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"Chinese Dictionary" total 49905 single words, more than 370,000 words. Using ancient vertical version. The first column of the first column of the word Oracle, Jin Wen, Xiaoyu, Lishu, Shu Book, Chemistry, etc., and indicate the source. Excellent the ancient rhyme book, Roman characters. Secondary release.

Interpretation focuses on testing, and explores the relationship between the shapes of three. The words, allusion, idioms, poetry, people name, place name, official name, year, title, animal and plant name, etc., the name, animal and plant name, etc., the name, animal and plant name, etc., the name, animal and plant name, etc., widely reflect Chinese vocabulary.

The interpreter is widely used, and the original text is used. The book is aligned in the "Kangxi Dictionary" department, slightly changed. The words in each department will take the strokes, and then according to the word shape ("Yong" lettering method). The word word brings are ranging from less than multi-arrangement, the second stroke, the second stroke, the second stroke. The words above three words are pushed. There is a "first inspection letter", "stroke test table" per book.

The book is included, there are more words, and the reference is abundant, with a certain reference value. The dictionary focuses on Chinese character streams, and the poor and presents of the ancient and presents, and the explanation is accurate, and the example sentences are indicated and the reference books.


word selection

1, single record, including the status, or body, ancient characters, omitted words and customs, the original, It has been based on the "Kangxi Dictionary"; and refers to "Er", "Dialect", "Release", "Guang Ya", "Said", "Jade Articles", "Guang Yun", "Ji Yun" Waiting for books, each marked its source.

II, the record of vocabulary, the following list: 1 idiom, 2 terms, 3 passwords, 4, 5 poetic words, 6 people name, 7 place name, 8 official name, 9 years , 10 book name, 11 animal and plant name, 12 material system, its source is dominated by the history of the historical collection; and refer to the famous book, dictionary, such as "First School", "Taiping Yuli", "Ancient and Modern Book Integration", "Yuan Jian" Class Letter "," Pei Wen Yun "," 骈 骈 类 "," Yongle Classics "," Dang and Dictionary "," Resignation "," Resignation "," Dictionary "," Mandarin Dictionary " "," Poetry Tag ", etc.

word explanation

1. Single-word interpretation, mainly explaining its structure and integration, the origin of various kinds of training, and its doubt.

1, the shape: overbody golden text, and the changes in the body of the, according to its era, to see the origin of the text structure, and the evolution of the history of the word. The data is mainly collected from "Oracle", "Continuous Oracry", "Yin Xing Text", "Zhong Ding Zangyuan", "Re-renovation", "Said Wen Qiqi", "Said Wen Ancient补 "," said "said", "said", "said", "Han Liquan source", "disqualified", "Jade Tiandang's urgent grass", "grass song", " "Six Book Category", "Six Books", "Source" and so on. All words are quasi-general, and the words are unified, or the characters, anthropions, common words, omitted words, and later words, etc., the relationship between the word and the status is described below.

2, word sound: (1). Under each word, first note the meaning of the word ", the earliest rhyme of this word is accurate; the remaining rhyme books have been contained, and the times in the times Under which all rhymes have not been loaded with their tones, from being slightly. (2). Subtome This word is seen in the rhyme of flat water, and the flat rhyme is not loaded, and it is slightly. (3). Mandarin and Roman phonetic, the "Mandarin Dictionary" in the Taiwan Ministry of Education is accurate; the dictionary is not a phonetic, according to "Guang Yun", the word "Dictionary" is prescribed in the "Mandarin Dictionary". Its "Guang Yun" has no words, according to the rhyme after "Guang Yun". (4). There is a tabular person, except for the sound of this meaning, the sound is hereby referred to the meaning of the scope, and the sport is marked by the sound, and the division is marked with the symbols such as A, B and the propylene. Its counter-cutting and national speech phonetic, Roman phonetic, and the principle of the forefront is marked.

