Cliffs of Shimizu

Geographic location

Qingshui cliff is located in the eastern coast of Taiwan Province, Hualien County, and the Hualie-Soviet Highway (Suhua Highway) in the northeast of Hualien County. At the end, it is mainly about 12 kilometers long, this road is twisted, and the cliff is shore. It is the most thrilling representative landscape of Suhua Highway and one of Taiwan's eight glasses.

Reasons for the name

Feitian Panshan, Qingshui Mountain, thousands of miles mountains, the fogus mountains, etc. are all crystal limestones, the cliff shore is standing, including the Qingshui Mountain southeast Daily Cliffs, but also Located in the middle line of the whole line, the clear water cliff is named. The cliff is rished, up to hundreds of meters, is made of a large section on the east side of the central mountain. Linyi is far away, the blue wave is long; the wind is overwhelming, and the people are struggling.

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Travel information

connect Yilan County and Hualien County Highway, full length 118 kilometers, this road is famous for building along the section coast. Travel along this road, in addition to cliffs, mountain rocks, there are stunned shores, and the magnificent scenery of the blue sea is at the same time. From Hualien City to north, the survival of the village, to Chongde Village, is the starting point of the dangerous journey in the south section. The car is proud, the right side is the Pacific Ocean of Bai Mazhi, and the left is the cliff of the sea. The road is twisted, there are many tunnels, and the famous "Chongde big tunnel" is the entrance of the water cliff.

The car is passing Chongde big tunnel, and it can be seen that the Sapa Highway is chiseling. A groove as if it is set on a cliff on a high-distance sea, and the rock wall is turned into the rock wall of the sea, and the dragon is swim. Looking far away, it seems to be entangled in the belt of the cliff waist, and like the high-rise of the skyscraper, there is a hanging balcony corridor without a railing. The car is flying above, a little accident, and it is necessary to roll into a few hundred meters. Pacific. The person who took the car gave a cliff, and the sea is watching the sea, and it is very thrilling. The car passed through the water cliff, passed through a number of tunnels, and immediately went to the Peace Station, and then north, it was the northern section of the Suhua Highway and arrived at the port of Sumao.

from Yilan to the Hualian, from the peaceful tunnel of 900 meters from the peace, the cliff is hoped, then passing and in the middle, and the tunnel, it is stacked in the Qingshui cliff layer. The rock wall extends. As long as you have passed the peace tunnel, you can see that this is hung in the half-air, and the cliffs of the layer are connected to the cliff. Always on the way, all are a flaws and marble, and the magnificent landscape is awesome. Walking on this road may not feel scared, but when you have finished this road, you will experience the danger of this road when you look back. There has been a lot of new tunnels between peace to Chongde, and there is no need to stimulate in the car, and the Tulu Park has an exploitation area in the northern exit of Chongde Tunnel, small water, park boundary.

Suhua Highway (15)

No matter the viewing platform, or step onto the beach, the Suhua Highway is on one. The air corridor of the sky is not in the sky, inlaid on the wall of the Dali Cliff, and seeing this wonderful view, it is unasuppled with the vastness of nature, and the courage of human beings is not afraid. All the cliffs are composed of flax rock and marble, the texture is hard, it is not easy to weat the collapse, standing in the east bank of Baodao, like a strong barrier in Baodao, and the heroic sentinel guards The island of Jinxiuhe mountains. Among them, the Qingshui Mountain in the Qingshui Station is particularly dangerous, and it is more than 5 kilometers long, and it is spectacular.

Transportation Information

Internal Transport

Volkswagen Transport

1. Hualien Railway Station with Hualien Passenger transport, get off at Chongde.

2. Take the North to the railway, Yuhe Ren, Chongde got off the bus, can be divided into the water and Baiya, southern end.

External Transport


from Hualien City, the nine lines in the nine lines in the north to Chongde, that is, arrival Clear water cliff south end.

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