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Daily business has a top most culturally, most consumer high-end readers to spread, guide, create new life value.

Daily Business Daily is Zhejiang Xinrui Media, which has a distinctive business, which has intensively issued in Hangzhou, and covers the main cities in the province, and the high-end people are widely read, reflect the essence of "business" as the core. The advertising cost is higher than 30% of the city's comprehensive capital, ensuring the effectiveness of marketing, and achieve the maximum effectiveness of advertising value spread.


Daily Business Daily Positioning the high-end population is a newspaper built as a city elite, including real estate, stock market, business, etc.


News creates wealth.

Newspaper Background

Group Introduction

Approval by the National Press and Publication Department Hangzhou Daily News Group (hereinafter referred to as Hangzhou Group) was officially listed on November 8, 2001. After years of hard work, it has developed into 10 kinds of newspapers, more than 10 websites, investment radio and television, development of mobile media, outdoor media, digital publishing, business printing, cultural conference industry, and formation, multi-media and related Large Modern Media Group in the Cultural Industry. In December 2005, the Hang Bao Group was registered, and 36 group wholly-owned or holding company were formed, and the group company was constructed as the core, a report, a company and the business department. The implementation of the group's strategic objectives, public opinion guides, group resources, cadres and personnel, value concepts, and management models of all subordinate units independently operate, self-development.

The strategic goal of proposing the transformation and upgrading of 2008 is: From the newspaper group to the Modern Media Group, becoming a strategic investor in cultural industries.

Hanging Group has the most advanced printing equipment and powerful distribution network in Zhejiang. The Group's printing base has a total printing capacity of 2.6 million to open, and the "China's large print enterprises have been" 100 consecutive years ", and it is currently ranking 46th, ranking first in Zhejiang. In addition to Hangzhou Base, 8 division points were established in Ningbo, Taizhou, Jinhua, Yueqing, Jiaxing, Yuyao, and 30 issued branches (station) in the group. The group is ensured in the province. Main urban synchronous printing, synchronous delivery.

The Hang Dian Group has been rated as "Advanced Unit of the National Publishing Society" by the National Press and Publication Department. Two selection of "China Digital Publishing Demonstration Enterprises", which is named by the Zhejiang Zhejiang Zhejiang Provincial Party To "provincial civilized unit".

2009 Hangzhou News Group realizes the total income of 1.5 billion yuan, achieving a profit of 1.5 billion yuan, comprehensive strength ranks in the national newspaper group, first rank among China's most investment value media (Media) " "Hangzhou Municipality University Group Competitiveness" and "Hangzhou City's largest service industry" double hundred list. According to the "Overall Economic Scale Comprehensive Evaluation (the top ten)" issued by the National Press and Publication Administration (top ten) ", Hangzhou Daily Newspaper Group is located in the seventh place of the National Reporting Group.

Hang Bao Group currently has more than 3,800 employees, more than 50,000 square meters of two intelligent office buildings.

Newsletter System

Hanging Group has the main force of "Hangzhou Daily" as the leader, "Urban Express", "Daily Business Daily", "Xiaoshan Daily", "Fuyang Daily "," Urban-Rural Guide "," Urban Weekly "and" Scenic Spot "magazine," leisure "magazine," Hangzhou "magazine, etc. 10 kinds of newspapers, 1.9 million average daily issuance, main newspapers and periodical products cover the province, radiation Long triangle.

"Hangzhou Daily" is initialized on November 1, 1955. In 2009, the total operating total income was 2.2 billion, and the comprehensive strength of the national provincial capital city, the second provincial-level city party newspaper.

Daily Business Daily

"Urban Express" was initialized on January 1, 1999. In 2009, the total income of operation broke through 700 million yuan, which is a newspaper with the largest income of Zhejiang Province. According to the 2010 World Payments Daily issued by the World Newspaper and Journalists, "Urban Express" is among the 47th of the World Daily, and the Zhejiang newspaper industry is ranked among the World Daily. First, the world daily issuance volume is 100 consecutive years.

sub-newspaper coordinated development. "Daily Business Daily" is initialized in September 2002, targeted economic, service consumption, has become the largest economic consumer newspaper in Hangzhou market. "Xiaoshan Daily", "Fuyang Daily", "Urban Troll" growth, among which "Xiaoshan Daily" achieved total operating income in 2009, ranking first in Zhejiang County Domain. "Scenery", "leisure", "Hangzhou" three magazines have been continuously enhanced.

Newspaper 版

第 01: 要 闻

02th Edition: Quick reading

03th Edition: Cross-Strait Wire

04th Edition: 18 Economic Trie

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05th Edition: One Week Shop

06th Edition: One Week Merchants

07th Edition: One week communication

08 version: Chuangfu information list

09 version: Chuangfu Information list

10th Edition: Finance Reading

No. 11: Chuangfu Comments

Version 12: Chuangfu Story

Sections 13: Business School < / p>

Version 14: Cover report

No. 15: Cover report

16th Edition: 18 Creation Week

Tourist Leisure

The "Daily Business Daily" tourism leisure column is published in March 2010. The column is adhering to the "maintenance of tourist rights, molding paradise image", and it is always not going to work for the legitimate rights and interests of the majority of readers. In the past two years, a large number of exposed reports have been published, especially worth mentioning about the "low-cost Hong Kong and Macao". This set of continuous reports has also alarmed the National Tourism Administration. In the "2011 Top Tourism Pass" released by the National Tourism Administration on April 11, 2012, this case is included in the fourth.

Tourism and leisure column investigations have recent years, the profits of travel agencies are getting lower and lower, and the price war is getting worse. In order to attract tourists, some travel agencies even illegally operate the "zero group fee" and "negative group fees" tour group. Of course, "there will be no pies on the sky", the low price is just a "beautiful" bait, the purpose is to "fish" to a larger "fish"!

In 2011, readers reflected to the "Daily Business Daily" tourism leisure column, spending nearly a thousand yuan to participate in the travel agency group "Hong Kong and Macao Shuangfei 5 Day Tour", not only to increase shopping points, but also It is forced to lure and spend thousands of yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. If you have purchased the fake and shoddy goods, you will not pay. To this end, the column special reporter Zhan Jun ran into Hong Kong and Macao to go deeply in-depth visit. After the reporter's unannounced interview, travel agencies, tour guides and shopping stores collude with each other, and they will have problems such as unfair interests. On June 30th, the "Daily Business Daily" tourism leisure column was titled "Zhejiang International Cooperation Travel Agency" as a question, and Zu Wen also reported the personal experience of Hong Kong and Macao. After reporting the newspaper, hundreds of tourists who have passed the "slaughter" have called the column, telling the past, the past, the past, the past. In this regard, the column is very concerned, according to the clues provided by the reader, the interviews and continuous reports have been published, and "we will have a black pot for Zhejiang Guangda Liyang Travel Agency". The news reports such as "20 tourists to the Zhejiang Guangda Tricks" have caused strong repercussions in society.

The report has attracted high attention from the Hangzhou Tourism Commission. After investigating the matter, Hangzhou Tourism Commission is a fine of 100,000 yuan to Zhejiang Guangda Liyang International Travel Service, and canceled its "Top Ten" Travel agency title. It is understood that this is the heaviest penalty in the history of the Hangzhou travel agency industry.

This series of depth reports have been published in Hangzhou, especially for the travel agency industry "earthquake", some travel agencies have changed the marketing of the low-cost tourism group Mode.

Tourist leisure column (4 photos)

newspaper address

Hangzhou Stadium Road No. 218 Hangzhou Daily New Building Zip Code : 310041

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