Chinese People's Friendship Association

Development History

Folk first

1949, New China was founded, in order to strive for more countries and people to understand the new People's Republic, set up a batch Folk diplomat; October 2, China's parties, various people's groups and overseas overseas Chinese representatives and foreign friends, in Beijing, held the World Peace Conference in Beijing, decided to set up the China Security World Peace Conference Committee with Guo Moruo as Chairman. Abbreviation "and Big"; October 5th, the Zhongsu Friendship Association will eventually established, and Liu Shaoqi is the president. This is the earliest member of the Chinese private diplomatic system.

Friendship Association

May 3, 1954, Zhou Enlai proposal, the Chinese People's Defense World Peace Committee, China Culture Arts Association, China National Natural Science Specialized Society Federation , The Chinese National Federation of Trade Unions, China National Democratic Women's Federation, China National Democratic Youth Federation, China National Student Association, China-Indian Association, China-Myanmar Friendship Association, China People's Foreign Society and other people's groups jointly launched the establishment of Chinese people's foreign culture association.

Custom names

in April 1966, it is renamed to the Chinese People's Foreign Cultural Friendship Association.

In October 1969, it was changed to the Chinese people's foreign friendship association and referred to as "foreign friend association".

In May 1972, the Chinese People's Defense World Peace Committee, the China Asian Unity Committee and the Chinese people merged with the foreign friendship association, and the office is located at No. 1, Beijing Taiji Factory.

In May 2007, the Chinese People's Abbreviations were changed to the "National Friendship Association".

On December 17, 2013, the Chinese people won the 4th Korea International Exchange Consortium Award for friends.

May 15, 2014, the Association held the 60th anniversary of the China International Friendship Conference and the Chinese People's Friendship Association; President Xi Jinping attended the China International Friendship Conference in Beijing Great Hall and the Chinese people The Association established the 60th anniversary of commemoration and issued an important speech.

Organizational system


The highest authority

Association's highest authority is a national council . The National Council's authority:

(1) Review Association's work report, determines the work policy and tasks;

(2) to modify this conference according to the development and work of the situation;

(3) Decides to hire a pair of reputation, reputation advisers and consultants;

(4) Election president, Vice President and Secretary General.


According to the May 2018 Association official website, there are 15 office agencies under the association.

Local organization

According to the official website of the May 2018, the Association set up 46 Chinese and foreign regions, and the country friendly association.

Organizational Member

The relevant departments, social groups, friendship groups, and the foreign friendship associations of all provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government, and the people of the Chinese people can become a member of the Chinese People's Friendship Association. Member units recommend representatives to serve as a member of the Association. If the job position of the representative is changed, the membership unit should recommend representatives and report to the National Friendship Association of Standing Council for approval.

The Chinese people's representatives and individual members must abide by the Constitution and the law, and automatically revoke their directive qualifications for criminal law.

Business assets

Main tasks

The main task of the Chinese People's Friendship Association is:

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Carry out Chinese and foreign folk friendly communication, organize delegations, organize commemorative celebrations, initiatives and sponsored seminars, negotiations, forums and other exchange activities, improve and countries Mutual understanding between people, establish trust, and develop friendship.

promoting international cooperation, establishing an exchange mechanism, building a cooperation platform, promoting the pragmatic cooperation between China and abroad in many fields such as economic, science and technology, talents, in order to achieve mutual benefit and win-win, and create favorable conditions.

Carry out Chinese and foreign civilian cultural exchanges, send and receive cultural art groups and people to conduct friendly visits, organize performances and exhibitions, and promote Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges, deepen understanding and friendship.

is entrusted by the government, coordinated management of China's relationship between China and the establishment of foreign countries, and promoting the exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and foreign places and cities. As a member of the United States of the World City and local governments, representative Chinese local governments participate in international cooperation.

As a non-governmental organization with a comprehensive consultative status in the United Nations Council of the United Nations Council, participating in the United Nations affairs, actively participating in other international non-governmental exchange activities to effectively transmit China's information.

Develop Chinese and foreign folk friendly strengths, establish a group of friends in different regions and countries, contacting countries to China's friendly organizations, social groups and people, to organize and people with important contributions to folk friendship, respectively "People's Friendly Messenger" honorary title, "People's Friendship Contribution Award", Chinese and Foreign Friendship Monitor Honorary Title and Chinese and Foreign Friendship Contribution Award.

is committed to safeguarding the cause of world peace, human common security, and supports all the people's development, social progress, maintenance sovereignty and safety.

Carry out the work of other people's friendly cooperation with peoples of all countries.

Asset funds

Association funds source: (1) Donation of all walks of life at home and abroad; (2) The income of the activities; (3) Government Funded.

Construction achievement

Civil Diplomacy

private diplomacy

in the early stage of the founding, official diplomatic activities The field is relatively small, and folk diplomacy has played a unique historical role. The foreign language association focuses on cultural exchanges, carrying out friendship with peoples of all countries.

Special periods of private diplomacy

After the "Cultural Revolution" in 1966, the foreign exchange is in pause. In the spring of 1969, the resumption of the association, the construction of the work was expanded, and the development of China-Japan and Sino-US relations has played a special role, and the work and international exchanges gradually launched.

