China Huido

China Huido

China Huido is prevalent in 1993 to 1998, and there are hundreds of sites in the country during the peak period, and users reach 10,000 people. A famous BBS has a relaxed express train, Great Wall, West Point Military Academy, Paradise, Shuk, Guangzhou's Crescent, Shenzhen DataExpress, West Point of Zhuhai. Cfido's netizens are the earliest netizens in China. Later, many CFIDO users became China's Internet celebrities. For example, Tencent's Mahua Teng is the webmaster of Shenzhen DataExpress, and Jinshan Software Company is a webmaster of Zhuhai West Point. Published "Jinzhou does not believe in tears!" And became famous, and later served as the 8848 Board of Directors (Wang Jun Tao) is a webmaster in Fuzhou Station.

In 1992, Luoyi, Beijing, the "Great Wall" station and Shantou Huang Yaohao established "Hand Wire" (later rename PCUG) have become the earliest BBS exchange system established in accordance with the FIDONET system. Thereby, CFIDO is thus formed. Jinshan's Beijing West Point and Zhuhai West Point have also taken support from Nort-South network transfer service. FIDONETR65C Luo Yi is the first general coordinator of CFIDO, and asking Burgo is the last one. Cfido's values ​​are: patriotism, high, brave, faithful, progressive, friendship, striking, amateur! The electronic publication on the Internet was called "Long Yin". Cfido has held the first time in China, the second stage of the first time.

Technical Background

CFIDO uses the Telix dialer, based on the ZMODEM protocol. Letter organization similar newsgroup services, using Bluewave systems, classify, filter, filter, compressed packaging, saving transmission time, can also save telephony. Most sites are based on a dial-up system with a maximum of 28.8 / 33.6kbps, as 56kbps is a non-symmetric protocol requires a server to hold a server. Because the entire system is running under DOS, you need to use the DOS plug-in Chinese system. The FIDO system uses ASCII character graphics, there is a conflict with national code Chinese, which is relatively high, promoting the development of Chinese systems such as UCDOS

China Huido

Hui Dog History

Coiled BBS, actually refers to the Dial-Up BBS that the user is coupled through the public telephone network and the modem. This system generally says that a telephone line can only use a user, if you want to accept more in the system For a user, you need to prepare multiple telephone lines on the platform and the modem connected to the station, and the platform must also use multiple-way BBS system software simultaneously on the network to reach the main purpose of maintaining the platform information. In order to achieve this information communication, the webmaster of the erection platform must have some important, and it is also a very systematic platform technical standard knowledge. This knowledge is the FIDONET technical standard. From the birth time, it has been in the electronic technology industry. It can be an old qualification.

The FIDONET technology standard originated from the US amateur BBS enthusiasts in the United States. The earliest BBS system in the world is in early 1977, the CBBS (Computerized Bul-Letin Board System) developed by the US Chicago computer lovers group, the CBBS (Computerized Bul-Letin Board System) developed by the Randy Suess, at the same time, another pioneer BILL ABENY wrote Forum-80 this BBS software. With the appearance of the actual pioneer APPLE machine, the BBS system quickly transplants, there is several systems such as Apple Bulletin Board System (ABBS), People's Messagesystem (PMS), and Communitree.

At the beginning of the birth of BBS, the transfer rate of the modem is only a poor 300bps, which is already the magic weapon who has only time. However, with the rapid development of computer technology, "Personal Computer" is no longer a word. In August 1981 IBM launched her first PC for one year, the first set was IBM PC development. The BBS system appears, which is written in Basic, running on the Dallas RCP / M \ CBBS platform opened by Brad Hanson and Russ Lane. In 1983, members of the Capital PC User Group's Communication Special InterestGroup Association of Capital PC User Group jointly enamel the Russ Lane's platform software, which was officially published in the same year in May, and upgraded it by Thomse Mack from Thomse Mack by THOMSE MACK. To the RBBS-PC 10.0, this is the first official version of the RBBS-PC.

RBBS-PC is very simple in the eyes, but she is quite complete at the time, but more importantly, she has brought together many amateur and professional experts at the time, have established a lot. Criteria for developing PCBBS software, especially the spirit of RBBS-PC public code, from a great sense, the principles of computer industry information and technology sharing, and continuing to the present through various ways!

But the RBBS-PC at that time is just an isolated BBS platform, does not have a network function, until the 1984 BBS system passes the BBS named from another by amateur Tom JenniNIn The software and its network protocol finally got out of information, so the new era of the BBS network began!

At the beginning, it is only the information exchanged between the two BBS platforms to exchange information on each platform through the public telephone network. In August of the same year, there have been more than 30 BBS platforms. This information exchanges, and in the end of 1991, in the Fidonet network named after the name of the founder Tom JenniNin, there is already more than 10,000 more than 10,000. A station and continues to grow at speeds of speed.

Fidonet is the first BBS network in the world, and the entire fidonet has always maintained her sponsor advocated by her founders. Anyone who is interested in BBS technology or culture, no matter what the genocide, region, cultural tradition, gender, age, knowledge can be established, and add fidonet to make yourself to Enter the electronic cultural torrent from the whole world.

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