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This article is re-interpreted on Marx's practical view, and the traditional understanding of the traditional understanding of the aesthetics of Haidur is aesthetics. The two-point thinking model of the main customer limits the innovation and development of contemporary China, and believes that the practice of practical category is narrow, practical activities also include moral, political, economic, etc., as well as human aesthetic activities and art activities; Marx 's Practice View and Existence The "Life in the World" has a fitness, which proposes a practical existence of aesthetics. This also reflects the development reality of today's Chinese aesthetics, that is, the practice is the basic way of our people; thinking aesthetic activities is A basic existence of people and basic life; beauty is realistic in the aesthetic activities, not ready-made; aesthetics is a high-end realm.

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[practical aesthetics]

love this is today (Li Zehou)

practice this relationship with beauty and beauty and aesthetics (Zhang Yuneng)

Aesthetic Activities and Political Appeals - Chinese and Western Marxists' interpretation of "Paris Manuscripts" (国忠)

body is inter alignment: from beliefism to aesthetics (Yang Chun

Practical aesthetics in modernity (Zhang Haitao)

Practice presence and aesthetics: the development and difficulties of practical aesthetics - Comment on Zhu Liyuan "Summary Practice Aesthetics "(Lin Chaoxia)

Practice in the Aesthetics: Reflections and Breakthroughs in Practical Aesthetics - Dark and Lin Xiangxia Comrade Comrades (Liu Yang)

New Practice Aesthetics and Daily Life Criticism - - See the reality of new practical aesthetics from practice connotation (Chen Quanli)

Theological basis for practical aesthetics (Si Fang)

[China Aesthetics]

I want to urge old tree out of the new branch - Chinese classical literature still have (Hu Jing)

Zhuangzi aesthetics's thoughts (Wang Mingju)

"琅 ​​珠玉" - "Shi Xi Hui Guo Li)

Hu Yu" Tips Word "Yi Tudi (Qi Zhixiang)

Talk about the birth of Chinese aesthetics (Liu Cheng Ji

The generation of traditional Chinese artistic conception theory (Mo Xianwu)

The generation of inquiry relationship and literary imagery (Durui)

"quiet" said Its constituent and cultural root causes (Li Tian Dao)

Zen world (Wang Keping)

The aesthetic time of the pre-Qin social transition period (亓 亓)

Zong Baihua aesthetics and Chinese philosophy (Zhang Zehong Wu Jiarong)

Yangshan cast copper, boiled sea salt - skin chart Mr. Chinese Classical Aesthetics (Wang Zongfeng)

On Wang Yuxiong 's Aesthetic Image Research (Zhou Li Zhu Zhiro)

The fact judgment and value judgment - "Daily life aestination" Argument (Yao He Ming)

[Art Aesthetics]

Where is the root of writers? - Talk from "such as" "" Deng Xiaomang)

inspiration three titles (summer placement)

Art activity aesthetic value (Song Dui Gui)

Chinese dance dynamic morphology and Taiji image (edge ​​one lot)

Zhu Guangqi's calligraphy aesthetic thinking (Mharma Baobao)

on the aesthetic characteristics of the Nukun drama stage art ( Riding)

Art Sea Stelby Square Lotus - Amphorium under the influence of Buddhist art and its texture (Li Jingjing)

From the tombs painting to see the fairy world to build the Han Dynasty (Ji) Race)

Hu Feng (Li Wei) in the Tang Dynasty Mural (Li Wei)

Tragedy Aesthetic Psychological Research Blank Original (Peng Yanqin Zhang Lili)

The source of Chinese and Western garden aesthetics Sexual Differences (CAINUENG)

On the History of Ancient Chinese Novels and Garden Art Branches (Zhang Wei)

On the Defects of "Ecological Aesthetics" and Ecology of Oriental Aesthetics (Li Wenbin

[Western Aesthetics]

Art: Event ([S] Alice El Yaditz Tao Guoshan Translation)

with the soul to experience mystery - Plato's aesthetic experience (Zhang Baogui)

on Heidegur 'aesthetics (Wang Changshu)

Sarter reading theory (Bao Junxiao)

< P> Interpretation of Derrida "Deconstruction" (Fu Ai Hua Yue Jian) ​​

Some Thoughts on Literary Classic Digestion (Cheng Zhenhai)

Western Marxist Aesthetics in China: Retrospect and Reflection (Sun Shic)

"Artwork of Literature" ([Poland] Roman British Gamatch Zhang Xu Translated

Analytical Art End ([United States] John K · Bryman Wang Chun Chen translated

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