Commercial search


The concept of commercial search shows its three feature: 1. Business Search is a vertical search engine for pure business data. Second, the search results for commercial search only provide information search results, which are presented by the original web page after complex information processing, rendering the user's new business information. Third, the real-time business search for business search, as a professional business information search portal, to present the latest business information on the Internet in the first time to the user.

Commercial search


commercial search is to use people who provide pure business information demand purposes to use, simple saying is a businessman. The characteristics of commercial search have determined the scope of search results. Therefore, within the assembly information range, commercial search can be displayed to searchers in the information quantity, and the information can also be guaranteed. Just like we have seen, you can just within three hours. These are not available in the traditional search engine. This is the benefit of business people using commercial search. The source of commercial search data is commercial website. For example, each B2B website is a data source, other commercial information e-commerce websites are data sources, and each enterprise website is a data source. Especially the corporate website, the data authenticity is very high. For example, the manufacturer of batteries, he has its own business website, but he did not post any information to the B2B website. Climbing in commercial search visits his corporate website, when analyzing the product display area on his website, will list his product information as supply information. Such information is very credible. Of course, there is a intelligent processing in the web analyzer system of commercial search, and untrustworthy information will be filtered out.

presentation method

The rendering method of commercial search is divided into two modes of text presentation and text plus picture; from search technology, it is divided into two kinds of search and interior search in the station. At the field of commercial search, the vast majority of commercial search are based on the site search. Due to the technical difficulty of inter-site search, it is much higher than in the station search, and the platform generally provides business search itself has a huge commercial information base. Therefore, it is more convenient and accurate in the station; there is currently a more affected Alibaba, Hui Cong, etc. in the country.

Commercial Search, from the perspective analysis of the presentation to users, generally with traditional search, the results of the essence, and the information contained in the actual presence is more abundant, and the domestic pure business search field is a prosperous network is Provide this search for this pure business information, but it is still based on the platform in the station.

There is no uniform standard for the definition of commercial search, but industry analysts, commercial search and vertical search will be used in the next 3 to 5 years to eaten traditional syprivable cakes, and may even play The effect of subversion.

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