Continental gas group


Continental Air Mass) The gas group produced in the mainland area can be divided into tropical continental gas group and the polar continental gas group due to different latitudes. The former is formed in a tropical or subtrum. Most of the source is a desert zone. It is characterized by hot and dry, and the weather under the control is clear, and the time is long, and it will take serious drought and heat. The latter is formed in a generally region, a gas group on a high latitude continent. Its characteristics vary from the season. In winter, low temperature, low water vapor, low-layer temperature stable; in summer, low-layer air temperature is significantly increased, and the stability of the gas group becomes small, and cloudy weather often occurs.

Continental gas group


Polar Continental Wire

is formed in continent of medium and high latitudes, such as Siberia, Mongolia, Canada. In winter, the low-rise temperature of the gas mark is very low, there is a strong anti-temperature phenomenon, the air layer is stable, the weather is similar in summer, which is affected by the thermal status of the mainland, and the air layer is unstable, plus the humidity, which often occurs cloudy.

Tropical Continental Waste

Mainly from the subtropical desert area, such as Central Asia, Southwest Asia, North Sahara desert. The feature is inflammatory, fine, and often form a serious drought in its long-term control.

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