Cold man should

History Background

Eastern Jin Dynasty, the war is not limited, after being suffered from Wang Gong, Sun Enzo, the chaos of the Xuan Xuan, Lu Cair, and therefore generated a series of warlords After the mixing, the door-to-door is hit hard, and the political situation between the door valve and the emperor has been difficult to continue to maintain. The cold door of Liu Yu is rising, and it has been fixed, it is fixed to the south of the south of more than 20 years, and finally, in the process, the cold gates is also due to the process. The military power is constantly rising. Liu Yu was born in the cold door. He took the military to win the world, and thus he grasped the political power, the central government, vigorously weakened the military and political power of the family, and established a strong central army (also known as the Taiwan army) in the Central Committee, ending the Eastern Jin Dynasty The situation of the soldiers soldiers, and reuse the cold doors, so the Hanmen Xiangxians have participated in the political affairs. After the door, the door can enter Liu Song, although it is still high officials, but they are all in elegance, and they are unfightship, so they are constantly being marginalized, while the cold people are as good as the official position, taste. Although it is low, the participation is required, and the king of the kingdom will be implemented. Final Song, Qi, Liang, Chen Si Dynasty, military and political real rights, all have a cold man.

Specific content

Liu Song, with the full fading of the door, the revival of the fire, the royal power of the Emperor, and the Liu Dynasty ruler itself is from the cold door Therefore, the series of reform measures to suppress high, the central, reuse of the cold doors, and the Hanmen began to serve as a position in the chartroom, and participated in the operation of the machine, and gradually formed a "cold man's hand". "The cold man should" mainly manifest the following three aspects:

The first is the cold control of the political center. Beginning from Liu Song, the ruler is to strengthen the threat of fire of the Imperial power to prevent the empowerment of the door, and prevent the development of the dynasty, the mainships of the dynasty, and vigorously weaken the political impact of the door-to-the-gun. Liu Gong emperor often uses it. There is actual talented cold door to control the history of the central departments, such as the historical book of Shangshu Province, and the Chinese books of the Subshock will actually hold these two highest authority, and the booklets of the door can have a lot of books. Although it is high, it is completely overhead, only the right to sign the official document, and the door-to-the-counter is increasingly becoming political furnishings. Liu Song began, the reason why the cold people controlled the political center, in addition to the Liu Song ruler to weaken the imperial power and the Liu Song royal family itself came from the cold door, there is a reason is that the door valve is already more and more decades. In the politics, it does not think in progress, the mediocrity, and the part is keen on political affairs but has been compressed by the empress of the empress. It has lost the power of the affinity and the interest of politics. This is objectively controlled. The political center has created opportunities.

Cold man should

The second is that the cold is in charge of the rights. After experiencing the situation of the end of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, the military power was completely returned to the hands of the Hanmen. Liu Yu, the opening of Liu and Song, is the back shield with a strong military force, with a strong military force as a backing, with the North Government of North Fujian, with the military, with military, and the military work, finally changed the dynasty. Created the Liu Song regime, after which Liu Yu implemented military reforms, I re-construct a set of the Chinese army and the foreign army, and established a strong central army-Taiwan army that was strongly directed by the emperor. The general general is almost all the emperors' hiring and trustworthy. They have risen through military power, so that they will enter the phase, the gatekeepers in the Liu Song period have lost their privileges in the Eastern Jin Dynasty, lost the military foundation against the imperial power, and the rights of the soldiers were completely taken by the cold. Of course, the military power in the hands of the kings is completely deprived, and it is also the tradition of the military as the high, and abandoned the tradition of the Eastern Jin's early Tricho, abandoned the tradition of the Eastern Jin's early Tsi. The decadent invincible of the Ri Chai, eventually caused the military to gradually fall into the Hanmen in Liu Yu, and the military power has never fell into the hands of the Ri.

The third is that the cold is a place to play. Beginning from Liu Song, the emperor is the central government, strengthening the local control, improving the officials of the state to the officials of the state - the status of the "handshake), and the cold gantry of the real-talented realism by appointment State Town Temples, making them between the courts and the states, let them responsible for the transfer of states to the central government, while responsible for supervision, conveying central orders and auxiliary local state towns, and has an will The situation directly reported to the territory of the court, the possibility of fighting the court against the court has been greatly weakened, thereby further controlling local military and political priority, and therefore, "Only the" Sign, Sign, Don't Sleeping History ".

Formation process

The political situation of "cold man should" is a political situation created by the efforts of Liu Songwu Emperor, Song Wenmi, Song Xiaowu Emperor Subsequently throughout the north and south director, it continued to Sui Tang.

