China International TV Record Channel


revision history

The channel broadcasts mainly in English, not only can watch the play area in mainland China domestic and overseas regions. This version of the program content being played different Chinese version, the English version of the 24 hours a day playing CCTV production and broadcasting of the documentary.

CGTN years package record channel (14)

After launch, the broadcast channel program broadcast every day 3 hours after two revised, to 4 hours per day premiere programme. The initial launch broadcast documentary Chinese dubbing and English subtitles, then began airing a documentary with English dubbing.

2011 midnight, January 1 1, 2009, CCTV began broadcasting to the channel after replacement with each channel logo and uniform, increasing the channel name comment. Channel identifier is set as the channel "CCTV-9 Documentary" (in English). 8 am, the channel was formally launched. Channel identifies the channel "CCTV-9 Documentary" (in English) was December 18, 2010 ahead of schedule (other channels enabled 1 January 2011).

2014 Nian 1 7, the channel with high definition, standard definition broadcast; the same year on January 13 officially settled in Hong Kong broadcast by Radio Television Hong Kong.

since August 17, 2015, the channel logo to 16: 9 form part of standard definition programs to 16: 9 anamorphic 4: 3 format (since October 2019 canceled), but content Guide SD channels periods promos and channel ID, etc., or in accordance with the 4: 3 broadcast form.

2016 Nian 4 2 April, Radio Television Hong Kong took over the former Asian spectrum of international TV stations continue to broadcast the channel 33A with an analog TV channels, broadcast in a letterbox. September 1, the channel broadcast in high-definition version of the Star 6B satellite clean (unlock) and the star of stars 6B (no HD words). At 12:00 on December 31, in response to China Globo began broadcasting the " China Central Television History Channel " (CCTV-9 Documentary) changed its name to " China Globo record channel "(CGTN Documentary).

Since May 29, 2017, Hong Kong and Taiwan television broadcast CGTN 33,33A stop record HD channels (HD Hong Kong Version) is replaced by CCTV-1.

logo Evolution

China International TV Record Channel

CGTN English record channel over the years logo (4)

2011 Nian 1 1st - August 2015 16, 4: 3 tablespoons double standard form "CCTV-9", with English under the "record" (Documentary) words.

2015 Nian 8 17 - December 31, 2016, Taiwan was changed to 16: 9 format.

2016 Nian 12 Yue 12:00 31 logo from the "CCTV-9 Documentary" was changed to "CGTN Documentary".

orchestration program

period orchestration

is the channel arrangement substantially similar to the CCTV record channel, different part of the program.

China Globo record channel broadcast mainly in English, not only can watch the play area in mainland, outside China. The main channel to play 24 hours a day by CCTV production and broadcasting, or produced by other domestic or television production companies, has the world's CCTV broadcast rights documentary.

After launch, the channel 3 hours per day premiere broadcast program, after two revised, 4 hours per day to broadcast the program. The initial launch broadcast documentary Chinese dubbing and English subtitles, and then began to broadcast the documentary in English dubbing, but no Chinese subtitles.

Macau Play

Since November 1, 2011, by the Australia wide as 74 television channels broadcast in digital.

Since April 2, 2016, the original ATV World Taiwan and Macao basic TV channels is replaced by the RTHK 33A , the channel broadcast throughout the day.

Playback Hong Kong

2014 Nian 1 Yue 7 Ri Lingshi, CGTN Documentary (at that time as CCTV-9 Documentary) HD version starts with Hong Kong TV 33 on behalf of the Hong Kong RTHK channels through digital television 33 (UHF channel number 62, the transmission frequency 802MHz) pilot, the upper right corner of the channel did not "HD" or "HD" word, but together with Hong Kong radio "RTHK 33" logo, while still attached to the upper left CGTN Documentary logo.

2016 Nian 4 2 April, because of Hong Kong's Asia Television Hong Kong's free TV license not be renewed Chief Executive in Council, RTHK began to take over after midnight on analog television broadcasting service, RTHK 33A is connected to an analog channel broadcast one of them, and digital content is RTHK 33 sync, 24-hour comprehensive player CGTN Documentary. RTHK 33A original analog broadcasting TV station ASIA, while the screen aspect ratio of 16 to 9 by the additional letter box and converted into 4 to 3, and applied to the top right black side range on "RTHK 33A" logo.

from the time of May 29, 2017 6:00 am, Hong Kong and Taiwan television 33,33A no longer broadcast CGTN Documentary, instead integrated channel CCTV broadcast high-definition version of Hong Kong. The last broadcast of a television program as "Shaolin Kung Fu."

two identification


and CCTV record channel, a channel is identified by a "blue cube" from multidimensional, multi-faceted, multi-line structure, a multi-perspective meaning China and feel three-dimensional holographic world.

Main Program

< / tr>
social, human Class
Today's Top Pick (Times photo) Journeys and Discoveries (path discovery)
NATURAL, style type
history in the Frame (historical romance) Humanities and Geography (Human Geography)
documentary, archeology class

Living China (exciting serving)

special Edition (special presentation)

the record channel from CGTN official website :

China record international television channels in cyan blue and white as the main color channels, "global vision, the world value, the value of China, international express" as the core values ​​and beliefs. In the content distribution, "China story, international express human feelings' core demands. On the mode of transmission, and strive to use the documentary to break the regional cultural barriers to cross-culture, cross-language, cross-thinking and expression inter-ethnic won widespread international audience of psychological resonance and emotional experience (northern Media Review) < / i>.

On the programming strategy, China International Television History Channel International Edition targeted differentiated and organized in accordance with different prime-time viewing habits of the three time zones of Asia, Europe and the Americas. For the Asian audience, choose a cultural commonality and can resonate to some extent, thereby causing the audience interested in the program; there is a certain degree of cultural relevance for the European audience, and select the artistic, cultural and strong, narrative and editing rhythm relatively calm soothing program ; for the North American audience, choose real strong, strong narrative, narrative and editing, fast-paced program (northern media Review) .

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