Dabie Mountain Bear

Special Product Introduction

Dabie Mountain Bear: The quality of two counties in Jinzhai and Macheng is best. The product is a big meat, and the nutrition is rich in the territory of the Wanxi. It is the best tree species of a plumber, which is the best tree species of the growth of black fungus, plus natural conditions such as climate, rainfall, light, and humidity, and should have excellent quality fungus. This product is rich in calcium, iron and a variety of minerals, is a non-much black five kinds of foods.

Black fungus, growing on the dead wooden, the same person's ears, color black or brown black, so black fungus, also known as bacteria, tree chicken.

Nutrition value

Black fungus nutrient is extremely rich, according to historical records, it is an exclusive product of the emperor of the ancient times, containing a large number of carbohydrates, proteins, iron, calcium, phosphorus, Carotene, vitamin and other nutrients, each 100 grams contains 375 mg, which is equivalent to 7 times of squid; contains black fungus, growing on the dead wood, the same person's ears, color black or brown, the famous black fungus, Famous bacteria, tree chicken. The black fungus is extremely rich. According to historical records, it is the exclusive product of the emperors of the ancient times, contains a large number of carbohydrates, iron, calcium, phosphorus, carotene, vitamins and other nutrients, 375 mg per 100 grams of calcium It is equivalent to 7 times the squid; iron containing 185 mg, which is equivalent to 70 times the squid.

Medicinal value

A large cannade is a variety of medicinal value, which is a precious medicinal material. Li Shizhen, a famous pharmaceutist Li Shizhen in the Ming Dynasty, is recorded in the "Materia Medica", the indispensibility, the indifference, the qi, the lifetime, the moisturizer is praised by nutrition, is "中" and ' The king ', each 100 grams of black fungus contains 185 mg, which is 20 times higher than the taller with the highest iron content in green leaf vegetables. It is about 7 times higher than the pig liver with the highest iron content in animal food. It is the largest iron in various vegetarian foods. Chinese medicine believes that black wood earbing is flat, there is a cool blood, hemostasis, attending hemoptysis, vomiting blood, blood, blood dishes, collapse, hemorrhoid hemorrhage, constipation with blood, etc., is due to its high iron, can be supplemented in time Sufficient iron, so it is a natural blood supply.

Decreases of anti-cancer treatment constipation

Black fungus contained rich cellulose and a special plant collagen, these two substances can promote gastrointestinal Creeping, promoting the excretion of intestinal fat food, reducing the absorption of fat in food, thereby preventing obesity; It is there to prevent rectal cancer and other digestive system cancer. Therefore, the elderly, especially the elderly who have constipation, insist on edible black fungus, eating wood porridge, has a good effect on preventing a variety of elderly diseases, anti-cancer, anti-cancer, delaying aging.

Solution of the stone is indispensable

Black fungus has a significant resolution of endogenous foreign matter such as gallstones, renal stones, bladder stones. The fermentation and plant base contained in the black fungus has the characteristics of promoting the secretion of various gland in the digestive tract and the urinary tract, and synergies these secretions catalytic stones, slipping pipes, and discharging the stones. At the same time, the black fungus also contains a variety of minerals that produce strong chemical reactions, exfoliation, differentiation, and erosion stones, and discharging stones.

For initial stones, keeping 1-2 black fungus every day, pain, vomiting, etc. can be relieved within 2-4 days, and the stone can disappear around 10 days, for a larger robust Stone, the effect is poor, but if you eat black fungus in a long time, some people's stones can gradually become slightly smaller, and excreted.

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