Constant voltage variable radial plunger pump

solves the structure of the variable control device in which the existing radial plunger pump is used is relatively bloated, the control accuracy is low, and the radial plunger pump includes a working device and a variable control device, which is The variable control device is an electrical feedback composite proportion control device, including a proportional control valve, a flow meter and a pressure sensor fixed to the pump outlet, and is fixed to the displacement sensor for determining the distal eccentric distance of the stator, and the flow meter, pressure sensor, displacement The regulator connected to the sensor output is connected to the amplifier of the regulator output, and the output of the amplifier is connected to the proportional electromagnet of the proportional control valve, and the parameter setting port is provided on the regulator. The utility model has the characteristics of high pressure, large flow, compact structure, low noise, long life, fast response, strong impact resistance.

Constant voltage variable radial plunger pump

constant pressure variable radial piston pump works: see radial piston pump

The Type pumps are suitable for all high voltage environments!

has always been in this type of pump to meet the production needs! In recent years, with the continuous improvement of domestic industry technology, the state attaches great importance to the localization of the radial plunger pump, in the concentrated, hydraulic technology and advantageous Old Industrial Zone Shanxi has successfully developed and counted international Leading horizontal constant voltage variable radial plunger pump. Its assembly is intended to be above (the drawings disclosed in the patent)!

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