China Municipal Engineering North China Design Research Institute

Enterprise Introduction

is "National High-tech Enterprise", with the Qualification of Import and Export Enterprises of the People's Republic of China, with ISO9000 quality management system, ISO14000 environmental management system, OHSAS18000 Occupational Health and Safety Management System International Standard certification qualification. "National City Give Water Drainage Engineering Technology Research Center", "National Gas Ticket Quality Supervision and Inspection Center", "Construction Department City Gas Technology Development Center", "The Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for the Ministry of Construction to the Water Supply and Drainage Equipment Products" rely on our hospital. "Gas and Hot" and "China Give Water Drainage" published by our hospital are national programs.

Our hospital was established in 1952, which is the earliest city gas and drainage design institute in my country. There are about 1,500 employees in the whole hospital, including academician, national survey and design masters, engineering supervision masters, enjoy The government special allowance expert, the personnel department highlighted the experts, the Ministry of Construction highlighted a large number of scientific and technological elites. There are 9 engineering and research institutes and gas technology research institutes, giving drainage technology research institutes, information network management centers, and corresponding business management and technical files, information, information, etc., and established 5 hospitals. Provincial municipal branch.

Our hospital is mainly engaged in urban traffic roads, bridges, tunnels, water supply, gas, solid waste, heat, rail transit, building, oil and gas pipeline delivery, oil and gas bank, road, metallurgy (coking), landscape Planning, feasibility study, engineering design, project general contracting, environmental impact assessment, engineering supervision, etc. Over the years, we have accumulated rich experience and achievements, strong technical force, and complete professional settings. Our hospital is the chairman unit of the City Gas Branch of China Civil Engineering Society, and participated in the International Gas Alliance in China on behalf of China's Urban Gas Society, and became a registered personnel. Our hospital is a member of the International Water Environment Federation (WEF) group, which is a Chinese directors who participate in WEF on behalf of the Water Industry Branch of China Civil Engineering Society. It is a deputy director of the Science and Technology Commission of China's Urban Water Drainage Association, China City Gas Association, the Deputy Director of the Water Industry Branch of China Civil Engineering Society, Member of the China Town Heat Association, member of the Ministry of Construction, National Town Gas Standard Technology Attribution unit.

address: No. 99, Meteorological Observatory, Hexi, Tianjin, China Municipal Engineering North China Design Research Institute

Zip code: 300074

leadership team

Zhang Yi Chairman, Party Secretary

Wu Fanong General Manager, Party Committee Deputy Secretary

Li Jianxun Deputy General Manager

Wang Qi Deputy General Manager

Zhang Xu Total Accountant

Wang Zhao Deputy General Manager

Wang Qi Deputy General Manager

Shen Yi Discipline Inspection Parties

< H2> Business range

Our hospital has achieved the comprehensive qualitative grade of engineering design, can undertake various industries and grades of construction engineering design business, can engage in the corresponding construction project general contracting business within the qualification license, project management And corresponding technical and management services and technology research and development. This qualification covers the 21,000-generation qualifications and eight special qualifications.


Coal, chemical petrochemical, oil and gas (marine oil), electricity, metallurgy, military, machinery, business grain, nuclear industry, electronic communication, radio and electricity, textile, Building materials, railways, roads, water transport, civil aviation, municipal, agriculture, water, water, ocean, construction

special design

1. Construction Decoration Engineering Special Design

2 Special design of fire facilities engineering

3. Construction intelligent system special design

4. Construction Curtain Wall Engineering Special Design

5. Special Design of Light Steel Structure Engineering

6. Landscape Garden Engineering Design

7. Environmental Engineering Design

8. Lighting Project Special Design

Corporate Culture

Enterprise spirit : better faster and more provincial

Enterprise mission : building a green engineering design Healthy Life promotes urban development

Enterprise Vision: Become the most competitive international environmental protection engineering company

core values ​​: Team Dedication People Innovation

Talent philosophy: End of morality can be a standard

business philosophy : Integrity is the customer satisfaction

Design Idea: Save resource circulation economy

scientific research concept: close to production service design

learning concept: < / B> Learning Working Working Learning

Research Team

2008, our hospital has 1,500 employees, including academician of the Academy, 1 national survey and design master, enjoy The government special allowance expert, the personnel department highlighted three experts, the Ministry of Construction has highlighted the experts, the national level registered architect, the first-class registered structure engineer, the registered planner and other registered engineers, 343, subject to professors, 91 senior engineers with researchers, 603 senior technicians.

Design master

Enterprise Vision

North China Hospital to develop into a clear structure of legal governance, modern enterprise system is perfect, urban foundation The facility construction is a main business with project financing capabilities, project management capabilities, engineering design capabilities, equipment procurement capabilities, engineering construction capacity, and project operation capabilities.< P> Direct Branch:

Xi'an Branch

Chongqing Branch

Zhejiang Branch

Jiangsu Branch

Jilin Branch

Beijing Branch

Chengdu Branch

Suzhou Branch

Smart Water Branch

Binhai New Area Branch

Suzhou Huabang Geotechnical Engineering Co., Ltd.

Other Design Institutes:

< TD>

First Design Institute

Dalian Development Zone Branch

Seventh Design Institute

No. 10 Research Institute

Wenzhou Branch

Harbin Branch

Dongguan branch

second design Research Institute

Hainan Branch

Shanghai Branch

Hunan Branch

Fujian branch

Ningbo Branch

Third Design Research Institute

Qinghai Branch

Guangxi Branch (II

Fourth Design Research Institute

Henan Branch

Foshan Branch (1)

Fifth Design Institute

Xinjiang Branch

< / TD>

Hubei branch (one)

Zhejiang Lighting Art Research Branch

Sixth Design Institute

Kunming Branch

Guizhou branch

Eighth Design Institute

Hubei Branch (II)

Dalian Changxing Island Branch

Ninth Design Institute

Dongguan branch (one)

Guangxi Branch (1 Department)

< P> Hefei branch

Foshan branch (two)

Xi'an Branch

Yulin Branch

Lanzhou Branch

Beijing Branch

Qingdao Branch

Chengdu Branch

Tibet Branch

Jilin Branch

four square points Company

National First Journal:

China Give Water Drainage Magazine Location: Urban Garden Building, No. 52 Xinxing Road, Heping District, Tianjin 21st layers

Gas and thermal magazine location: 21st layers of No. 52, No. 52, Xinxing Road, Heping District, Tianjin,

Other wholly-owned subsidiaries:

Tianjin Fanghua Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd.

Tianjin North China Engineering Supervision Company

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