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Chinese peasant painting (6 photos)

On November 20, 2012, Chongqing China Three Gorges Museum in the South African administrative capital Duoya held the Chinese farmers' exhibition for the first time, which was welcomed by the South African government and the people. The Chinese Farmers Exhibition was held in the History Museum of Di Zong National Cultural History in Pretoria, composed of 50 paintings and water, the theme ". The Chinese farmers' exhibitions last for 2 months, ending on January 20, 2013.

Exhibition Introduction

Chinese peasant painting (6)

The exhibition vivid showed a strong farmers living in southwestern China, northwest, northeast and eastern coastal areas, Including "embroidery", "grassy shoes", "Agoria", "Farmhouse", "Farmhouse", "Cucumber Harvest", "Ji Japan", "Ji Ni", "Ji Ni" Ten "," Dog Sledge "," Two Turn "," Two Women Picking Water "," Northeast "and" Northeast Songs "and" Northeast Songs "," The Spring of the Spring "in the Suburbs of the Eastern Coastal City," Meng Yuan Yuan Yuan "," Kite Competition "and" Dragon Dance ", etc. The Chinese Ambassador, China, said that cultural exchanges are an important part of exchange and cooperation in different countries, and it is also a spiritual bond that deepens each other people's mutual understanding and friendship. The Chinese farmers' exhibitions held by Chongqing China Three Gorges Museum are the pressure shafts of China in South Africa since this year, which is conducive to the development of cultural exchanges in the two countries.

Evaluation of the Evaluation of China's Three Gorges Museum of Chongqing, Li Xiaolong said that as a national folk art, Chinese peasant painting is characterized by freedom and exaggeration, colorful, and has a strong style of native, is China's unique art. painting. The exhibition is designed to promote the understanding of Chinese folk art and modern farmers' lives and strengthen cultural exchanges between the two countries.

Chinese peasant painting (3 photos)

Director of the International Relations of the South Africa Art Culture Department Mokau said that Chinese farmers are too beautiful, color bright, full of life Atmosphere, including the festive atmosphere, South Africa has made more exchanges and cooperation in music, dance and art.
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