China Photographic Publishing House

Historical Level

Founded in 1980, China Photographic Publishing House was hosted by the China Photographers Association, which was the earliest national photography professional publishing house in New China.

China Photographic Publishing House

China Photographic Publishing House announced the official joining "China Tourism Publishing and Publishing Joint China Photographic Publishing House" The size of the consortium is further grown, and is published by a single tourism profession to publish extensions to tourism related fields.

From November 17, 2006, the "China Photographic Publishing House Book Exhibition" held by China Photographic Press and Hong Kong "Photography Magazine" was successfully held.

Main business

China Photographic Press was established in 1980, hosted by the China Photographers Association, is the earliest national photography professional publishing house in New China. For 38 years, publishing houses have followed the "prosperity photography, serving photographers and photographers, serving society", according to the national press publication industry, published a lot of photography, photography, photography education, photography Theory, life and other art books.


won the National Book Award, the "Five Project of the Central Propaganda Department" five and one project "award, the first prize of China's excellent textbooks. In 2003, its publications also received the 53rd "US Princess Award". Photography publishing has played a positive role in promoting the development of China's photography and promoting the exchange of world image culture.

April 2007 China Photography Publishing House Publishing, Beijing Lifeng Yaggong Great Wall Printing Technology Co., Ltd. Printing "Book 12 Volume - Photographic Equipment and Technology" is recognized as 2006 countries Press and Publication Service First-level. This is one of the most important book print quality awards in China.

Social evaluation

China Photographic Publishing House with quality to survive, work with service development, and strive to provide readers to readers. It is for the majority of photographers to edit the published books, and also for photographers to edit the photography theory, technical books and photographic albums, etc., also published outstanding photography books, works, including new technologies. Information materials, etc., have planned translations for readers to understand, participate and learn from.

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