Chief market officer

Chief Marketing Officer Generally refers to the Chief Market Officer


is also known as "Marketing Director" or "Marketing General Manager" in China, CMO is often managed in the enterprise The highest decision maker of corporate marketing work, so becoming the final life goals of many marketing people to dream of life. CMO is not the market directory, and is also different from the sales director or sales director only as the backup force of CMO, or is the Alternative to CMO, and CMO is subject to all marketing issues related to the company. It is full responsibility and is the highest commander of the enterprise marketing department. Peter Druk, the world-famous management master, said: "Enterprises are marketing and innovation,"


"Chief Market Officer "It is a high-end management media that is paying attention to and serves the corporate marketing management crowd, which provides professional knowledge, practical cases and system solutions for the Chinese marketing management.

Chief market officer

"Chief Market Officer" as a member of the IDG series publication, the prospective theory of marketing, also analyzes the attractive marketing cases that are in the Chinese market economic position, but also for the market Marketing authorities provide a platform for exchange and share the successful experience of the workplace.


"I think this m in CMO is representative monkey." On the CMO Forum hosted by the IT Manager World "Magazine, the Ministry of Microsoft Big China Market Strategic Department chief The marketing officer Wu Shixiong has caused a laughter. "Why is Monkey, because CMO's work is very complicated, on the one hand, he has to face each product department within the company, and on the other hand, it is necessary to meet the needs of external customers. The company's inside and outside the company needs him to grasp. ""

This position called CMO may be one of the most uncomfortable things in many senior management positions in multinational companies. Among many multinational companies, each product department or the division has a person in charge of the competent marketing, but in the order of the parent company, there is often no CMO position, even in technical-oriented companies.

However, the situation changes slowly. Over the years, more and more multinational companies have begun to set up a CMO position to unify the overall marketing strategy of the company. Zhao Ping, director of the Department of Enterprise Management, Tsinghua University, believes that with the changes in the economic environment, the technical gaps in various companies have become less and smaller. At the same time, consumers become more and more critical; therefore, in technology and Companies that have not been found on manufacturing must achieve differentiated operations through marketing tools.

Before 2001, the German software giant SAP is still a fully technical-oriented company. In the company, the technicians dismissed the marketing staff, and even the company's joint chairman and CEO Hasso Platena also believed that the good reputation in the industry was more than one thousand times better than the market. However, the company's strong competitor Oracle does not think so, it seizes many market share of SAP through aggressive market offensive. Under the pressure of the market, Pratte had to invite Sony CMO, US Martomlish, Martyhomlish, served as CMO, and moved the company's market department to Waldorf, Germany towns. A Greenwich Village has a print factory in a hundred years of history. Under the leadership of Holly, SAP has changed the conservative strategy, and the market image will be delivered to customers in a more new and direct way. Holly believes: "If the customer needs to dial to understand your propaganda content, then you really will not promote your own products." 2001, SAP started sponsing Indianapolis's Grandprix level equation racing car, will The SAP advertising identifier is attached to each car. In April, in New York, on the Internet e-commerce fair, a trailer of 53 feet was present, and there was a cinema in the trailer, a few big screens and a private meeting room, which is a boad of SAP. A year ago, in the same place, SAP only had a very inconspicuous little booth, drowning under the huge propaganda of the competitors such as Oracle.

Even companies that are most focusing on technology are not able to ignore the power of marketing. Among the many multinational companies in the department, product and brand, it is indeed a high-level management personnel to integrate the resources of the company, revolve around the company's business model, which is a unified market and sales strategy, which is the sales supervisors of the specific product department. Done.

In addition, CMO should also bear greater responsibilities. Ma Wentao, President of Edmman International Public Relations, believes that CMO should also play an important role in new product development, industry and market analysis, seeking new market opportunities. Sheng Zhou, the Assistant Director of the Marketing Department of Pfizer Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., has experienced such a thing: a pharmaceutical company launched a clinically injected antibiotic needle, and its greatest feature is that only one day is only injected once, the company is in major hospitals. The hospitalization department is promoted. The CMO's CMO found that the concept of "one day" was not too big in the hospital, anyway, the patient lived in the hospital, and there was no inconvenience in the injection of two or three times. For emergency patients, I will go home after reading the illness. If I have injected two or three times a day, it is very inconvenient. The concept of "one day" is just right for these patients. So in the next year's market strategy, he decided to adjust the main attack direction of this needle to the emergency department and got a lot of success. It seems that CMO is not just to do advertising, he can also play its own unique role in the aspects of details. In fact, in the interior of a company, CMO wants to jump out of the company's product itself. He often wants to pick up your company's products and sales plan from our customers.

Generally, the person in charge of the multinational corporation product department does not report directly to CMO. Philips CMO Android is to develop a holistic strategic framework at the board of directors, determine Philips's marketing policies and project plans, and specific implementation is made by various departments. Since the specific business operation resources are not mastered, the specific goals and performance are reached, and the job of CMO has high collaboration and communication skills. He must influence the company's decision-making layer through his own efforts, affect the person in charge of each product department, and must have the "one crisis three-to-happiness."

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