, Canglang Ecological Pedestrian Bridge, Sheep Tin Beach, Little Pacific (Gold Coast), Kowloon Island, Hundred Hi island, Bailongquan, Yuhuangdo Garden, Panlong Bay, Canglaiting, Caijiadu Estate, Wudang Yutong official kiln ruins.

Danjiangkou Tourist Harbor Port ( Canglang Sea Tourism Port ) , located in the suburbs of Danjiangkou, Yushan Water, beautiful scenery, yacht, style street, bay, etc. Each character has been officially opened on May 1, 2012.

National Forest Park: Danjiangkou National Forest Park.

National Scenic Area: March 31, 2017, the Scenic Area of ​​Danjiangkou Reservoir in Hubei Province was included in the ninth batch of national-level scenic spots.

Historical artifact

Between the lakes of the Danjiang Tourist Area, a large number of cultural relics monuments are dotted, and they add flowers on the tour area to make it feel strong. In this large "crystal museum", the ancient history of "Yuxi Corridor" is hidden. At 45 Lichuanchuan, 45 Lichuan, the monuments, the monk of the moss, both the birthplace of Chu Wenhua, and the blend of Chu Wenhua and the Central Plains culture.

Nanyang City Since ancient people, the scenery is beautiful. There are 34 national scenic spots, 2 national 5A scenic spots, 13 national AAAA-level scenic spots: China Nanyang Fu Niu Mountain World Geological Park, Baotianman Scenic Area, Sichuan Danjiang Dajiyuan Scenic Area, etc.

Nanyang City, Suichuan County is the first place and core water source area of ​​Nanshi Middle Route Engineering Call, and is also the birthplace of Chu Wenhua and the first capital of Chu State. It has found 13 ancient city sites in Chu State during the Spring and Autumn Period. 5,000 in the ancient tombs, more than 2,000 unearthed cultural relics, copper disabilities unearthed here for more than 2000 years in advance of my country's molten casting process. Jingguan Town, the top of the reservoir area has the only one in the northern provinces and cities in the north to save the Qing Dynasty, Wuli Chang Street, Shansian Hall, Fahai Temple and other ancient buildings, and the downstream storage has the most complete Tang Dynasty murals in Henan Province.

The exterior of the reservoir area is the ancient capital of Chu State. When Qu Yuan's extension, I wrote a lot of poems here, and the battle of Qin Chuanyang described in "National Heroes" is here. There is a spring and autumn battle country ancient tomb group, and the unearthed cultural relics of the unearthed cultural relics were unearthed in the tomb of Shunyangchuan, and the chunzhi, the church, the chunzhi, the chop, the unearthed smashing, the whole country, unearthed smash in the country A set of best quality. The cultural relics such as the Chinese jade, including the cultural relics such as the country, reflect the long history and civilization of thousands of years ago. These cultural relics have exhibited a huge sensation effect in the United States, Japan, France, and the United Kingdom. The Xiang Temple of the four ancient temples in Henan Province, in the four ancient temples of Henan Province, set a bright pearl, majestic ancient architecture, hidden from the mountainside to the mountains, elegant and mysterious, everywhere Tibetan show. There are more than 20 cultural relics landscapes in about 4 kilometers along the Danjiang coast, and the dragon temple on the island of Yama. He used to be a reading office of the Song Dynasty's Ouyang Xiu. There is also the next kinggimonite era, Yanghe Ancient tomb, Dan Zhujia, Duwan cave Snake Mountain, Turtle Mountain, Lei Mountain, etc. Many cultural relics monuments and natural landscapes are integrated, making Danjiang more mysterious.

Hubei Shiyan Danjiangkou Reservoir Taiji Lake Scenic Area

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The reservoir area is located in the mountains. The climate here is suitable, the air is fresh, the amount of sunshine is the highest. The water is transparent, the water is wide, the wind is calm, so that the reservoir has comprehensive benefits of flood control, power generation, irrigation, shipping, farming, tourism, etc. The national key project Nanshi is the head of the large-scale project of the large-scale project, in the nine wests of Sichuan County. Its all built will be taken to Huazhong, the flow of 50o cubic meters per second, and the North China River water to China, North China. The natural scenery of the Danjiang Reservoir is the best place to travel. There are four-way route on the river, and there is a high-income system in the reservoir area. From the west of the West, Jing Jingguan can pass Qin Chuan, south, and the Dongjin can enter the Central Plains. Danjiang water surface is bright, the sky is a color, the mountain Qingshui show, the picturesque, Qi Mountain is the stone, unique color. Yacht fish boat is on the green waves, people turn around, the mountains are shifted, people are in the Bank, the mountain is like water floating. It's a refreshing and happy. Yosekou in the reservoir has a tens of miles of narrow rivers, the lattice shore of the lattice, the steep wall is closed, the wild vine is more pending, the mountain ring water, this is the famous Danjiang "small Three Gorge" (Yunling Gorge, Taishi Gorge, Yankou The Gorge) can compare with the Yangtze River Three Gorges. There is a natural stone Buddha on the Lion Mountain, up to 15 meters, facing the rivers, flat-up, and serect, sitting, quite happy. Its compassionate endorses, two hands, in front of the chest, seem to be gave a blessing to the boat, the boat. Danjiangkou Reservoir is the first major artificial reservoir in Asia, built in 1958, completed in 1973, with a water area of ​​1.26 million mu, and the total amount of water reached 8.1 billion cubic meters.

Danjiangkou Reservoir scenery (6 photos)

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