Croatian Socialist Republic


like Slovenia, the past also belongs to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and the resident also believes in Catholicism. They with Serbia although the language is connected, but their history, religion, and cultural background are very different. In recent centuries, Serbia has been a Osman Turkish empire, and more believe in Dongzheng Church, and has closely related to Russia.

Croatians have the desire to build their own country. In the Second World War, some Krules have established a so-called "Croatia Independence in the egg wing of Fasis, Germany. Of course, this "country" is short-lived. Shortly after the establishment, he will die in the revolution of Tiechao leaders.

In Yugoslavia, I adhered to the debate of "Federal System" or "Banglian", and Croatia has always followed Slovenia, which can be said to be "also steps". However, due to about 700,000 Madi people in Croatia, it is more complicated than the Slovenia of Serbia and Boxer, and the Slovenia in the single nation is much more complicated, so Croatia is always a slow half of the Slovenia in the disturbance. . Slovenia makes leader, and Croatia is screaming. In Yugoslav Multi-Party, the Croatian Democracy has become a big party in the Republic of Croatia, which is said to have more than 200,000 people. The party leader Thaimman was a Major General of the People's Army of the Yugoslavia and the participants of the Yugoslavian War. Thaman incited anti-Anti-anti-socialism during the Tietar period, and advocated nationalism, so they were jailed in the Communist Party. Later, Thaman became a historian, and it was a representative of Croatian nationalism and wanted to become the "Father" in Croatia.

Croatian Socialist Republic

Croatia coast is ignorant, beautiful scenery is a famous tourist resort, and there are nearly 2 billion US dollars in tourism revenue.


In February 1990, the Croatian Democratic Community put forward the establishment of "Independent Croatia" claims. In April, the Croatian democracy won in the election and accounted for 7L% in the parliament. Tham Madamon reiterated that Croatia should become a free sovereign state and resolutely opposed the Yugoslavia of Big Saucevian. Soon, I will start to revise the Constitution of the Republic, which not only cancels the words "Socialism" in the Croatian Socialist Republic, but also changes to the national flag of the Republic, the national emblem and the Republic, decided to announce Croatia through the new constitutional amendment. Become a fully independent republic. On February 21, 1991, Croatia decided to no longer implement the federal constitutional terms and decrees contrary to the Constitution of the Republic of Croatia. In the discussion of "Banglian" and "Federal System", Croatia is firmly standing on Slovenia.

On 25 June 1991, the Croatian Parliament adopted three documents from the form to the content and Slovenia, but did not "quickly scream" like Slovenia, It is an activity that agrees to temporarily participate in federal agencies with common interests.

Croatia will withdraw its representatives in the federal council in the Federal Parliament, as for the status, diplomacy and the division of diplomacy and rights and obligations of the Yugoslavia, Croatia is willing to solve it with other Republics. In addition, the Croatian Parliament also develops a charter for its territory and other minority rights. At this Parliamentary meeting, Croatia's Complete I expressed dissatisfaction with other Republics with other Republics, and suggested that while Croatia is separated from South China, it began to negotiate a national alliance with other Republic, but not adopted.

Tham Madamon, the President, delivered a speech. He emphasized the first place in Croatia in the first place, accusing the Yugoslavian agencies and Serbia deliberately destroyed Croatia's territorial integrity and sovereignty. At the same time, Thamman recommends negotiations with other Republics to establish a sovereign national alliance issue. He said that if it does not meet the agreement, Croatia must first consider the interests of the nation, will be separated from the Nalanabang in democracy, so that Barban Navia is. That Kelman also suggested that Croatia and Slovenia admitted to each other.

Independently affects

Slovenia and Croatia on the evening of June 26, 1991, held a grand mass gathering in the respective capital of Ljubljana and Sagreb, respectively, celebrating the country Independence. Old Slovenia, Croatia sets on June 25 to their own National Day.

Slovenia and Croatia have announced independence, causing huge responses at home and abroad, and the Federation of Yugoslavia has also undergone great changes, and the disintegration is inevitable.

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