China Industry and Commerce Joint Press


Chinese Business Joint Publishing House, China National Industrial and Commerce Federation (China Folk Chamber of Commerce), the central level publishing house hosted. The purpose of the office is to serve the socialist market economic construction, serving the reform and opening up service, serving the central government, private enterprises, private enterprises for the private economy, private enterprises and private enterprises. The business philosophy is: from the people's livelihood, serving the public.

China Industry and Commerce Joint Press

Historical Level

The Society has published more than 1,200 books since its in 1993. The publisher will be based on the practical books.

Main business

Main business management (economic practical books, economical practical tools, economic practical translation), Socialist humanities (Bestseller Books, Cultural Life Books), Life Inspiration (Healthy Living Book, Successful Inspirational Book) and Education Training Book. As a public publishing, professional publication, education publishing field excellent content and service providers, we lead the trend of the times with a new idea. "China can say that" "China's private economic practice full book" "" "Challenge Microsoft" Hegemony "" "Second board market" "Which of the wind blows" "Zhang Wei and Mei Lanfang" "China Government and Private The publication of the books such as "Overseas China Merchants Night" is deeply welcomed by the readers. The "Chinese Business German" published in 1998 won the "five project" awards. In recent years, many books in the market have been well invested in the market. For example: "Modern Application Writing Daquan" continuous printing 15 times, "How to learn to do things" continuous print 6 times, "simple life" "Human weakness" " Good Grant "" Easy Live a Life "" Youth can't know: 256 Chinese people's own business "" 100 pieces of marketing cases "and other books have hundreds of envelonic achievements.


The Society has a good title of good publishing house in 2000.


China Industrial and Commercial Joint Press is working hard to add more cultural charm to these successful book brands. We know that excellent quality and diverse choices are the key to helping readers to cope with the world's key, we work with global first-class institutions and first-class authors to carefully select the best works in the perspective of globalization. We are committed to the innovation of media content, so that our books become the mainstream of a bestseller. We provide the latest information and achievements to professionals in various fields and to practice lifelong education. We use the market-oriented, focus on social benefits, sincerely provide services to the author, readers, and strive to make contributions to the prosperity of Chinese culture and development of knowledge economy.

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