Dolch (Bulgarian: добрич; Romanian: bazargic) is a city in the northeast of Bulgaria. Dolch is the 8th city of Bulgaria, also a central city in the southern Bolua region. Dolch is the location of the capital of Dolch.


to China's "April 6-" from April 6 to 20, 2002, the Bulgarian Dorberg City government should invited, and the deputy secretary of the provincial party committee Feng Minhang is a friendly group. access. During the period, the Dorchi regional general, the Mayor Dolch Municipal Mayor met with the delegation, signed the Delegation, signed the Qinghai Province and Dolch Region, Golmud City and Dolch City Friendship Cooperation Framework Agreement. From July 15th to 19th, the Bulgarian Dolch Region Changhable "Bulgarian Dolch Government Friendly Delegation" came to you to visit. During the Qing period, the delegation signed two bilateral friendly cooperation agreements with Golmud City.

In late September 2005, the Deputy Secretary of the Haixi Prefecture Committee and the Duzie of the Municipal Party Committee of the Golmud Municipal Committee went to Israel, Bulgarian friendly visit. On September 29th, Dalunna Nickova, Dalunina Nicolova, Bulgaria, and Bulgaria City, governed to sign the Great City Relations Agreement.

September 18 to 19, 2007, the Bulgarian Parliamentary Representative of the President of the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Policy Committee, "Ximeang Second National People's Sport" party vice president Group 5 people have visited you friendly. During the period, Solomon Pasi and a line in examining the situation of animal husbandry resources and water energy resources in Qinghai, inquir to ask livestock products development, sales and hydropower resources development, Salt Lake resource development.

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