Chongqing Songshan Martyrs Cemetery

synonym song Mountain Martyrs Cemetery General Refers to the Chongqing Songshan Martyrs Cemetery

Historical Leading

Gele Mountain Martyr Cemetery is located in the Shapingba District, Song Le Mountain, is a "National Party Military Survey Bureau" ( Referred to as "Military Bureau") Headquarters, radio, prison. In the late World War II, I have built the "Sino-US Special Technical Cooperation". The Songshan Martyrs Tomb, the Martyrs Monument and the Exhibition Hall were built in 1954, renamed in 1984.

renamed the current name in July 1984. "Sino-US special technical cooperation" is about 7 km, and it is about 10 kilometers long. In this "SAR", it is completely used in the bunker, the booth and wire, and anyone cannot pass. It is a scorpion of Sino-US spy battles in the name of China and the United States. In fact, it is completely agency that trains the laws and sisters, which conduct a lot of search and persecution of Chinese Communists and anti-Japanese democrats. During the Kuomintang rule, here is the human hell of the detention and killing revolutionary people. After the "Wannan Incident", the New Fourth Army of the First Army, Ye Ting, was imprisoned, and the famous Communist Party Luo Shiwen, Che Yao, Jiang Zhu, the patriotic general, Yanghu City, Huang Xiangsheng, etc., are killed here.

On November 27, 1949, the Kuomintang political power evacuated from the eve of the mainland, and the more than 300 revolutionary people who were imprisoned here, the "one, two seven" bloody cases of shocking China and foreign countries were created. After the liberation, in this "Special Zone", we have made a factory, farm and school, the original white house hall, and the slag hole has been opened as the exhibition hall in the prison, and the active, picture, etc. of the year. Today, there are millions of tourists every year to visit this, with the martyrs.

Geori Mountain Martyrs Cemetery Outstanding View

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Geragus Martyrs Tomb (6)

In 1955, the Chongqing Municipal People's Government has built the martyrs cemetery and the martyrs monument, covering an area of ​​698 square meters. In 1956, the Sichuan Provincial People's Government will set it here as provincial cultural relics protection units.

In 1963, Chongqing Sino-US cooperation Mei Jiangzhang Exhibition Hall was established, restored the original appearance of the White House and Dragings, and was renamed in 1985 as the Chongqing Songshan Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetery. In 1988, it was listed here as a national key cultural relics protection unit.

Increased the monument of Chongqing Songshan Revolutionary Memorial Hall in 1993.

Chongqing Songshan Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetery was awarded the title of "National Primary School Patriotism Education Base" by the Central Six Committee in 1996; in 1997, the Central Propaganda Department is listed as a hundred patriotic education demonstration base in the country.

Chongqing Songshan Martyrs Cemetery

Main Attractions

"China-US cooperation" military parade

into the garden of the cemetery, first reflecting eye blinds It is the original "Sino-US cooperation" parade. In the past, the military parade is now a beautiful green belt. The large-scale relief "Immortal" is located in the eastern part of the military parade. The revolutionary martyrs are in the enemy, they are always admired by the people: "Hongyan Weiye is full of blue history," British spirit enforcement.

Exhibition Terminal

Embossed North is displayed The general area covers an area of ​​1159 square meters. Basic exhibitions are the "Sino-US cooperation" concentration history exhibition, with 490 pictures, 108 pieces of facts and "one, two seven" massacre, halfway, in detail, the Kuomintang military Camp and China-US special technical cooperation have black

Dark inside, vividly introduced Yang Hu City, Ye Ting, Jiangzhu, Luo Shiwen, and Che Yafang and other revolutionary martyrs for the new China's establishment, heroic unyielding Struggle deeds.

White Hall

is the Sichuan warlord Baiqi in the villa of Chongqing Shapingba Suburbs, 1930s, he was built in order to raise a small and sister. In 1938, the Military Bureau I bought it with 30 two gold. In 1939, the military has changed it to the Director of the Military Bureau. It is called the military Chongqing detention center. It is mainly dedicated to the National Party Government to consider the level of political prisoners. In 1943, China and US cooperation was established, white house hall The prisoner was migrated to the slag hole. The white house was renamed as the Third Reception Office of the China-US cooperation. After the US staff lived. After the Second World War, the US cooperation was revoked, the US personnel returned to China, and the white house is still resumed for the detention center. And the military combined the Southwest of the military, Yifeng Prison, Wang Longmen Detention Center, and the Danda Cave Detention Center, established the white house hall, and later called the Department of Defense Secretary of Defense.

