The Ministry of Information is an ancient Chinese official signature. The Zhou Die is a winter official, and Qin and Han is a small government. Cao Wei's self-cultivation of Water Cao, Mi Shangshu, Haridacy, and the government. Jin Zai Tutian Cao, the start of Cao, the Pocket Agricultural Reclamation (the military is from the general of the Tuna Lang and the Water Conservancy. During the Nort-North Dynasties, the South Dynasty was not changed, and the Northern Dynasties were not. In the Sui Dynasty, in the Youth League, the ancestors were placed, taking over various projects, craftsmen, 田, water conservancy, transportation, etc., along with the name of the North Time Ministry, is one of the six parts of Shangshu Province.

Ministry of Work Department, Ministry of Work, Ministry of Work, Ministry of Education, and Water Department. The Ministry of Civiliat is the head of the Ministry of Wages, the decree and the Ministry of Works and the Ministry of Works; the Tuna Division Tianxiao; the Siki Siki Shuo Shuzhi; the water department is water. The chief has a book, and the division of labor is a person, and the late generation is not changed. At the beginning of the Ming Dynasty, the Ministry of Education set up the headquarters, the four parties of the Ministry of Water, Hongwu for twenty-six years, and the forty-four of the four-four Qing Division, the part of the Ministry of the Ministry of Work is changed to the camp. The Qing Division, Yu Heng Qingyi, Du Shui Qingyi Department and Tuna Qingshu, a professional, and the officials are still before.


Take the ministerial, water, civil, engineering, transportation, official operating industries, etc., is a second product in the Ming Dynasty, from one product in the Qing Dynasty. The position of the General Site is equivalent to the Deputy Prime Minister of the State Council, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture, Water Resources, Ministry of Construction, Ministry of Communications, etc.

From the Tang Dynasty, my country has implemented three provinces and six systems, and the Song Dynasty is changed to a province six mini system. Finally, the Ming and Qing Dynasties are directly six, soldiers and courtesy workers.


Sui- Kaihuang two years Sub-installations Shangshu , Tang Dynasty. Dragon has changed to Si Ping Tai Changber, and Xianheng is a book. In the first year of the light house, it is changed to the winter official book, and the dragon is re-emergence. ) The waiter is one person. (Covered Winter Si Si Si Aerial Dior. Han has come to Shangshi Lang, this is also the same. After Zhou Yi "Zhou Shuan". Sui Di's self-cultivation department, the emperor, Dragon Dynasty Changbu, Xianheng, Guangzhai, Shenlong and Cao Cao Reverse.) The Ministry of Education Shangshu, the waiter of the waiter, the world, the hundreds of work, Tutian, and Shanshi. It is four: one department, two 曰 田, three 曰 部, four water divisions; Shang Shu, the waiter, the whole position, to make his life. Everything in China and foreign hundreds, because of the belongings, salty.


Sui Dynasty

Yu Wenyi

Tang Dynasty

Duan Dynasty

高宝 藏

Yu Chang

Song Dynasty




Ming Dynasty

Pan Jiyan

Jia Jun

Sheng End Ming

Qing Dynasty

Li Yongyu

Liu Dangxun


Weng Xincu

Lu Yongzhen

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