Liu Yu period

"Cold man should" in the period of Liu Yu, Song Dynasty, formed basic political prototypes and architectures, which laid the basic politics of the South Dynasties pattern.

The root cause of political politics from the Eastern Jin Dynasty is in the soldiers, and the empress of the military foundation cannot be confronted with the door-to-door, so the door valve is political in the Eastern Jin Dynasty. After Liu Yu Dynasty, after the promotion of the Song Dynasty, in response to this issue, he made his core group - Jin's Beizu soldiers from Dongjin Xu, and Yanku, the civil ascending army was bonded to the military direct command by the emperor, from the Central Leader, In the army of the army, the Chinese leader, Zhongjiang army, and generals and other martial arts, the five soldiers of the Central Shangshu (province) or the emperor, the Han Dynasty, to support the emperor's purpose, and in charge of the military officer. Appointment and dismissal, the Central Committee is also known as the Taiwan army. The constitution of the Taiwan military and the geographical source have joined the Yunzhou Horse Group Army when Song Xiaowu, but the Taiwan army has always been the main armed forces to control the place. The general general is almost all the emperor's hiring, and the emperor trust. They have risen through military power, so that they will enter the phase, the door of the door of the Liu Song period has lost their privileges in the Eastern Jin Dynasty, and the doors who lost the military foundation should never fight against the strong military power as the foundation. Liu Song imperial power. In this way, the situation in the Empress Dynasties in the Eastern Jin Dynasty does not expect, and the political performance of the Eastern Jin Dynasty and the political situation of Liu Songmao politics, the authoritarian centralized power system is re-established in Liu Song.

So Song Warter Liu Yu period, the Wu Wan, who is born in Hanmen, therefore in charge of military power, and Liu Yu has implemented a series of inhibitory and strong reforms, re-use of Hanmen, and reused the reform measures of Hanmen in East Jinxi. Not only in the military, but also the power of participating in the position of the palm of the palm, the "door valve and the emperor's common world" is completely ended, while Liu Yurin has arranging the four counters, In addition to Xie, the other three are all born. However, it must be pointed out that the Song Warmi Liu Yu period is just the beginning of the work of the cold people. Although the door can have been succumbed to the emperor's power, and the political power has been weakened, but political power has been weakened. Any process of political forces requires a process, especially whose Riki has become more and more declined in military and political areas, but their influence in culture and society still exists, so Song Wu Emperor Liu Yu is depriving the military power of the rules of the rules, People are in charge of military power, applying cold people to participate in the operation of the palm, the political privilege of the police, and the truth of the lace, to take a certain amount of rose and preferential treatment to take advantage of its social and cultural influence Consolidate the power.

Emperor's period

Song Wenli Liu Yilong is in the early days, with the impact of doctors, the impact of the door, Wang Hong, Wang Hua, Fan Wei and other door valves once returned to the political center However, this is only the final return of the Shi Emi, because when Liu Song's fire power, the reform of Liu Yu Liu Yu, Song Warthen, has been strong, and has an overwhelming advantage of all political power outside the fire, the revival of the empowerment has become The historical trend of unstoppable. After Song Wenyi was firmly stabilized, he began to return to the political route of Liu Yu, Song Dynasty, and continuously strengthen the power of the empress, and suppressed the rules and apprentices. So Song Di's control of state towns, participating in the chairman, and prevention, and prevention, and equipped with a cold man with true realism, and raised the status and power of Zhongshu, who was in the cold, to completely suppress The political influence of the door-to-the-gun, further increasing the strength of the Central Boarding Army and the Prince East Palace, and the cold people who have an outstanding military talents are the military foundation of the military to expand the imperial power. The power of imperial power has been further strengthened, so the door can have to recognize the reality after retaining a short political glory, only after the return of the political center, Wang Hong, Wang Hua and other Gaters are forced to make high-level power The job, Fan Wei, Liu Zhan and other Gaters have been taken by Song Wenmi to take the opportunity to kill and eradicate. It is worth pointing out that in more than ten years of the Emperor Liu Yikang, the monk, the history of "Cherish the Officials, I have not tasted the class private", and the people who use people, "although the reset is humble, all are introduced" Surface. When Song Wenmi was in place, the Emperor and his brother Liu Yikang, the cold people and the cold, such as Shen Qingzhi, autumn, weekly correction, Dai Fa Xing, Liu Daoyan, Deng Wei, Su Baosheng, Wang Hong (this is the Hanmen Wang Hong, Wang Hong, Wang Hong, Wang Hong, Xu Wei, etc. In addition, the local state of the local state, Zong Wang Fan also raised a lot of people to learn to learn from the people. With the further development of Wen Dynasty, the further development of the South has developed a large number of cold door enriched by operating land and business, which has made a strong economic foundation for quite a batch of cold doors. Means, even privately selling scholars, tampering, seeking political status. Song Wenmi has been further developed in the middle of the three decades, "cold people" is in the center or the local state government and the military government, and the cold people in this period are mainly dedicated to the official position of specific affairs, these broken gates There are many people with good governance, such as Liu Daoyan town to guard, "people's music, private households ..." Xiangyang Le Song ", self-production", this period is also the new political situation. Overcoming the effect of Wei Dynasty door valve pricking, the period of the maximum benefit, the history called "Yuan Jiazhi".