The large number of friendly activities carried out by private diplomacy played the priority of the private priority, and the special role of the private government has effectively promoted the normalization of China and Japan.

By receiving American friends, cultural exchange activities, actively cooperating with government diplomacy, playing diplomatic relations between China and the United States.

In 1973, Under the friendship of Zhou Enlai Prime Minister, Tianjin and Japanese Kobe City were internationally friendly city, and creating a first-friendly cooperation between local governments.

The private diplomacy of the new era

December 1978, the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, accompanied by the international situation and reform and opening up Development, the focus of national work to economic construction, civil diplomacy implements the overall foreign diplomacy, and strives to serve modernization.

Comprehensive national diplomacy

China insists on the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the comprehensive national strength is continuously strengthened, and diplomatic work is facing new opportunities and challenges. The National Friends Association grasps the opportunity, continuously expands the work field, enriched work content, innovative work mode, all-round, multi-field, deeply launched the foreign friendly interaction, and promoting the scientific development of private foreign affairs, and has achieved fruitful results.

was entrusted by the State Council, the Association was responsible for China's friendly city management, and held the establishment of the China International Friendly City Federation in May 1992 to hold 4 Chinese international friendly cities in 2012. General Assembly.

The China Friendship and Peace Development Foundation was established in 1996, and the fundraising funds have more than 400 million yuan, and the special fund has developed to nearly 100, and the sponsorship project involves private diplomacy, education and training, cultural sports, medical and health, environment. Protection, financial insurance, western development, help disability, poverty alleviation disaster relief and other fields.

Innovative and developed private diplomacy

high-level peace, development, cooperation, win-win flag, new friends, do not forget old friends, constantly improve Folk diplomatic work pattern.

actively promotes public diplomacy and foreign cultural exchanges in the new situation, and is widely involved in international non-governmental organizations to vigorously carry out international public welfare activities.

Service Domestic Economic Construction Bureau, enhance international friendly cities to manage and service, build Chinese and foreign local governments exchange cooperation platforms, and promote pragmatic cooperation.

International Cooperation

Cooperation SCR

According to the official website of the Association in May 2018, the association and 157 countries in the world Nearly 500 civil society and organization have established friendly and cooperative relations.

Cooperation item

Danish local government cooperation forum is under the framework of "Zhongdan Joint Work Plan", from the Chinese People's Friendship Association and Denmark The first mechanized cooperation platform of the two local governments established by the Embassy in China, which is designed to increase the comprehensive strategic partnership between Zhongdan to a higher level through mutual benefit cooperation in various fields in the local level.

BRICS National Friendly City and Local Government Cooperation Forum As a supporting activities of the official meeting of the leaders of BRIC countries, in 2011, China is held in China's leaders' meetings. The mechanism for the exchange and cooperation between the local local local local places is a year to hold the Bilky President.

The Conference of the Chinese and Bank of China is to establish a global comprehensive strategic partnership in the 21st century, in the context of the Global Compliance Partnership in China, in order to implement the leaders of the two countries, from the Chinese people's foreign friendship association and the British community and local government department The first Central and U.S. Personnel Dialogue Mechanism established under the framework of SHANK and British senior people's communication mechanisms, which is designed to promote China and English development strategies to strengthen the new important channels to strengthen the pragmatic cooperation between China and the United States.

Key activities list details

Honor recognition

People's friendly messenger

"People's Friendship Messenger" is the highest honor award from the Chinese people to the International Friendship Association to recognize their outstanding contributions to Chinese and foreign friendly.

Zhongfa Friendship Contribution Award

Zhongfa Friendship Contribution Award by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Chinese People's Friendship Association and the African Governance Mission as a guide unit, A total of four selections were held; the award aimed at the contribution of China in the African development process, showing the affectionate and friendship of the people in the new era, and established a personal example of making a prominent contribution to the Zhongfa friendly.

Cultural Tradition

Image Identification

Emblem consisting of plum pattern, text "friendly", "Chinese people's friendly association" and "CPAFFC". The emblem can be suspended in office, event locations, conference venues, printed on publications and souvenirs, or made badges.

Spiritual purpose

Enhance the people's friendship, promote international cooperation, safeguard world peace, and promote common development.

current leaders

President: Lin Song add

Vice President: Xie Yuan, Civic, Lin Yi, Song Duxing Wu

Secretary General: Li Xikui


Honorary President

SONONG Ching Ling, June 1980-15981

Deng Yingchao, April 1982 - July 1992

Hiri President

1, Chu Nantu May 1954 - May 1969

2, Wang Guoquan, May 1974, June 1974

3, Chai Zemin 1974 - August 1975

4, Wang Bingnan, 1975 - January 1986

5, Zhang Wenjin (Zhang wenjin) from January 1986 - October 1989

6, Han Xu, October 1989 - May 1994

7, Qi Huaiyuan (Qi Huaiyuan, May 1994 - September 2000

8, Chen Haosu, September 2000 - September 2011

9, Li Xiaolin 2011 September - April 2020

10, Lin Songtian) April 2020 - now

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