CIS integration


In January 1993, the head of members of 7 Member States signed the "CIS Charter" in Minsk, Belarus, announced the implementation of economic, political, military, and military in the CIS. Integration, it later expanded to 12. In September 1993, the CIS countries have reached an agreement in the establishment of an Economic Alliance. In April 1994, they have reached an agreement in establishing a free trade zone, and the members of Member States have gradually cancel tariffs, establish a unified credit policy, and transition to tariffs. In October 1994, countries have signed the "Basic Policy of the CIS Integrated Development", "The Prospect Plan of the CIS Integration Development", decided to establish a super national institution of the CIS - Multinational Economic Alliance Committee, and Some supporting measures have been effectively exercising their functions and implementing economic integration, and the establishment of the Multinational Economic Alliance Commission marks the integration process of the CIS has entered a substantive stage.


March 29, 1996, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan signed the "Dellar Treaty in the Economic and Social Society". On April 2, the same year, Belarus and Russia have signed Treaty on the establishment of the "Subsidiary Republic of Subsidy" in the two countries. According to the Russian Treaty, the two countries will gradually achieve economic integration, establish a common market, establish the highest power organization of the Community - the Supreme Committee And standing executive committees, parliamentary conferences, etc. Treaty and call on other Member States to join. If the goals and recent measures specified in the "Subject of the Community" Treaty, it will be implemented in accordance with the implementation, which will also become a high level of regional integration. The integration of the CIS economy is gradually launched, but its development trend will greatly depend on the role of supporting the beneficial factors of economic integration development.

CIS integration

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