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"Computer World" newspaper founded by China Computer World Publishing Services in 1980, is both a technical newspaper, industry and economy, China is by far the the maximum number of pages of newspapers but lower pricing. "Computer World" newspaper has been committed to the communication of information between science and industry, sales and marketing, manufacturers and users, 20 years of innovation, well-tempered, making domestic and foreign manufacturers to promote products for all users and readers access to information the preferred media: 250 or more per week edition featured information each issue has attracted more than 220,000 subscribers and 1.5 million high-quality readers, readers of the nation's first professional media (the new generation company, "Chinese media and market survey"); manufacturers, distributors agree to make "computer World" in the market share of Chinese advertising information products reached 50%, which is similar to the total of media and.

Content localization

located in the "standing development of computer technology, the development of cutting-edge computer industry, science and technology to provide practical information for the computer industry, researchers and computer market" to provide the product, technology, market, application of independent judgment and objective reporting, not only is the information industry, is also the first big media organizations a comprehensive information technology related fields, is the source of knowledge of information technology. Readership covering the IT industry practitioners and enthusiasts, mainly to business users, in particular computer or network responsible person. Provide independent judgment and objective coverage of products, technology, market applications.

topics and content

Industry reports section:

industrial thinking and industry watchers outstanding, build industry influence and the right to speak, gather industry resources to enhance industry cohesion . 2012 key columns: industry watchers, cover story, high-end dialogue

cover story columns: Column core industries most influential, voice and spread of power, becoming the manufacturing center of China industry topic of IT, based on industrial hot spots, market dynamics, technology trends, information technology planning and policy direction of the depth of interpretation based on the analysis of the topic manufacture, use all media platforms popular topic detonated and spread.

Industry Research Forum:

prominent industry survey and research, to upgrade the industry to track and report highly enhance the value of content and services in industrial planning and industrial development. 2012 key columns: a new blueprint for the region, strategic emerging industries, policy interpretation

The new blueprint for the region column: most macro industry's most cohesive and columns, concerns all regions and industrial parks, each industrial base industrial planning and industrial development, information technology concern regions and cities and application of information technology services to industry gathering resources and industrial resources of the landing area.

Technical reports section:

prominent vertical and forward-looking, focus on the field of industrial technology and industry's most valuable and influential, the value of in-depth technical analysis and technical direction, focus on section 2012 They are: technical presentations, cloud computing, data centers and large data and information security.

Technical Topics: leading and most authoritative roundup column technology, in a systematic, forward-looking technology first-hand information to interpret the depth of the hottest technology and technical direction, bringing together the most appealing home and abroad the core technology of information technology resources, experts, technical research institutions and technology providers.

Industry Applications Forum:

highlight practical and guidance, new perspectives, new thinking track to explore new paths, new methods and new areas of information technology to industrial applications area centered on building information skills and ideas to foster leaders and opinion leaders, exchange, learn and practice all media platforms become guide economic and social information of each element of the citizenry. Key sections are: application survey, industry focus, industry depth, CIO.

Applications Survey columns: the most depth and realism of industry information and technology research and analysis section, leaned in the industry, enterprise information technology applications and information site on the basis of in-depth research mining industry, companies information needs and information technology direction, helping to achieve production with the depth of docking.

Newspapers advantage

adhering to the principles brilliant for fine, fast, professional, in-depth news reports facts to help the reader grasp of industry trends and technology trends, detailed analysis of the more practical products and technologies, typical applications for the analysis of successes and failures. Work closely with the IDC, and other professional market research firm CCW Research, the timely release of market data and analysis, in-depth reporting channels, market dynamics. At the same time for different areas, the level of the needs of readers, publishing multi-level series of special issue, the issue wide coverage, in the minds of readers formed a valuable brand credibility and influence unshakable.

operational purpose

around the domestic and international computer and IT-related technology in the field of technology product development, marketing channel development, application requirements analysis and other links, comprehensive coverage of new products in the field of IT, practical information on new technologies, new markets, new applications and the competent authorities for decision-making at all levels and all walks of life information. Establish a bridge of information flow between the field of science and technology and IT industry, sales and marketing, manufacturers and users, the IT industry and users.

newspapers and periodicals

2021 Nian 6 2 April, "Computer World" newspaper issued a document announced its intention in June 2021 to stop the paper version of the official publishing and distribution. Total 1844 is "Computer World" newspaper for the last one reader in the form of hard copies. Since then, the "Computer World" newspaper industry will provide information through the media in the form of self-service software platform as well as major social platform.

reader features

mainly to business users, in particular computer or network responsible person. Readers not only covers the IT industry practitioners, but also the practitioners engaged in IT-related work in other industries and enthusiasts. Readers involved in industries: financial services, telecommunications, IT, education / cultural, scientific / technical integrated services, government, real estate, transportation / logistics, manufacturing, social services, commercial distribution, military and so on.

press controversy

"Computer World" lack of rigor vulgar content has been questioned

symbol Tencent fat penguin body, bloody thorn the three knife, dripping with blood on the ground, but it is "Tencent 'dog days'' of five characters, although the quotation marks still dazzling, and the penguin's head is flamboyant five other characters -" computer World " , which is affiliated with the Ministry in charge of the media group, "computer World" cover, the cover story while also being recommended to IDG headlines.

On the one hand, as the media, IDG vulgar curse, defective words, the lack of media should be rigorous and standardized, loss of dignity and value of the media; on the other hand, meter world title assault, even then reported the contents of a fair, the article also lost its impartiality, usefulness wrong to mislead public opinion suspected of readers.

improper content to apologize to Tencent

Some time ago, "Computer World" cover story "Tencent", "dog days" caused uproar, and today "computer World" in its official website IDG posted online an apology, apologize to Tencent.

"Computer World" Stop Printing: has been founded 47 years

"Computer World" editor Scot Finnie said that although the heart of sadness but this one magazine will still officially disappear from the newsstand in the June 23 publication, which is a full 47 years have passed away since founded June 21, 1967.

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