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Journal History

In 1985, "China Hospital Management Magazine" was created.

In December 2014, "China Hospital Management Magazine" was selected in the first batch of academic journals of the General Administration of China Press and Publication.

June 11, 2015, the official website of "China Hospital Management Magazine" official website released the recommendation specifications on the second publication of the Chinese Medical Association's series of magazines.


column direction

  • main column Chinese Journal of Management

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    The main column of "China Hospital Management" is: medical and health system reform, public hospital reform, hospital management forum, special research, medical care system, medical management, human resources management, hospital culture, health economy, Chinese medicine , Care, teaching, research and medical department management, hospital cases, information management, hospital construction, equipment, logistics management, hospital infection management, rural health work, community health services, grassroots health, health care, discipline construction, foreign hospital management Wait .

    • reader object

    "China Hospital Management Magazine" main reader object Hospitals and its functional departments, management personnel, medical and health technicians, colleges and universities, teaching, research and health administrators, etc.

    Personnel Preparation

    According to January 2020, "China Hospital Management Magazine" official website shows that 88 of the sixth editor of the "Journal of China Hospital", including total editing 1 person, 4 chief editor, edited 83 people.

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    "Chinese Hospital Management Magazine" Sixth Board
    position editorial committee Chen Yong , Chen Hai, Chen Ning, Chen Yuanzhong, Chen Zhengying, Chen Zhongqiang, Lie Tao, Dong Hengjin, Fang Peng, Feng Xiao Mountain, Gao Xi Shu, Qi Qingshan, Guo Jiwei, Guo Qi Yong, Guo Tiankang, Hou Shiko, Hua Tao Cheng, Jiang Zhongyi, 阚 Full process, Leihai Tide, Li Guoqin, Li Yi people, Li Wenyuan, Li Yin, Li Yutian, Lianbin, Liang Minghui, Lin Feng, Lin Fangcai, Liu Guowen, Liu Lihua, Liu Yufeng, Liu Qin, Liu Yucun, Liu Yuanli, Luo Wei Dong, Lu Wen Guang, Ma Weihang, Ni Xin, Pu Bruna, Qi Guohua, Qin Chengyong , Yan Xiaoming, single-pold, Shen Xi, Times Jauna, Sun Hong, Wang Dejun, Wang Chen, Wang Hong, Wang Jianchang, Wang Kunhua, Wang Xiaoyun, Wang Xiaoyan, Wang Xingpeng, Wang Yugang, Wen Hao, Wu Jin, Xiao Wanchao, Xiong Ze, Xu Lingzhong , Xu Shuqiang, Yan Song, Yang Yubo, Yilihua, Yu Guangjun, Yu Yongqiang, Yuan Zhongsheng, Zeng Yumei, Zhang Lihong, Zhang Zhaoyan, Zhang Xiangyan, Zhang Xiaoyu, Zhang Zhi, Zhangbin Yun, Zhao Jinmin, Zheng Jingchen, Zhou Dian, Zhou Jin, Zhou Lin, Zhou Shenghua, Zhu Jialong < / TD>

    Office results


    According to China January 1, 2020, "China Hospital Management Magazine A total of 5028 documents.

    According to January 1, 202, the Wanfang Data Knowledge Service Platform is displayed, 8532 in the "Chinese Hospital Management Journal", the fund mediation is 1853.

    Collection case

    "Chinese Hospital Management Magazine" is subject to China's Science and Technology Papers, China's Core Journals, China's Biomedical Literature Database, China Journal of China Academic Journal ( Disc version, China Journal Full-text Database, China Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database (CAJCED) Statistical Source Periodicals, China, Wanfang Data Knowledge Service Platform, etc.

    The factor

    According to China January 1, China Zhiwang showed that "China Hospital Management Magazine" has been downloaded 569476 times, totaling 61999 times, (2019 version) The composite impact factor is 1.575, and the integrated impact factor is 1.430.

    According to the January 1, 2020, the "China Hospital Management Magazine" was introduced 83,717 times, the download amount was 94,1606, the 2017 influence factor is 2.03; according to 2017 The annual issue of China Journal Corgal Report (exposed version) shows that the impact factor of "Chinese Hospital Management" is 2.03, ranked 304th in all statistical source journals (6670).

    Cultural Tradition

    办 <<

    "Chinese Hospital Management Magazine" is: Implementing China Communist Party and China's Health Work Policy and Adherence Combining practical, popularization and improvement, reflecting the major advances in the management of China Hospital management and related disciplines, promoting academic exchanges in hospital management and related disciplines in China.

    Submission Guide

    1. Centus: should have innovative, scientific, guided, practical. The argument is clear, the data is reliable, the text refining, the level is clear, the data is accurate, the focus is highlighted, and statistical treatment should be made when necessary. The study papers, review, lectures, etc., generally do not exceed 5,000 words (including summary and illustrations, tables, and references).

    2. Topic: strive to make a concise, eye-catching, and accurately reflect the theme of the article. Chinese titles generally do not set up subtitles in 20 Chinese characters. The text generally does not use punctuation to avoid abbreviations using non-known public utilities. English titles should not exceed 10 real words. In the meaning of English, the meaning of English should be consistent.

    3. Author: Should also have the following four conditions:

    (1) Participate in the thesis selection and design, or participate in data analysis and explanation.

    (2) drafting or modifying the key theory or other main contents in the paper.

    (3) can be kept according to the editorial changes, answers academic issues, and finally agree to the paper.

    (4) In addition to the responsibility of the author's research contribution, agree to the integrity of the research work. Participate in obtaining funds or collecting information, can not be listed as authorings, and only the general management of the research team is not suitable as author. The author's name is arranged in order, the author is named using the upper corner code number, while the author is crowning before the author, the author is corresponding to the author. The author unit name and postal code, communication author's name and Email address are placed below the author name. The author's unit needs to be recorded, such as the different departments of the same institution, all recorded, not thumbnail processing. The name of the author cannot reflect the unit where the unit is located, and the unit is located before the postal code. The sorting should be discussed by all the authors before the submission, and the process should not be changed during the process. If you need to change, you must show a written certificate of the unit certificate and all the authors of the authors, and re-signed the "Chinese Medical Association's series of magazine paper delivery introduction letter and authorization". If there is a foreign author, if there is a foreign authors, the author should adhere to the letter published in the publication.

    Journal leaders

    current leaders

    "China Hospital Management Magazine" The 6th Editorial Board Leaders
    position Total editor Jin Dapeng
    Deputy Chief Editor - / TD> Zhang Zhan, Mi Shu, Ding Qiang Wang Mingxiao

    Previously leaders

    < / TR>
    position The first editorial board (1985-1994) Honorary editor Guo Ziheng
    Editor Tan Zhuang
    Second (1995-2000) Honorary summary Guo Ziheng, Tan Zhuang
    Gu Yingqi
    The third editorial committee (2000-2004) Honorary editor Gu Yingqi
    total editor Zhu Zong Han
    The 4th Editorial Board (2004 ~ 2008 Year) total editor Jin Dapeng
    Honorary editor Ma Xiaowei
    total editor Jin Dapeng
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