China People's Liberation Army Strategic Support Force

forming background

Our military status

In the past intelligence work is responsible for the intelligence department subordinates subordinates. In the usual intelligence acquisition, mainly obtaining foreign army information by analyzing public information, dispatcher, etc.; technical reconnaissance work, mainly through electronic reconnaissance stations, electronic reconnaissance satellites, electronic reconnaissance machines, etc. After processing analysis, the electronic countermeasures include electronic counterparts, electronic reconnaissance machines, etc., responsible for interfering with enemy radar and communication; network attack and defensive strength refers to a hacker force; psychological warrants include recently served a psychological warfare, etc. , Television and broadcasting methods implement psychological warfare for enemy regions. The electronic warfare is not really a knife, but their value is not in traditional forces at the value of the battle.

Technical reconnaissance and electronic confrontation, electronic confrontation, network attack and defense and psychological war are inseparable, because the signal cannot be intercepted, it is impossible to implement interference. If you can't interfere, you cannot disseminate a psychological war signal; intelligence, especially Campaign Tactical Intelligence and Technical Reconnaissance is inseparable from the analysis of applications, both of which can be confirmed. This multi-level close relationship determines that it can be combined into a better effect. The common characteristics of these forces are the first to participate, but provide information support and protection for the combat troops; second is not suitable for a certain military species, but they cannot be separated from all kinds of arms, electronic reconnaissance machines, psychological warplanes Equisitions are especially obvious; the third is that action has a strategic significance, and it can have a significant impact on national games, war processes.

In the adjustment of the military committee system, the military committee has been implemented multi-department system, and the general formulation of the military committee, due to the considering of streamlined institutions and personnel, rational command relationship, decided to take the headquarters, Technical investigation, electronic confrontation, network offensive, psychological war, communications, etc., this requires the establishment of a new command and management system. When they integrate them together, the "Strategic Support Force" is the most appropriate.

Foreign Army

With the technology development, the US military, the original advanced army carrying the baggage is getting more and more heavy, their strategic support power is scattered in land, sea, empty, etc. In the main military species, many times, it is inevitable that repeated construction and competing for funding resources. Such as the US Air Force, the Navy has developed a wide range of surveillance satellite systems, and the two military points are different from the past years.

Historical Level

December 22, 2015, the People's Liberation Army reported that in 2015, in the United States, in addition to Lu Sea and Air 2 guns, the headquarters intelligence, skills The strategic campaign support for investigation, special combat, electronic confrontation, network attack and defense, psychological war, logistics support, and equipment guarantee participated in the joint training.

December 31, 2015, the Chinese People's Liberation Army leadership agency, the Chinese People's Liberation Army Rocket, the Chinese People's Liberation Army Strategic Support Force, the Conference was held in Beijing.

Since the People's Liberation Army forms a five major militors of land, sea, empty, rockets and strategic support forces.


Newly established strategic support forces may include intelligence, technical reconnaissance, electronic confrontation, network attack and defense, psychological warfare five areas, special combat, logistics guarantee and equipment guarantee more The content of the campaign is included, and it is included to be confirmed.

The Strategic Support Force belongs to the independent military troops, according to the principles of military housing, only responsible for military affairs management of relevant forces, does not have combat command function.

Force Sign

The pattern of strategic support forces markers is composed of wheat, August 1st, triangular arrow, satellite or electronic cloud track, and the troops may include Electronic confrontation, network attachment, satellite management, etc.



Commander (Jujie), Political Commission (Li Wei), according to the practice of the practice (deputy commander, Deputy Councilors, Director of the Political Department, Chief of WI: Safeguards and equipment guarantees more content that belong to the level of campaign, whether it is included to be confirmed.

Force Leaders

Muranan: Melon

Li Wei: Political Committee

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