Commodity Structure

Definition Introduction

With the intensification of market competition, the price war has also been extended from the field of retail. my country's large-scale retailers are running under low profit levels. The profit margin of large retail companies has dropped from 10% or more below 5%, even less than 3%. Under this market environmental conditions, retail companies are looking for an effective way to improve economic benefits. Among them, increasing new business varieties, and the development of new business areas are a measure in many enterprises. However, while increasing product varieties, enterprises should pay more attention to the optimization of the structure of the business.

Classified content

The commodity structure of retail stores operates, according to different signs, can be divided into different types. According to the composition of the business goods, it can be divided into main commodities, auxiliary goods, and related products.

Main Products: Also known as fist goods, refers to those with high turnover rate, large sales, in retail operations, whether the quantity, or sales, accounting for the main part of the main part. The main commodity of a company reflects its business policy, characteristics and nature. It can be said that the operational effect of main commodities determines the success or failure of business operations.

Auxiliary goods: refers to goods that serve in main commodities in terms of price, brand, etc., or to increase commodity width items.

Associated goods refer to commodities that are purchased together with main commodities or auxiliary goods.

Adjustment advantage

Optimizing the importance of the store's commodity structure, just like organizing the computer's registry, the correct, will increase the system's running speed, incorrectly deleted May cause the system of the microcomputer to be paralyzed. The adjustment of the commodity structure has the following points:

1, saving the display space, can improve the unit sales of the store;

2, help the commodity introduction;

3, it is convenient for customers to purchase effective goods in order to ensure the sales share of the main commodity;

4, help coordinate the relationship between store and suppliers;

5 Increase the competition between goods;

6, improve the product turnover rate of the store, reduce the amount of funds of the low-rise product.

Perfect structure

The improvement of the equipment of the retail enterprise has two main aspects: on the one hand, improve the structure of main commodities, auxiliary goods, and related commodities; on the other hand, high, medium, The structure of the low-end item.

(1) The main commodity, auxiliary goods, and related items are equipped. In general, the main commodity is mostly, while the proportion of the auxiliary goods and related items should be small. The quantity and sales of main commodities, accounting for about 70-80% of the total commodity and all sales, 20-30% of the auxiliary goods and associated goods, of which related products should be strongly related to the main commodities, If it is found that during operation, the commodity structure changes, it should be quickly adjusted, so it tends to be reasonable.

(2) High, medium and low-end products are equipped. The proportion of the three is determined by the demand characteristics of the consumer level of the enterprise target market. In many areas of high-income customers, high-end products should account for most; in many areas of low-income customers, they should be based on low-end products. High, medium and low-end commodity structures, the restriction of customer consumption structure, when the consumption structure changes, the company should adjust the proportion of high, medium and low-end products accordingly.


The product structure is reasonable, and it is important for retail enterprises. It is important:

Commodity Structure

(1) reasonable commodity structure is a retail business goal, Meet the basis of consumer demand;

(2) Determine the commodity structure is the basis of strengthening the commodity business plan;

(3) Research determined that the commodity structure is effective use of operating conditions, improve economic benefits The basics.

Structure Optimization

Optimization Introduction

This domestic company has a certain difference in the concept of foreign investment. my country's retail enterprises must also have 10,000 varieties, large-scale tends to have tens of thousands of varieties. If the several branches of Wal-Mart and Carrefour in Shenzhen should be a large number, but their variety is far without us, "a large number of sales limited varieties" is the effective business means they have achieved good results. one. Due to historical reasons my country's retail enterprises are protected from material shortage, the planned economy has a deep impact, and the number of guarantees of the pursuit is also a performance of the reality. This concept must be changed today in the rapid development of the market economy. Modern retail companies must focus on economic benefits, optimizing the structure of goods centered on benefits is a problem that the retail company must solve today. Modern information technology is commercially widely used, providing a powerful technical guarantee for the optimization of merchandise structures in retail enterprises. Nowadays, most large-scale retail companies have established a timeday sales information management (POS) system, which realizes the single product, instant management, retail enterprises in some developed regions have also established a comprehensive information network (MIS) system. These companies can completely leave the traditional commodity classification method and directly sell performance, supply guarantee, quality issues, etc., for a certain type, supply guarantee, quality issues, etc. The optimization of the commodity structure provides scientific, reliable basis.

The problem should be paid attention to

The optimization of the commodity structure should be based on the category, brand optimization and shelves optimization of the enterprise, and the two should be coordinated. Optimization of the commodity structure, first to change the business varieties of large retail enterprises must have a lot of traditional concepts. The more customers will attract more customers, the larger the sales volume, the better the benefits. Ideological misunderstanding. The success of "a large number of sales limited varieties" mentioned earlier has provided us with a new idea. Retail enterprises, especially large retail companies, must have a scientific optimization of operating varieties on the basis of scientific market segmentation and market positioning, based on their own characteristics and consumer groups.

1. Applying modern technology to the comprehensive performance of various commodities for scientific assessments. Enterprises that have already have POS and MIS systems should make full use of modern technical means, refine the product classification, and conduct a comprehensive assessment of all aspects of sales, profit margins, supply guarantees, etc. for each variety, category, brand, and specifications. You can evaluate the changes in its performance through a variation of different sizes, different places, different exhibition methods, and the like, provide a more powerful scientific basis for further optimization of the commodity structure. Of course, the above comprehensive assessment should also include many factors such as price, quality, service, and enterprise.

