Basic introduction

WWE Wrestler Cristian once the most influential double combination of WWE Hall of Fame

killswitch (WWE) / the unprettier (WWF / E / TNA) (Inverted Double Underhook Facebuster, So Metimes from The Second Rope)

Oral Zen: One More Match

Commonly used: Cloverleaf - TNA

Dropkick, Sometimes from the top rope

Fireman's Carry Gutbuster


FlashPoint (Diving European Uppercut) - 2007-Present

Inverted FaceLock Backbreaker

Multiple Ddt Variations

Falling Inverted


Inverted Tornado


one man con-chair-to

PENDULULUM KICK from Out of the Corner, as a counter to an an oncoming Opponent - 2008-Present

Sitout Inverted SUPLEX SLAM


Springboard from out of the corner Into Either a plancha or a twisting sunset flip- 2009-present

< P> Stands on the shop of an opponent Draped over the middle rope, choking the in the process

Get Honor

1998.07.18 - 1998.xx.xx Ecwa Heavyweight Championship ( ALS Christiancage)

19 98.10.10 - 1999.04.XX PCW Brand (ALS Christian Cage)


1998.10.18 - 1998.11.17 WWF Lightweight Class Champion

20004.02 - 2000.05.29 WWF World Double Champion (and Edge)

2000.06.25 - 2000.09.24 WWF World Double Champion (2nd, and Edge)

2000.22 - 2000.10.23 WWF World Double Champion (3rd, and Edge)

2000.12.10 - 2000.12.18 WWF World Double Champion (4th, and EDGE)

2000.12.19 - 2001.01.21 WWF World Double - winning Champion (5th, and EDGE)

2001.03.19 - 2001.03.19 WWF World Double Champion (6th, and EDGE)

2001.04.01 - 2001.04. 17 WWF World Double Champion (7th, and Edge)

2001.09.23 - 2001.10.21 WWF Intercontinental Champion

2001.10.30 - 2002.01.29 WWF European Champion

2002.03.17 - 2002.03.17 WWF hard champion

2002.07.21 - 2002.09.23 WWE World Double Championship (8th, and Lance Storm)

2002.10 . 14 - 2002.12.15 World Double Championship (9th, and Chris Jericho)

2003.05.18 - 2003.07.07 Intercontinental Champion (2nd)

2003.08.10 - 2003.09.29 Intercontinental Champion (3rd)

2006.02.12 - 2006.06.18 ALS Christian Cage

2007.01.14 - 2007.05.13 NWA World Heavyweight champion (2nd, ALS Christian Cage)

2007.05.13 - 2007.05.13 NWA World Heavyweight Champion (ALS Christian Cage)

2009.04.26 - 2009.06.07 ECW heavyweight champion

2009.07.26 - 2010.02.16 ECW Heavyweight Champion (2nd)

2011.05.02 - 2011.05.06 WWE World Heavyweight Champion X1

2011.07.18 - 2011.08.15 WWE World Heavyweight Champion X2

2012.05.21 - 2012.07.24 WWE Intercontinental Championship (Fourth)

Lion Cristian

This is a true touching story, The story took place in 1969

two British men adopted a lion essay, named Christian, and later returned to a forest park in Kenya. 4 years later, these two British men returned to Africa to find Christian. What can't I think that Christian carries the arrival of the old owner in the past year. The rare video of this "human lion reunion" has recently been transmitted online, and at least 16 million hits are obtained in just a few weeks. According to reports, in 1969, two 25-year-old British London men John Ridal and Ece Boke have bought a 3-month-old lion cub from the department store from the department store. The lion is Christian. Christian and two young owners live in a apartment in London, became the most beloved play with pets. However, after a year, when Christien was large to 83 kilograms, its food consumption became more and more amazing. Christian every week must eat 30 pounds (equivalent to Today's 370 pounds) raw meat, this fee makes John and Ece to eat can't eat; in addition, Christian's block has become so big, John and Ai Si is here, they must put their loved pets from the mountains.

John and Alz happened to meet the movie "Lion and I" (also translated "the" born free ") The heroine Virginia McNa. "Lion and I" use wildlife park manager George and Joe Adamant's true story to blueprint, telling them to adopt a lion lion, and put a long lion back to the story of the jungle. The movie heroine Virginia agreed to help John and Ice two people in Kenya National Forest Park. With the help of Virgiaia, John and Estead took Christian to the "Natural Free Foundation" headquarters in a national park in Northeast Northeast, Kenya. John and Ice Two people who carefully raised their tears, Christian looked at the owner, and he turned his longevity and turned to the jungle.

Until 4 years later 1974, John and Es returned to the country forest park in Kenya, they wondered how Christian did in the past few years. However, officials of the National Forest Park said that this travel may be in vain, because Christian has already disappeared in the jungle, and they have not seen this lion for several months recently. Unbelievably, the monk Christian seems to have "6th", knowing that two old masters have to visit it in Kenya, arrive at the National Forest Park "Natural Free Foundation" at John and Es, Christian, "joining his wife with his wife," in advance, "Waiting" old owner's arrival. At that time, Christian has grown to 190 kilograms, and its side surrounded a few lioness and a large group of lively clows. When two people walked to Christian in the lion group, it suddenly stopped and smelling the air with the nose, then it recognized these two young people, and ran quickly to them, standing with the back legs. Two old owners, and lick their faces with their tongues, welcome their arrival. John recalled: "It rushed to us straight, then he knocked us on the ground, it hugged us in the ground, it hugged us like the past, with its paws on our shoulders. Everyone is excited to cry. When we don't live, even if this lion is almost tears. We will never forget the precious time we last together. "

Christian and two old owners last respectively And they conducted "the last hug", then it joined his wife with a wife, and disappeared in the jungle, the reunion became the last meeting of John and Es and Christian.

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