China experiment fast pile

Express Heart

China Experimental Express Heap is a referred to as a fast neutron proliferation, a preferred state of the fourth-generation nuclear energy system, fast piles, natural uranium resources The utilization rate increases from 1% of the pressurized pile to 60-70%, which can fully utilize the use of my country's uranium resources, which has a significant strategic significance for the continued stability of my country's nuclear power. Express piles can also transversely change the long life waste generated by water stacks, making nuclear energy more friendly. my country's first Chinese experimental fast pile of nuclear fission reactions from fast neutron, and successfully realized grid-connected power generation on the 21st. It marks a comprehensive implementation of the national "863" planned major project objectives, which is incorporated into the fast heap technology of the national medium and long-term science and technology development planning. This also marks an important step in my country's advanced nuclear energy system in occupying nuclear energy technology and establishing sustainable development.

Important meaning

"Fast neutron reactor is the main stack of the fourth-generation advanced nuclear energy system in the world, representing the development direction of the fourth-generation nuclear energy system." China Experiment is fast Pile of chief experts said that the advanced nuclear fuel circulatory system for fast piles is two advantages: First, it is possible to significantly improve the utilization of uranium resources, and the utilization of natural uranium resources can be widely used in nuclear power plants. About 1% of the heap is increased to 60%; the second is the long-life radioactive waste produced by transmissum pressure water stacks to minimize radioactive waste. The development and promotion of fast heap technology is of great significance for promoting the establishment of nuclear power in my country and the establishment of advanced fuel circulatory systems.

China experiment fast pile

All parameters

China Experimental fast heap is the first fast heap of my country, its heat power is 65MW, the electric power is 20MW adopts sodium-sodium-water three-circuit design, one circuit is Integrated pool structure; core inlet temperature 360 ​​° C, outlet temperature 530 ° C, steam temperature 480 ° C, pressure 14 MPa; accident waste heat discharge system adopts non-energy system in direct cooling main container; 13 construction area 44,000 square meters.

Highlight characteristics

Chinese experimental fast heap is the first step in my country's fast neutron proliferation reactor (fast pile). The heap adopts advanced pool structure, nucleating power 65 megawatts, experimental power generation power 20 megawatts, is currently numerous high power in the world, and has an experimental fast heap of power generation function, its main system settings and parameter selection Large fast stacking power stations are the same. Experimental quick piles make full use of inherent safety and use a variety of non-energy safety techniques, safety has reached the fourth-generation nuclear energy system requirements.

According to the experimental fast heap development process of more than 20 years, my country has comprehensively mastered the fast heap technology, and has achieved a large number of independent innovation results and patents, achieving the autonomous research of experimental expressions. Independent design, independent construction, autonomous operation and self-management, form a complete research and development capability, and cultivated a group of excellent technical talent teams. On this basis, the Nuclear Group has started to develop a million kilowatt commercial fast pile power station technology.

Construction Process

China Experiment Express Pile in March 1992 was approved by the State Council, started construction in May 2000. In August 2002, the main plant is capped, July 21, 2010. The day reached the critical day. After China became the country, the world, the 8th, the 8th, has a country with fast heap technology in the world.

The Chinese experimental fast heap project is organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of National Defense, China, China Nuclear Industry Group Corporation, China Nuclear Industry Research Institute. Over the years, the Atomic Academy has organized hundreds of units, research institutes and enterprises, etc., and vigorously carry out international cooperation. After years of continuous innovation and collaboration, the research, design, construction, debugging, May 2009, May 2009 Start the systematic thermal debug, and achieve the first nuclear interpretation on July 21, 2010.

grunge power generation

On July 21, 2011, my country's first Chinese experimental fast heap that caused nuclear fission reactions from fast neutron, successfully realized grid-connected power generation. This country "863" planned major implementation of major project objectives, marking a major breakthrough in fast-reducing technology in the national medium and long-term science and technology development planning. This also marks an important step in my country's advanced nuclear energy system in occupying nuclear energy technology and establishing sustainable development.

Accident report

According to Japan News Network, a fast neutron experimental pile in Beijing in October 2011, because of the buildings in the generator The accident pile has stopped operation. The atomic energy research institute where the fast pile is located quickly rumors and believes that the report is unenruily.

National Defense Science and Technology Bureau Nuclear Insurance Safety Administration has always adhered to the nuclear safety culture concept of "Nuclear Safety is the Life List of Nuclear Industry" during the research, design, construction and commissioning phase of the experimental fast heap. The attitude towards the nation is responsible for the country, in a series of processes such as approval, license, etc. After the experiment is completed, the National Nuclear Safety Bureau is delivered, and it has its safety supervision in the experimental operation phase. The North China Nuclear and Radiation Safety Supervision Station of the Ministry of Environmental Protection shall be commissioned by the relevant national ministries and supervision of 24 hours.

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