Filial piety

Song Xiaowu Emperor Liu Jun is in place, on the basis of its father's two generations of reform efforts, vigorously promote the reform and reform, strengthen the empowerment, not only politically Weakers in a comprehensive weaken, more emphasis on the influence of Scholars in society, culture, etc., and consistently starting with the cold people, the door can be completely broken, and the cold is widely involved in the political bureau. When Xiaowu Di ruled, many door valves were afraid of the pressure of the imperial power, and they left the political stage. The cold people were further expanded in the championship. The filial piety has formed "the main direction of the city, the official press, the right to leave" The situation, so when I arrived in Song Xiaowu, the political pattern of the "cold man should" has been fully formed.

Xiaowu Emperor Liu Jun immediately, then remove the "recording book" title, the political affairs may not be all the book orders, Shangshu servant, ordered to be a short-class official Shang Shulang in the province. Political affairs, and even at the same time, two unparalleled books were placed to weaken their election power, and they worked with the Chinese books and others to handle the central machine to affairs. Dai Fa Xing, Nissin, Xu Wei, Cai Yisi, and Xu Wei, Cai Yisi, and the official selection, promotion, reward and punishment, and the filial piety will be decided to decide with them, and the Shangshi Order, Shangshu servant only the right to sign an empty document on the official document. The filial piety is also reused from Jiangdong Hanmen Shen Qingzhi and the wilderness of the northern people. According to the achievements of the two, it has been promoted to the three public, opened Wu Xing Shen's starting path to the beginning of the Southern Dynasty, and creating the South Dynasty, cold door, cold The people have a precedent for the three public power. In addition, the filial piety also promotes the sorrow of the cold and sinfulness, and the people who have been scattered. The master of the Han Dynasty, and the Yan Yong became the high official Zhongchen; reuse the Tiansheng, Bao Zhao, Zong Yue, Xu Ai and other cold ganties people. Song Xiaowu also served as a patron of the state of the instrument by the Hanban of Talented Realism, so that they came from the court to the state, let them be reported to the central review to the central government. At the same time, it is responsible for supervision, conveying central orders and supporting local state towns' s facilitators to deal with affairs, and have the power to report the power of the court at any time, and the possibility of the court against the court is greatly weakened. In addition, in the early years of the Liu Song, the county officials in the Wei, Jin, who have been reforming for the scholarity of the Sakaji, and the county-count officials in the local counties have begun to increase the proportion of cold gates. However, due to many people who have long been a county-gun in the county before Liu Song, and those who have a rigid talented talents tend to be due to those ratings of the county officials because they are compared to those ratings. Xiaowu Emperor has conducted further reforms here, and the appointment of county officials should be mainly actually talented, canceled the threshold of the number of the county officials, and shorten their term, and change the county official one six years to three. In the year, it also reaffirmed the selection mechanism of the officials since the Emperor Liu Song, and the channels of the Hanban people entered the Shengsheng have further expanded. Son Song Dynasty, Wu Yun, who has been attaching importance to academic and education, revival of Confucianism, and constantly educating the temper empty talk of the Scholars. The electoral privilege has gradually been open to the cold, and the electoral privilege will gradually be open to the cold. The Emperor has reached a peak. Xiaowu Emperor is not only politically comprehensively pressed the rules, but also launched a series of initiatives in society and culture, such as further advocating Confucianism, intensive education, and vigorously promoting the policies and activities of revival and music, and recruiting Confucianism from Hanmen Wenrid. To limit the hobbies of the Shi Chai, trying to penetrate the power of the country to the cultural and social fields. The trend of doorsters gradually toward the decline is increasingly obvious.

The collective rule of Song Xiaowu is also called "the mainstay, the official hundreds of pieces, the right to leave", "the cold man should" political situation, Song Xiaowu Emperor It is fully improved to this.

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