3, the meaning of the word: the word is known, from "Erya", "Said", "Dialect", "Release" and other words, and the two Han Dynasties. Under each word, the first column, the scope of the scope, the fake borrow again, the divisions are indicated by one, two, three-class symbols, listed below its pronunciation. Rejuvenation and false borrowings, in terms of nouns, verbs, adjectives, help words, each of them, to eliminate the exploitation method. If in the unonym, more detail must be detailed, indicated by 1.2.3.


1. Word Explanation, indicate the source and meaning of vocabulary, so that the reader has a refreshing ice release.

II, the word interpretation, in order to explain, in turn, in the synonymous, application, and with the synonymous language as description, each attached to the example, the consequences of various dictionaries Still use.

three, an example of each word, after the history set and its era, first, first explain the appropriate statement, then inventory.

four, human name, official name, year number, place name, title, only, and indicate it.


1, ordered, the number, the number, the item, the title or number of volumes, etc., the order is written, the scriptures are first, After the era of books or authors, they will set it back.

2, the chart is attached to each noun, cultural relics, historical, map, animal and plant, etc., with "three gifts", "ritual map", "famous object map", "Jinshi" "Xiqing ancient approval", "three ancient map", "ancient and modern book integration map", "Daqing Congress", "Convolutionary Book", "Han Jin Jing Chapter", "Three Talents "," Forbidden Palace Bronze Total "," Qi Songtang Jijin Map "," Double Sword Episode "," Wu Ying Temple 彝 "," Guantian Total "," Shan Zhaijun Golden Record "," 盦 金 "," Dream Yu Tang Jijin map is "," Two weeks of gold 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大] "" Le Book Rail "," Wen Shi Tu ", etc., and refers to the use of other photos related to each books and physical photos.

Arrangement Sea

1, the word arrangement, in principle, in principle, in the "Kangxi Dictionary" department first class, some errors, correction. The words in each department will first divide a small painting, then press the point, horizontal, straight, and (foreternal word brush method). Three words or more vocabulary, according to this class.

II. All the words are numbered, expressed with a bold number; the words belonging to the various words are numbered in each word, and the fine numbers are represented and contained in thrush.

three, the first part of the word, is shown in the upper part of the center, the number of draws, the word of the draw, one page has multiple characters. The number of bookings is listed in the lower part of the center of the Chinese. The total number of top books is listed in the lower corner with arabic number.

four, the latest version of the whole book, the first inspection of the whole section of each booklet. The 10th book is attached, and the publishing

"Chinese Dictionary" first version is published in August 1968; 16 opens, a total of 40 books 50,000, more than 370,000 entries, total about 5,000 words.

has been amended in 1976, a total of 10 volumes. In the winter of 1982, the mainland of China has been reprinted. At that time, the major libraries usually have this set of tools.


"Chinese Dictionary" is a large Chinese dictionary. Since the introduction, the entry is rich, and the programs are known for details. Of course, it is a huge patriarchy, like other large tool books, it is impossible to have no mistakes. The "Kangxi Dictionary" has become a book, and Wang is "Dictionary Textual", corrects its leader. It is more than two hundred and five hundred and eighty-eight, and the error "of the Kangxi Dictionary" is far more than this. According to the Xueke test, "" Chinese Dictionary "is" already "word," emperor "word, cadre" flat "word," "," 弋 "word, etc. Some terms, each of them, the introduction is also quite wrong or the commercial redemption, which is slightly codes, checks; selects a number of strips, with the original entry for the purpose, no summary, and make an articles. Some words, more things, intert forward, Zi. Only "Chinese" more Japanese "Dahan and Dictionary", and it is wrong, and it has also hit "Da Han", or Toss for other old people. Such as "China University Dictionary", "Resignation" (old), "Retirement" (old), etc., to avoid complicated, nothing to illustrate. "

In recent years, some scholars have pointed out some of the leaks and flaws that appear in the dictionary. Such as: Summer, "Chinese Dictionary>," A Case of China ", an example of" Ji'an School ", 1993 2. High placement (Renmin University of China), "Taiwan version of the Chinese Dictionary> Not Society", from "Chinese Reading". Xueke, "Taiwan's Chinese Dictionary> (讠 讠) Misuse Example", from "Journal of Hangzhou University (Philosophy and Social Science Edition)", 1981.

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