China Cultural Relics News

Development History

The predecessor "Cultural Relief" in "China Cultural Relics" was founded in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, which is a double week.

October 1, 1987, the "Cultural Relief" was renamed "China Cultural Relics" by the National Cultural Relics Bureau, which is a "Chinese Cultural Relics".

In March 1989, the State Cultural Relics Bureau decided to change the "China Cultural Rights" to the Bureau, and decided to move the editorial department to Beijing and re-raise the group newspaper.

January 1, 1990, the "China Cultural Relics" released in Beijing for the first time. Among them, it has been revised many times, the expanded formation of each period of opening 8, including the "Collection Appreciation Week" (Wednesday) and "Heritage Week" (Friday).

In July 2001, "Cultural Relics Tiandi" was hosted by the China Cultural Relics News and published in October. After the revision expanded, it became a large-scale cultural relics of readers.

In March 2004, the Chinese Cultural Heritage "magazine hosted by the China Cultural Relics Newspaper was originally a quarterly.

Changed to a blessing issue in 2005, the layout also expanded.

On May 18, 2001, China Cultural Relics Information Network hosted by the China Cultural Relics Newspaper, October 1, China's cultural relics information network was upgraded for the first time.

January 1, 2005, China's cultural relics information network integrates the second upgrade of the second issue of the second issue.

Under the department

The Chinese Cultural Relics Newspaper will set off the office, the editorial office, newspaper editorial department, periodical editorial department, and the Ministry of Business Development.

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