Chicago Science and Industry Museum

Synonym Chicago Science and Technology Museum Generallyments Chimoda Science and Industry Museum

Website Services

Museum website is a museum portal, mainly for visiting museums, also for science education services. Website set up four major columns, "Visit the museum" "WhatShere" "Online Science" "Education". "Visit The Museum" provides visitors to the audience, ticket price query and online ticket purchase, museum related information and maps, etc .; "WhatShere" provides pictures and related knowledge of some exhibits, the biscove movie screening time , Scientific theater performance and live interactive video, etc .; "OnlineScience" is a scientific experiment, scientific knowledge video, and museum official podcasting services, etc .; "Education" specializes in the establishment of scientific education, providing schools, community groups to study, Providing science teachers with teaching resources, organizing teachers' seminars, etc.

In addition, you can apply for volunteers through the website, and apply for volunteers, donate to the museum, purchase the museum related products.

Development History

Science and Industry Museum was established in 1933, his predecessor is established by the 1893 Chicago Columbus Commemorative Expo (World's Columbian Exposition, also known as Chicago World's Fair) Palace of Fine Arts has more than 350,000 exhibits and exhibition projects, including the U-505 submarine during World War II (the only German U-series submarine), which is designed to reveal the most powerful to visitors. The wonders of "Science Storm" and I hope that the visitors will experience the "You! The Experience" project, such as the 21st century, and so on.

Chicago Science and Industry Museum is one of the world's largest scientific museums, the largest scientific museum in the western hemisphere, aimed at stimulating children's scientific exploration and innovation. The exhibits have focused on interactivity, interesting, and seventy-five years, there have been more than 10 million people from all over the world.

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