China Yugu Style Corridor Scenic Area

Development History

China Yugu Cavement Corridor Planner has a total investment of 684 million yuan. Since the construction of 2011, each node landscape attractions and tourists service centers, parking lots, landscape signages, etc. have been continuously improved. In November 2013, the Yugu Inti-Impalack area mainly based on the landscape of Leisure Baiyin Tourism Culture. Yu Gu history, such as the landscape such as Buddha Gorge, high car, takes Saihan Tala, Yugu Wangfu, Hui Pasta, Donglou Histori Record, Ecological Lodge, Self-driving Camp, etc., the county town The four major districts of Yugu Shengshi, which are mainly integrated with religious culture, national style, natural scenery, Danxia landform, etc., forming a landscape such as Religious culture, national style, natural scenery, Danxia.

November of 2013, Sunan County Zhonghua Yugu Style Corridor Scenic Area was assessed by the National Tourism Scenic Area Evaluation Committee as a national 4A-level tourist attraction.

Let the tourists "see the mountains such as watching, visit the mountains such as a history".

China Yugu Style Corridor Scenic Area

Tourist Information

Zhangye City - China Yugu Style Corridor Tourist Scenic Area - Sunan County; Jiuquan (Jiayuguan) - Sunan County - China Yugu Condor Tourism Scenic Area. The scenic spot is about 1 hour from Zhangye City. Every hour is deployed.

From Zhang Wei to the 213 provincial road, about an hour drive to Sule Township in Sundan County; from Jiuquan (Jiayuguan) Huo Expressway (G30) is high-speed under Wutong Springs, in the 312 National Highway to Yuanshan Village, and then go forward to S220 to Dahe Township, just go to Suzhou County.

Suitable season: spring and summer view, autumn harvest, winter skiing. July, July, Yugu, Traditional Culture and Art Festival. In the previous year, the temperature is generally around 15 to 28 degrees, and the ultraviolet rays are strong.

Geographical Environment

China Yugu Style Corridor With the starting point of the recreational tourist town commercial water street, along the Yucang Road, Sai Khan Tara, Cattle, Stone The kiln river, Baiyang River, Confucang, Hague Ditch to the county, the total length of nearly 80 kilometers.

The scenic area is shaped in the Qilian scenery, with the historical culture as the bone, with the soul of Yugu, using Danxia's vast, the grassland's Liaoyuan, the beautiful artistic conception, the Yugu is thousands of years unique, Mysterious, the historical and cultural organic integration into the hinterland of Qilian Mountain is broadly embraced, using natural style to determine the cultural tone of human resources, use human resources to strengthen the characteristics of natural background resources, and build "Yu Gu's imprint - Yugu History - Yugu Style - Yugu Shengshi" Four sectors, highlight the pure to the beautiful, strengthening the mystery of Yugu culture, initially formed "Based on the Qilian Mountain Ecological Sightseeing, the National History Exploration is hot," is the core of Yugu "to cover geological sightseeing, Scenic Spots in a variety of composite functions such as ecological holidays, leisure entertainment.

The total area of ​​scenic spots is approximately 800 square kilometers.

Preferential policy

Scenic area After recovery, all medical staff are performed free of charge until the end of 2020.

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