China Mobile Communications Group Qinghai Co., Ltd.

Qinghai Mobile synonyms generally refers to China Mobile Group Qinghai Co.

Basic introduction

China Mobile Group Qinghai Co., Ltd., established in 1999, September 8; the company was founded 18 years ago, adhering to the " Masanori Ministry of Health, reaching perfection "core values, to" create an infinite world of communications, information society, "the corporate mission, the pursuit of" excellent quality as the creator of "business vision, business construction, reform and development achievements remarkable. More than 110 million mobile customers break through, the total assets of 1.9 billion; network covering the whole province state, and municipal, county, township and transportation routes, major scenic spots, roaming services accessible on five continents; GSM, Shenzhouxing, M-Zone Three customer brand reputation nationwide GSM service area, M-zone series packages and intelligent network services such as virtual private favored; construction and development of enterprises remarkable achievements, since 2000, the company for six consecutive years was awarded the Qinghai provincial government, "Qinghai Province turned over to big profits." title, since 2004, the company for three consecutive years was awarded the "Top 50 enterprises in Qinghai," the title of Qinghai Province economic Commission, and other units.

China Mobile Communications Group Qinghai Co., Ltd.

Development Status

Qinghai Mobile adhering to the communication service concept from the heart to the pursuit of customer satisfaction service for the purpose of continuing to provide our clients with a wealth of business types, advanced technology, quality customer service.

business: with GSM, Shenzhouxing, Monternet, M-Zone and other national brands and local brands such as local phone, business variety, covering voice services, data services, to meet the needs of different levels, leading mobile communications market.

Network: GSM network coverage to the county, township development, economic development zones, main roads, tourist attractions, the city achieve seamless coverage, excellent communication quality for the territory of the country Qinghai provincial key projects, major events providing a powerful communications support, it is the province's largest mobile communications network; relying on the whole network of China mobile, the largest roaming unique advantage at home and abroad. GPRS is a mainstream technology in the world of mobile communication forward to 3G, by upgrading the existing network, the province's GSM mobile full support GPRS.

service: service outlets throughout the province; social supervision, supervision by public opinion, internal oversight Trinity service quality supervision system; integral return, personalized, differentiated customer service; province off-site payment, free operating room fill; accurate billing, detailed bill; bill error, double the return; enterprise credit management, customer understand the consumer, to maintain a leading service in the industry.

future prospects

In the information technology to the industrialization, promotion of information technology journey, the company will adhere to the strategic thinking of sustainable development, carry forward reform and innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, the use of advanced scientific management mechanism, strengthen the quality and efficiency of the network edge, to create a people-oriented corporate culture to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, and strive to achieve to do world-class communications company, from good to great goal, to build a harmonious Qinghai to make new contributions!


2017 In November 2009, China Mobile Group Qinghai Co., Ltd. by the Central Spiritual Civilization Steering Committee awarded the "Fifth National civilized unit" honorary title.

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