China People's Liberation Army Naval Submarine College

Synonym Naval Submarine College General refers to the Chinese People's Liberation Army Naval Submarine College

Historical Level

In 1953, the Sichuan Military Region, the Lushun Submarine study team merged, in Qingdao set the submarine school, No. " Four Seas Army School. After the rename of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy Submarine School.

in 1969, the naval submarine school was revoked.

1973, the Navy submarine school, submarine soldiers school completed, group of Chinese People's Liberation Army Naval Submarine School.

In 2017, the nature of the college was adjusted as a military higher education institution.

Academic research

Construction results

For 10 years, the college has won 1 second prize of national teaching results; 6 military and teaching results first prize; The national scientific and technological progress first prize, 5 second prizes; 1 national invention second prize; 19 military scientific and technological progress first prizes.

Research platform

college host area covers an area of ​​1600 mu, hardware facilities are first-class, basic experimental conditions domestic first-class, professional experimental conditions, domestic leading, anti-controlling facilities world first , There is a complete maritime training condition such as sailboats, slabs, with 2 military key laboratories.

Academic Resources

As of 2020, the library collection is more than 500,000 books, more than 700 Chinese and English journals, including 13 special databases such as submarine combat training, with Electronic reading room, innovative space, video playroom, etc.

School conditions

Department of colleges

As of 2020, the college sets 7 undergraduate education majors, including electronic information project (080701), water Acoustic engineering (080708t), navigation technology (081803K), rescue and salvage project (081807T), ship and marine engineering (081901), weapon system and project (082101), weapon launch project (082102), corresponding to cultivate submarine navigation command, submarine 7 first training majors such as lightning command.

Navigation technology

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professional small class China People's Liberation Army Naval Submarine College

Professional name


electronic information class

electronic information engineering

Water Sound Project

rescue and salvage engineering

Ocean engineering class

Ship and marine engineering

Weapon System and Engineering

Weapon launch project

discipline construction

Main advantage disciplines and features: soldiers tactics, combat command , Electronic information engineering, combat simulation, water sound engineering, nautical technology, underwater combat environment, underwater target identification, remote sensing military application, weapon system and engineering, weapon launching engineering, ship and marine engineering, rescue and salvage project, underwater Blasting, etc.

The college has 2 post-doctoral research mobile stations, 2 doctoral degree authorization points, 12 master degree authorization points, 7 undergraduate education majors, 3 educational officer training majors, 17 official professional technical education College profession and 19 technical soldiers training majors. "The Tactics" is a key discipline of the whole army, the "Submarine Competency Simulation Lab" and "Navy underwater combat environment research and application laboratory" are key laboratories in the whole army, "water sound project", "transportation tools" For Shandong Province Key Discipline.

Postdoctoral research mobile station: Ship and marine engineering, tactics

Academic degree level discipline doctoral degree: Ship and Marine Project

Academic Degree Secondary Discipline Doctoral point: Workload tool use engineering

master's degree in discipline: ship and marine engineering, tactics, military commander

Academic degree secondary subject master point: physics ocean Learning, transportation tools, weapons launch theory and technology

Professional degree Master: Ship and Marine Engineering, Military Command, Military Equipment

Teacher Power

More than 75% of the colleges have a Ph.D., a master's degree; more than 40% have senior professional and technical positions such as professors and associate professors. 19 outstanding teachers of the whole country, received more than 100 military prize prizes, more than 100 silver prizes. There is 2 "General" faculty. Most of the instructor engaged in submarine combat commands, most of the instrumems used in the use of submarine forces. In addition, the college also hired more than 40 military commanders as part-time professors from all submarines.

The school will build a whole army top and world-class military institutions, and build the submarine college into the research base of submarine construction, the training base of submarine qualified talent team. Innovative bases of submarine weapons and equipment technology, the propagation base of the submarine force characteristic culture as a school goal. For more than 60 years, the college has cultivated nearly 100,000 military command and professional technical talents for the submarine and anti-rescue troops, of which nearly 100 have grown into the Republic, and a large number of military science and technology experts have emerged. More than 1,000 international students and water rescue salvage management officials were cultivated for more than 70 countries. The college sailor team has participated in the Capital National Day.

Campus Environment

Naval Submarine Academy is located in the beautiful coastal city - Qingdao, located in the west of the Shan Shan Scenic Area, North Yi World Horticultural Expo Park, South Noodle China Ocean University, Beautiful scenery, pleasant climate. The college covers an area of ​​approximately 1593 mu, 2 standard track and field training grounds, 3 common basic training grounds, 5 professional technical training grounds, 2 swimming pools (pools), 1 body training, 1 fitness, and damage Tube operation, special visual communication and marine training ground and other training venues. The main rate of campus network has a gigm, and the network terminal covers all teaching, office and student living places, and has rich information resources. The College Life Service Center is perfect, the equipment is complete, the environment is elegant, and the function of life services and casual gatherings. At the same time, 3,000 students and 900 teachers will also eat at the same time, leisure and shopping.

Cultural Tradition


The main body of the school emblem has submarine, reflecting the school's business characteristics.

School motto

Diligence blogger love sea dedication

college leaders



Wang Yu


Wang Wen Guang Guang

political commissar

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