Color designer

Work content

1, collect and organize color information, analyze customer color demand, study color trend, put forward color scheme, match the textile fabric, and submit the design draft

2, with the total designer to adjust and refine the color scheme, submit the designer design and its effect map;

3, according to the color scheme; < / p>

4, solve the problem in the implementation of color schemes, ensuring that the color scheme reaches the expected results.

Vocational requirements

Education training: industrial design, product design, art design, crafts and other college degree or above; obtain color designer qualification certificate. At present, the color designer's professional qualification certification is divided into three types: national vocational qualification certification, image design industry vocational qualification training certification, and color matching designer qualification for China's Popular Color Association.

Work experience: understand the basic principle of color design, proficient in various coatings, accessories design and application; there is a keen eye and advanced awareness to market epidemic; proficiency use various design software: Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw, etc., there is a good hand-painted ability; it is extremely sensitive to color matching, good at active thinking and creative thinking, extravagant imagination, is a fanatical passion for design work.

Salary market

Color designer is an emerging profession, has not formed a certain scale in China, so the salary level is very unstable. In general, color designer monthly salary is about 2500-7,000 yuan, and the technical level of practitioners can reach Near 10,000 yuan.

Color designer

Occupational development path

With the increase in color design, the demand for color designers has increased, and the color designer's employment is very wide, in the clothing Textile, commodity design, construction environment, graphic design, urban planning, interior decoration, department store retail, beauty makeup, image consultation, gardening, paint can find color designers' position, color designers are responsible for companies Color matching and design and other important work. If you have accumulated rich experience in color design, you have a certain visibility, you can also consider yourself work in the room, separate items separately, or do some color counseling.

certification body

China Human Resources and Social Security Department "computer color designer" professional certification training is the form of colors recognized by the country.

course content:

(1) Color problem and display

(2) Color Science

(3) HSB color design system Learning and Training

(4) Color phase and ring attribute law

(5) color plate attribute law

(six) 识 识

(7) HSB color design method

(eight) Design experience

(nine) design case admilament

(10) assessment

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