Chinese women report

Historical Level

in 1998, China Women's Daily opened the official website "Chinese Women's Network".

July 18, 2004, as China's first mobile phone report "China Women's Newspaper MMS" officially opened.

On January 3, 2019, China Women's News official client officially launched.

column direction

Main column

paragraphs A1 version: Integrated News

A2 version: News World

第 第 版: 法治 权 热 热

paragraph A4: Rule of Law · Right Observation


Edition < / P>

The edition is the time government news, reports important news at home and abroad; second editions for women's news version, all-round tracking women's world dynamics, providing women's work latest information; three editions for women's home version, detailed interpretation The Women's Federation is organized in the construction of "warm home"; four editions are comprehensive news, providing social news and visible views; in addition, "China Women's News" also launched weekly magazines, including: Health Week, New Women's Weekly , Family Weekly, Economic Women's Weekly, Love Life Week, New Rural Weekly.


There are top ten columns: "Recommended" column recommended the most deep reading value for readers; "Times" column Release the latest condition hotspot; "The Female Territories" column combines the events that the women's community is happening; the "rights" column pays attention to women and children's rights; "Family" column collects a large number of information content related to family education, family civilization, family service; "emotion" "The" life "column discusses the topic related to women's emotional life;" knowing women "columns, readers can get women's encyclopedia;" Double Creation "columns provide innovative entrepreneurship's latest policy information;" People "columns are committed to telling Women's struggle in the new era.

Published published

"China Women's News" on Sunday continuously published, the news section is stronger, and the information is more comprehensive.

Social Welfare

June 3, 2016, China Sanitation Women Workers Send Warm Health Public Welfare Activities and Golden Silk Tu Chuan Er Project Launch Ceremony was held in the Great Hall of the People. This event is a Chinese Women's News, China Women's Development Foundation, Guo Yan Beauty Enterprise Management Center Co., Ltd., and a common co-organizer of Jiangmen, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, aimed at care for the health of the national sanitation first-line. Public welfare activities.

January 8, 2020, China Women's Newspaper Solid-editor-in-chief is selected in 2019, "Sweeping Yellows" advanced collective publication list (publicity period is January 2020 From 8th to January 14th).

Social evaluation

After several generations of women's tires, "China Women's News" has become a mainstream daily report from a weekly report, becoming a logo Chinese women liberation and Excellent brands in the development of women's careers, create unique communication, credibility and influence.

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