Chinese Journal


Based on the northwest, it is an important media supporter for the advancement of various buildings, medical, education, electricity, economics, geology, coal, machinery, communication and other employees.

Development History:

2008, established in Guangzhou, the predecessor, South China Science and Technology Network, focusing on engineering construction professional advertising information, and obtains approved by members enterprises and institutions.

2009, involved in electricity, communications, economic information consulting services.

Get 2009 "Future Star - the most growing emerging enterprise"

2010, Guangzhou set up a editing center, based on advertising information, the same year and medical, Education, geology, coal, machinery and comprehensive scientific and technological journals to establish strategic cooperative relations.

In 2010, Guangdong Integrity Demonstration Enterprise

In 2011, in response to the national western regional development, the company's strategy was transferred to the China Land Landscape Center and my country's two major economic regions in China. Combined with the ancient city Xi'an, establishing an Information Consulting Center in Xi'an, Ancient City, and promoted to China Journal Information Online in the same year.

In 2011, in November of the same year, he established a partnership with a number of dual-core journals due to business maturation development.

2012, new history, new mission, new demand, China Journal Information online comprehensive revision, will provide better, high-quality consulting services for all kinds of advanced science and technology workers advanced by the title, for All kinds of advertising owners provide a more perfect display platform.

Corporate Culture

· Our vision: Being a leader in the entrepreneurial company!

· Our mission: Change yourself, change your family, drive your own goals for your own goals! Strong my company,

Fu strong my motherland, strive for the harmonious development of the world!

· Our aim: Do one thing, hold a day!

· Our guidelines: customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction. Self-realization, self-transcendence, social responsibility.

· Our core culture: Army + School + Family

· Our style: humility, professional, move!

· Our status: Sunshine handsome, happy struggle!

· Our team: Calling, come to fight, battle! Use me in the first battle, use me!

· Our customer view: customer needs, is the only reason we exist!

· Elite quality: integrity, gratitude, confidence, unity, innovation!

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