China Radio and Television Journal

journal history

1987, the "China Radio and TV Academic Journal" Publication.

1988, the "China Radio and Television Science" to stabilize bimonthly issue.

In 1995, "China Radio and TV Academic Journal" published bimonthly by the change of the monthly magazine.

2014 In December 2009, "China Radio and TV Academic Journal" selected Chinese former State Administration of Radio, Press and Publication of the first recognized academic journals.

Running Conditions

column direction

"China Radio and Television Science" with a commentator's article, radio and television observation, focus, Bureau of Taiwan long forum, designed theory, case studies, discussion and reflection, research on television, animation research on agricultural radio and television, essay, seminars, local stations, the networking window, industry dynamics and other columns.


According to page 2019 is displayed within the first 12 journals, "China Radio and Television Journal" editorial board editorial board has 41 people.

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"China Radio and TV Academic Journal" editorial board member list
position list
editorial Ding Junjie, Yu Dan, Wang Minghua, Wang Chunli, Yin Hong, Bai Ling, Dan Changshun, A Kai Wu, Liu Xiaolong, Sun Suchuan, land , Li Jingsheng, Li Baoping, Yang Liping, Wu Baoan, I love the group, Yang Shuo, Zhang Hong, Zhang Yu Yang, Zhangjun Chang, when the system Yu, Chen Hong, Chen Changfeng, Chen Fuqing, Luo Ming, Zhou Pu, Zhou Ran Yi, Yu Jian, Wu column cup, Zhao in Sheng, Zhao Li, Ming accounts where, Hu Zhengrong wise front, Zhuyan Nan, high long edge, Tu Jin, Tao Shiming, Huang Shiyong, Ouyang Hongsheng

Running achievements


According to China HowNet show 2020 January 29, "China radio and television Science" published a total amount of 15 904 documents.

According to 2020 January 29 Wanfang Data show knowledge service platform, "China Radio and Television Science" co Papers 9672, the amount of funds to paper 580.


"China Radio and Television Science" is the "Chinese Core Journals" source journals Peking University (first edition 1992, second edition 1996, 2000 edition, 2004 edition, 2008 edition, 2011 edition, 2014 edition, 2017 edition), Chinese news media core journals, national Chinese / information and knowledge dissemination core journals, is China HowNet, Wanfang database included.


According to China HowNet show 2020 January 29, "China Radio and Television Science" total downloads 2,145,626, with the total citations 30709 times (2019 Version) composite impact factor of 0.341, (2019 edition) a comprehensive impact factor 0.105.

According to 2020 January 29 Wanfang Data show knowledge service platform, "China Radio and Television Science" co Papers 9672, cited the amount of 17789 times, downloaded 95,413 times; in 2017, according to Chinese Journal Citation reports (expanded edition published) data show that, "China radio and television Science" impact factor of 0.51, ranked first in all of 3362 source journals (6670 kinds) in.

Honor in recognition

"China Radio and Television Science" is a double-effect social science journals.

cultural traditions

image of the logo

"China Radio and Television Science" Title inscription by the contemporary Chinese painter, educator Qi Gong.


1, the manuscript must be unpublished in any publications or the Internet, DO NOT Multiple submissions. Please attach author real name, affiliation, address, telephone number and e-mail. Limited manpower, manuscripts will not be returned. Three months notice is not received using the author can handle on their own.

2, the tail manuscript annotations all use injection form, be sure to check and correct. The journal is issued for the use of the right to deletion, the right to use the article contained.

3, a manuscript after use, i.e. to send a sample copy and royalties.

4, the journal has joined the network of electronic journals, where the text contained in images are included in the network. The journal is included royalties attached electronic version royalties.

5, HowNet journal and China's China Academic Journal (CD) electronic magazine cooperation, the agency use software to detect manuscript is suspected of plagiarism. Authors are invited to consciously abide by academic standards, to prevent academic misconduct.

The current leadership

position Name
editor Huzhan Where
deputy editor, deputy editor of the Standing Committee Zhou Ran Yi
Editorial Director Chen Fuqing
, deputy director of the editorial department Li Baoping
editor Zhang Zhenhua
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