Dajin: Wars Ning Hu Hang

Synonym Wars Ning Shanghai-Hangzhou General Refers to the Grand Protection: Wars Ning Shanghai Hangzhou

Movie Drama

In April 1949, after the three major battles of Liaoning, Huaihai, Pingjin, the military The comparison of strength has undergone fundamental changes. According to the command of Mao Zedong Chairman and Zhu De Command, the Mao Zedong's command "Improved" to the national party, the WANG has launched a large-scale strategic attack, and the spear head refers to Beijing (referring to Nanjing). Shanghai-Hangzhou area.

On April 20, 1949, I am in the middle, East, Western Three Groups launched the battle of Fujiang, the Kuomintang's hard work, and the sneak of the people's Liberation army in front of the people's liberation army. The People's Liberation Army took a victory in the south, and then he contracted Nanjing, cut off Zhejiang, and occupied Hangzhou.

In order to protect the safety of Shanghai people's lives and property and the urban architecture, the PLA has been carefully deployed and made a large sacrifice, and finally on May 27th China's largest city - Shanghai.



    Staff list

    Director: Wester, Shi Wei, He Xiaojiang

    Screenwriter: Li Ping, Wei La, Song Guoxun

    Video Evaluation

    The film is showing this magnificent and magnificent historical picture, but also fully demonstrates the historical moments, important events, important contradictions in China's social major changes, evolve and important people. That is, the historical event decision makers, directors, participants, and "live history" - the various mentality and emotional world of the parties.

    Winning record

    The film has won five project awards and Chinese awards in 1999.

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