White Hall Hall "Advance, reforing to make a replenishment", "Zhengqi should not be a profit, clear the way is not counting", "the original underground storage room is changed to the dungeon, the original air defense cave is changed to the criminal section, and the housing is changed to cell. When the white house hall has done Huang Xiang Sound, when the principal of Tongji University is averaged, Liao Chengzhi, the Communist Party Member Song Yun, Xu Linxia, ​​the young children, "small radish head", etc., the political prisoner is up to more than 200 people.

< B> Small radish head

Many people have met a cute and strong revolutionary little warrior from the movie "Fire" - small radish head (formerly known as Song Zhenzhong). Abnormal in prison Under the hard conditions, he strives to learn scientific and cultural knowledge, his yellow mud pen and the homework made of straw paper, causing countless visitors to stop thinking: What happiness today is in a spacious and bright classroom , Studying cultural knowledge. All this is the countless revolutionary martyrs with blood, exchanged with life, how can we don't cherish a beautiful and happy today? When the small radish head and his parents Xu Lin Xia couple, Huang Xiangsheng general, Chen Ran The revolutionary martyrs were detained in the white house prison. Martyrs in prison, leaving a lot of profitable stories. Zhou Conghua martyrs will be sentenced to the poem "failure cream loece, success," He still maintains the firm belief in the revolutionary cause and is incomparable to the party under the miserable torture.

Pinelin slope

< P> The rear of the White Hall is the Tonglinpo, the famous anti-Japanese generals, will be killed here. Visitors continue to travel, and they are expected to see the notorious "Summer" prison. He has been held in 1947, "June 1" arrest, small people's armed uprising, in 1948, "Quanjian" incident, Shangjiang Zhujun (Jiang sister), He Xueu, Hu Qifen, Cai Mengqi, etc. More than 300 people are over.

The air is turbid in prison, and the rice is rough. The revolutionary martyrs have a tenacious struggle under the torture of 镣 镣 镣 非The large-scale collective struggle is prison in the memorial meeting, the Spring Festival party, the prison, and the great encouragement of the revolutionary struggle and become the miracle in the history of prison. On November 27, 1949, on the eve of Chongqing, the Kuomintang militarian special agent who was heart-sickly mad madness conducted a crazy massacre, the revolutionary martyr had written with the most tragic revolutionary song.

Hongyan British, this is the title of hero with the characteristics of the epic. Under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, they met with a common revolutionary goal, in order to a common revolutionary goal, showing the reebriate death and unyielding the revolutionary feelings. During the death of the prison, the heroic spirit of loving, and the people and the people have established a model of generations. Their blood ushered in the birth of New China, and they will always load China's revolutionary history. They have devoted to the spirit of the revolutionary cause, they will always spur and encourage our advancement!

Summer cave

Summer hole, located in Chongqing's suburban songs, five sharply, it is three-sided mountains, one face, hidden terrain. Since 1938, it was transformed into a secret prison by the Kuomintang specialist authority. It was designed to detaine and persecute the revolutionary, many of the songs, and the heroic tragic deeds happen here. Dragings, the outer house, the inner courtyard has 16 men in the first floor, and there are two bungalows as a prostitute, the outer hospital is a special office and the criminal room. On the eve of the liberation, the Kuomintang special attached fire burned the slag hole, only 15 of the 15th revolutionaries were escaped, and the rest were unfortunately sacrificed.

In 1943, the Sino-US cooperation was established, and the White House was changed to the Third Reception Office of the Sino-US cooperation, and it must also be "prisoners" in the new site. The General Director of the Military General Affairs is inkilled in personally open a jeep, and finally selected the residue hole.

December 1947, closed for more than half a year of Slag Cave as a second detention center in Chongqing, the second detention center. The sources of prisoners have mainly arrested "sixth, one" arrests in 1947, "trual", "trual account", and the arrested person in the "Small Civil lect". The captured uprising personnel after the defending of the army of the earth and under the earth, and more than 300 people. Jiang Zhuyu, Xu Jianye, Yu Zucheng and other martyrs have been convinced. In order to solve the enthusiasm of the spirit of the revolutionary revolutionary, the special agent is deliberately written on the wall of the desert cave, "you can think about it, and think about it, you will be obsessed with this place.", "Deathless It is the slogan of the shore "," quiet and reluctant, and complaining. " The external hospital is a special office, a criminal room. The slogan written on the wall of the outer courtyard "" The chief couldn't see, I can't think of it, I can't hear it, I can't do it, we have to see, think of, I heard, do it. "

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Geori Martyrs Cemetery
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