2. Optimization of the commodity structure and the rational layout of the mall, the combination of modern commodity display technologies, and optimization of the commodity structure should be carried out in combination with the layout of the mall. Enterprises can divide the goods into: target products, that is, the sales performance of the business characteristics and the image of the company; the general commodity, the goods that meet most of the goods needed to meet most consumers Seasonal, holiday celebrations and convenient goods. For the above four types of goods, the rational layout should be combined, and the target product should be highlighted, the focus is displayed; for convenient commodities should be placed in the place where consumers are easy to take; for seasonal, holiday celebrations should highlight their characteristics and Combined with the corresponding promotional means.

3. Optimization of the commodity structure should also include optimization of the shelf. Enterprises want to take advantage of the standards for limited resources, and their reasonable arrangements make limited shelves play the greatest benefit. It is necessary to optimize the shelves while rational layouts of goods, standards, specifications, models, and styles of commodity varieties, specifications, models, and styles.

4. The optimization of the commodity structure should also be combined with the price strategy and promotion strategy and means of the company. Different branches in the five branches opened in Shenzhen, according to the customer group, the structure, the price is not entirely consistent because of the "unity" of the dead plate. Branch located in the residential area is not only fresh, frozen goods, variety, and exhibition area better than other branches, which is slightly lower than other branches. For good products, give consumers a value-for-money concept, which is common means of these companies.

5. The optimization of the commodity structure should also be expanded from the scale of the company, especially the combination of chain operations. In particular, it should pay attention to the expansion of scale, and the increase in commodity varieties in the chain operation process must be carried out simultaneously.

The managers of each store do not want to see the breakfast of the best-selling goods, but the low-level goods are phenomenon that is like a mountain. This is a troublesome thing. However, many operators are always unhappy because of only the general sales of various commodities, but they are always not good for the selection and elimination of low-market. Most of the operators know that the "Gold Rule" (or "20/80 Rule") of the goods is only 20% of the sales of 80% of the goods in the store, while 20% of small products Sales take 80% of the total turnover. In the face of changing goods, how to deal with the update of the store is particularly important.

Optimize the importance of the store's commodity structure, just like the registry of the computer, the correct, improve the system's running speed, incorrectly deleted, may cause the microcomputer system to be paralyzed. The adjustment of the commodity structure has the following points:

1, saving the display space, can improve the unit sales of the store;

2, help the commodity introduction;

3, it is convenient for customers to purchase effective goods in order to ensure the sales share of the main commodity;

4, help coordinate the relationship between store and suppliers;

5 Increase the competition between goods;

6, improve the product turnover rate of the store, reduce the amount of funds of the low-rise product.

Optimized Assessment

The premise of optimizing the product structure is the method of fully utilizing the management of the store. I have happened to have happened: the company's unit output is extremely high, and the 80% of the auxiliary goods have excessive coverage, so there are many deletions, think that it can not affect the overall sales of the store, will increase the unit The output ratio of the area and the sales share of main commodities. The result is that the store's shelf exhibition is not full, the variety is single, and the overall sales of the store have fallen a lot. Therefore, for the structural adjustment of the goods, the first is a screening that is greatly enriched in the store product variety. Optimized commodity structure should be assessable from the following indicators:

Product Sales Chart

Now Most store sales systems and inventory systems are connected, the background computer system can sort out the store Every day, weekly, monthly merchandise sales list. From this, you can see the sales situation of each item, investigate the reason for your commodity, if you are unable to change its slowding, you should be withdrawn. Attention to:

(1) for products for new cabinets, do not rush to withdraw from their own periods of familiarity and growth.

(2) For certain daily necessities, although its sales are very low, because the role of such goods is not profit, but through the sales of such goods to pull the main commodity of the store Sales. Such as: needlework, fuse, candle, etc.

Loss list

This indicator is not ignored. It will directly affect the contribution of goods. For example, although the gross profit of the daily commodity is higher, due to its large risk, there are many loss, it may be not enough to pay. The sales of mutton slices in a store have a big proportion in a certain area, but due to the small damage, it has been in a loss, the last unique method is to improve the damage of commodity prices and consultations. The rate, it will always be lost. For goods that have large loss, it is generally less ordered, and at the same time, a certain reasonable loss should be taken. In addition, the loss of goods is due to external packaging issues of the goods, and the supplier should be modified in time.


The turnover rate of the product is also one of the indicators of optimizing the structure of the product, no one wants some kind of commodity backlighted flow fund, so the low-turn rate is not stagnant many.

The update rate of new products

store periodically adds the product's variety, supplement the fresh blood of the mall to stabilize its fixed customer group. The update rate of goods should generally be controlled below 10%, preferably around 5%, and the update rate of new products is also an indicator for assessing purchases. New products that need to be imported should comply with the store's commodity positioning, should not exceed their inherent price bands, for high prices and non-sales goods and priceless products should be appropriately eliminated.


While optimizing the product structure, you should also optimize the store's commodity display. For example: For the main commodity of the store and the display of the high -brore product, the invalidated commodity display is appropriately adjusted. The exhibition and placement of the price band of the same class is also one of the adjusted objects.

Product Contribution Rate

Single from the list of goods list is not enough, and the contribution rate of goods should also be seen. Good sales, fast-turn rates, not necessarily gross profit, and low-turn rates is not necessarily profitable. There is no market for merchandise that is high, and such sales are used. After all, the store is to survive, and there is no profitable commodity can exist in the short term, but should not occupy the shelf for a long time. The purpose of watching the contribution rate of the product is to find the goods in the store's commodity contribution rate and make it better.


With some special festivals, it should also be supplemented and adjusted to the goods of the store. For example: the fifteenth and winter sups, it should be adjusted on the matching and display of the product varieties of the dumplings and dumplings to adapt to the sale of the store.

Optimize the store's commodity structure, which helps to improve the overall sales of stores. It is a long-term management, and it should be changed in time over time, so it will make yourself embarrassed.

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