Comprehensive utilization of mineral resources


Comprehensive resources, comprehensive utilization of mineral resources, refers to the collectiveness of mineral resources, comprehensive evaluation, comprehensive exploitation, comprehensive mining and comprehensive collection. Its purpose is to make mineral resources and their own ingredients to maximize the recovery utilization to improve economic benefits, increase social wealth and protect natural environments. The mining rights and related units passed the scientific mining methods and advanced mineralization processes, and the main mines of mineral resources and mining utilization will be extracted separately from the primary minerals of mining and exploitation. Through the mineral and other means, useful components in the primary and secondary minerals of the supermining, as separated as much as possible, produce a variety of value-added commodity mines; through an object, turn waste into treasure, and , Eliminate "three waste" pollution, etc., scientifically use mineral resources. This comprehensive, fully, and reasonably utilized process, called the comprehensive utilization of mineral resources. It is an important measures to protect according to law, prevent waste and damage of mineral resources.

Comprehensive utilization of mineral resources

Comprehensive Loss

Can't find a minerality in the census to find a mineral, and the relevant other minerals or elements are desperate. For example, when looking for Lingtine in a carbonate formation area, you should pay attention to the symbiotic lead zinc ore or multi-metal mine. It is necessary to avoid the industrial sector to find a single line.

Comprehensive evaluation

Comprehensive analysis of the main elements of the deposit and associated elements or minerals, identify the intrinsic state and geological reserves of the accompanying element, while combining ore distribution, smelting synthesis Experimental study on recovery. Comprehensive evaluation from technology and economic aspects.

Integrated mining

Mining in the mining process, you must use the symbiotic mine of various orers and the upper and lower dishes, and cannot take the affordable, The quantity is abandoned, the thick abandonment is thin, and it is easy to abandon, and it is not appropriate to only use a mine, but will abandon the symbiotic mineral with this ore. China Mineral Resources Law stipulates that "mining mineral resources must take reasonable mining order, mining method and mineralization process. Mining rate of mining, mining and replenishment rate of mining should meet the design requirements", "in mining main minerals At the same time, the symbiosis and associated minerals with industrial value should be unified, comprehensive mining, comprehensive utilization, and prevent waste.

Integrated recovery

In the mineralization, smelting process, the various associated elements are maximally recovered. Most of the mineral resources is a plurality of composites that use useful components or associated with them. Useful ingredients of symbiosis or associated are often important economic value.

Mineral resources comprehensive recycling utilization is an important indication of the level of minery production technology in a country or region. The extent of integrated recycling utilization of mineral resources is usually represented by integrated utilization factors. Comprehensive utilization factor

is generally calculated from the total recovery from ore to metal, although this coefficient is not enough to fully reflect the level of comprehensive utilization, most countries are still in application. The integrated utilization factor of non-ferrous metal ore in industrial developed countries has reached 85% to 90%. China Metal ore except in addition to improving ore retardation rates during mining. New technology new technology is also adopted during the choset, so that the comprehensive utilization rate of choice is greatly improved. For example, Daxie Iron Mine is comprehensively utilized, recovering eight elements such as iron, copper, gold, silver, drill, nickel, sulfur, and tin. The Nanhuan nickel mine has been capable of increasing 14 elements. Panzhihua vanadium-titanium magnet mineral polymetallic ore, accompanied by a plurality of elements such as cobalt, nickel, can recover iron, vanadium, titanium, cobalt, nickel.

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