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The rear man is refined by the above literature "self-contradictory".

idiom story

Chu State has a person who sells weapons, go to the market to sell spear and shield. Many people come, he raised his shield and said to everyone: "My shield is the most firm thing in the world, no matter how sharp sharp things can not pierce it!" Next, this selling weapon The people pick up a spear, boasting: "My spear is the most sharp in the world, no matter how strong and solid, I can't stop it, as long as I meet, it will be Painting! "He is very proud, and he is loud:" Come on, come to buy, the most robust shield and the most sharp spear in the world! "At this time, a visitor picked up ahead The spear, I picked up a shield and asked: "If this spear poke this shield, what will it be?" "This -" The people onlookers first, suddenly broke out, there was a lot of laughter. The people selling weapons, squatted with a spear and shield.


This idiom exposes the conflict of Confucian scribes "with a chaos". It is impossible to have a uncomfortable shield and an invincible spear in the world, and this Chu country exaggerates the role of spears and shields, and the result is unable to self-circular. Self-contradictory stories warned people to seek practical, just like their part, do not have the city to hangar, speaking, self-blowing. This businessman blows, talking, talking, and the result is a joke, and if it is confident in people. This unusual attitude is not desirable. The idiom also tells people, talking, doing things truth from facts, and everything thinks twice. To talk or do things, we must be unanimous, so that it is difficult to say that it is difficult to say, and he is asked to have a dumb.

idiom Utility

a text usage

The subject; in the sentence, it is common as a predicate, attributive; Can't be used for two or more, can only be used in one side.

Application example

North Qi Wei Yue "Wei Shu Li Xingye": "Qing Yan is not confident in contradiction?"

< P> North Qi Wei Yue "Wei Shu · Mingliang": "Wongsheng and Wu, self-contradictory."

Song Li defense "Song Donghai Xu Gong Evil Ming": "Comparison Reconciliation is requested, multiplexing the battle, that is, it is contradictory, Yu La is not harder? "

Song Wang Guan Guo" Xuelin · Way ":" Shengxian words and deeds, to be a consultant, Self-contradiction. "

Qing · Cao Xueqin" Red Mansion ":" I looked at it, it's all contradictory, it's not as good as the reason, it is not as good as I have a woman. "

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