China Science and Technology Press

Synonym Scientific Practice Publishing House Generally refers to China Science and Technology Press

Historical Level

China Science and Technology Press (and Science Popular Press), was established in 1956.

There are 2 books in 2000, are listed as "10th Five-Year" National Key Book Publishing Plan.

Main business

China Science and Technology Press (2)

China Science and Technology Press (and Science Popular Press), A discipline, rigorous, and dynamic high-quality editorial planning team and high-efficiency management personnel and issuer team have continuously innovate, focus on scientific, basic, strategic, fun books publishing. So far, more than 30,000 scientific books and scientific works have been published, and more than 600 million copies are included. For more than 10 years, there have been more than 100 excellent books have been awarded at home and abroad, including more than 12 million books in the book, in the world's science and technology books. Over the years, the society has focused on developing copyright trade, working with many countries and publishing companies in Taiwan, China, introducing a large number of popular science and technology works, and also transferring a variety of publications with Chinese characteristics. Publication of the popularity of natural science, engineering technology and social science, academic discipline, teaching materials, electronic publications, and audio-visual products, CD, electronic publications; publishing "knowledge is power", "Science Garden" and Science Journals such as "Household Computer and Games".

Social Mission

The purpose is "promoting scientific spirit, popularizing scientific knowledge, disseminating scientific thinking and scientific methods, showing scientific and technological development achievements, promoting scientific and cultural quality, promoting scientific and technological progress, promoting Socialist Material Civilization and Spiritual Civilization Services.

Carry forward the scientific spirit, popularize scientific knowledge, disseminate scientific thinking and scientific methods, serving the majority of scientific and technological workers. To various industries, different cultural extents of readers to popularize scientific knowledge and advanced technologies, in order to improve the scientific and cultural quality of the whole people, the scientific and technological talent service is the purpose of the prophetic Publishing House. Science Press (and China Science and Technology Press) has been established in 45 years, has published more than 30,000 science and technology books, with a total annual issue of 600 million, and the average annual publishing 500. The 2000 Department of Science Popularization Publishing Society Code exceeded 100 million. After years of hard work, the popular science publishing house is published by science, science fiction, propaganda Marxism, unsyardiac, promotes the "four-sector" spirit and high level of academic monographs, etc., strategic, forward-looking, effectiveness, and innovative The book is called.

Recently launched boutique books such as: "Academician Interests", "Thick Hope and Looking", "Retrospect and Outlook", "Retrospect and Outlook", "Century Brilliant"; "Advocating scientific breakdown superstition" and other wall charts and publications; publicize the "scientific education for all Americans", "reform of scientific education", "Revolutionary Base", "Reading Revolution" and other sciences The classic reading of education; the "China Science Popwork", "Easy Computer Series", "Easy Computer Series", "New Century Science Job Reading", etc. " The news media called the "Royal" publishing house published by the news media.

Social Honor

In 2000, there are 2 books, which are listed as "10" national key book publishing plan; five books are listed as a national education department teaching materials; 40 The remaining books were included in the Ministry of Education in the "2000 Primary and Secondary Library Recommended Bibliography", with more than ten books award.

Popular propaganda

is the requirements of the central publicity work, our company participated in the "advocating scientific breakdown superstitude scientific knowledge contest" hosted by the People's Daily, China Association and other units. Planning and proposition work, and publishing "Advance Scientific Breakdown Reicing Science Knowledge Reading" for the competition. In addition, in order to promote the "four-section" education propaganda, our company took the questionnaire to the majority of primary and secondary school students. The way the two hospitals personally answered, and they were carefully planned to publish the "Mind - Chinese Academician's truth" book, in the society. Very large, I have received the attention and praise of several media.

At the beginning of the 21st century, China Science and Technology Press In order to adapt to the rapid development of science and technology, the intersection of disciplines has made strategic structural adjustments to the editorial room setting, from "big science" Question, and set the editorial room according to the field of life sciences, information science, technical science, education science, children's science, cultural science, strengthen integration of overall advantages, improve the "phase adaptation" and "conversation" of editing and rapid development. The ability, "qualification" capability with international technology publishing competition, and keeps the world science and technology publishing. At present, the scientific popularization publishing house is actively developing science books suitable for the 21st century in accordance with market changes and readers. To promote the "four sees" (scientific spirit, scientific ideology, scientific knowledge and scientific methods) to achieve science and education Great strategic objectives contribute to strength.

It is also regularly published "knowledge is power", "Science Garden", "Household Computer and Game" and other popular science magazines.

Social evaluation

Chinese science and technology publication contributes great power to realize the great strategic objectives of science and education.

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