Claire Patra

Synonym Leratto Pepel, generally refers to Cleoptra (Princess Macedonian Kingdom)

Early New Year's experience

Klio Peles is carried out by the mother Olympia, Macedonian capital Tellan grew up and accepted the education of ordinary princess. In the first 338, when the mother and the father of Philip II did not go back to Niangjia Yiruis to invest in Olympia, the brothers of Olympia, Alexander I, I even got Kri Apela, Alexander, Alexander, also left Macedonia court, exiled to Yili Ria, but Klio Pepel is still stayed in Wang Tidula. In the first 336th, Philip II decided to be with Eyuzza, and prepared to let Klio Pepel married to Yiruz's Alexander I. This grand wedding was held in Macedonged Eg, and the body of Philip II naturally appeared in the wedding scene. However, his near-body guards Sakanias had assassinated in Philip without other guards. He left a tragedy for this wedding.

The first stage of marriage

Despite the big events of Philip II, this marriage is still effective, Klio Peles has become the Queen Epis Queen, And came to Epis. Shortly, this has born two children, and the son Niri Puli Mesi II and Daughter Cardimei. Although Klio Pepel is far from Macedonia and Mother, it is believed that she is still closely related to Alexander Emperor. In the first 322 years, the Alexander Great in the East, once sent some trophy to her mother and some intimate The gang, which also contains the gourmet Klio Peles.

Claire Patra

Before 334, the husband of Klio Peles, Alexander, in response to the request of Bang Tamo, Greek, and rate the big army through the Adriatic Sea to the Italian peninsula, and went to deal with several Italian Tribal Brugeti, Luchal, etc., Alexander I left Krio Peles to do China as a kingdom. During the first 334th poop decisions, Kelio Pepelila was imported by the kingdom, and the signature of the export of cereals. In the inscription of Libylakei unearthed, Krio Pepella has signed it from there. A 50,000 wheat crate and transport the remaining cereal ship to Collins. On the other hand, the exquisite Alexander World has captured Hercantia and West Berse, and occupied Constis and Terin, but he finally died on the battlefield in the first 331st. Leaves young Petulus II for young Nirvis.

In Kelio Pepe, according to Epis's tradition, if the husband died early and his son is young, his wife will be a long, this custom is different from other Greeks tradition. . Therefore, Kelio Peles naturally became the regent of the kingdom. When the death of the Alexander World, Athens immediately sent a sacrifice to the mission. In addition, surprising is that she seems to be the mainman of the Morrosian Religious Festival, and her name is included in the list of the OPOIKoi (THEOODOKOI). Kelio Peles is the only woman in this list.

Return to Hometown

Soon Evals in Eporace, while Kelio Peles, Mother Olympia, Because of Macedonia and Antiput It is also returned to Epis, and acts as the regent of Era Cales. Almost in the first 324 years, Krio Pepe returned to Macedonia, and the Alexander Great in Babylon was passed away soon.

The death of Alexander Great has caused a lot of turmoil to the empire. He did not leave a strong and powerful throne, and the generals of Alexander, and if they can be married by the royal family. It is definitely able to enhance your forces, and Klio Peles that flows like Alexandrians is undoubtedly the best candidate, not to mention her single and she wants to marry again. First by Klio Pepel, Liaonnato, so Leonnato hastily rushed to Macedonia, and even revealed to Cappadocia Omhernis that he thought This layer of marriage enhances forces. Unfortunately, fiancee Wannado will die in the Lamia War.

War left and right

At that time, the Imperial Regent Pelicas was quite a consultation of Antpat, and the Olympia was ashamed with Antiputa, and she thought Those Macedonian governors who are departed will threaten the future rule of her young grandson Alexander III, so she is born with Pelikas, which is likely to make Klio Pepelis intentional and Pell. Dikas married. However, Pelicas just married Antipatrianshi Nicaa, he decided to accept the wedding contract of Klio Pepeli in Omaris. On the other hand, Macedonian Antiput and Cratuce have previously heard some Pelikas's horizontal behavior from the exile of the Fritan Governor Antiko, Antiputa knows Pelp Dikas and Klio Pepella engaged and put Nica, they decided to declare war with Pelikas. At this time, the Egyptian Governor Toller is also contacted with Antiput, and the first. The secondary operator war broke out.

Klio Peles has been coming from Macedonia to Xiao Asia and stays in Seth. And Pelikas knows the war out, he decided to lead the Royal Army to attack Egypt, and the commander of Ou Mimi is the commander of Xiao Asian army, responsible for preventing AntipappaThe Kratrus rates from Helles He has come to Asia, and he also lives Ou Mimiis to bring some gifts to Klio Pepelai and talk about marriage matters. Opalnis is in the road to Helgus, and he is separated from the brigade with a small horse, special to Seth to see Klio Peles. At this point, Antik took a team of boats to Carolina, and it was likely that the Governor of Caria, Assanade decided to join the anti-Pelikas Union, and the Governor of Lüside also added it, the whole of Xiao Asia The southwest contains Ionia to become anti-Pelikas. Because the situation varies too fast, I still don't know the situation in Seth. At the time, there is not many soldiers around you. Fortunately, in Krio Pepe, Omiris escaped in the city. Evue Antik's pursuit.

320, the expedition of Egyptian empire regent, and the unmarried fiance Pelikas, which Klio Peles, was killed, killed, ending the first successor war, anti The Pelikas Union won. In the first 321 Triba Dusus, Zhong Andipt was a new empire, he led the army to return to Macedonia, but in Xiaoya, Omhernes's army did not admit defeat, Ommene decided When you return to Antipappha, you are preparing to fight near Antipappa, but this decision finally dispelled at Klio Pepel. Antiput was there without any resistance to Seth, he attempted to complain about Krio Pepel-La and Kanna, but Kelio Peles did not want to bow, she succeeded to himself.

The last ending

Kelio Pepellard was restored by Antiko in Sadis City, and was monitored by Antik's horses. In the first 309th, Egypt's Ptalemi led the fleet in Greek Corinth and Aegean Island, and Klio Peles was successfully contacted with Toller because of the indiscriminate life of less than many years, and hoped to marry with Toller. This matter is known from Antacco. In the first 308 years, under Antaco designed, Kelio Pepel is killed by some resentment her women, and Anti Ke immediately died of the perpetrators, and organized a grand royal family for Klio Pepel. funeral.

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