Chiayi University

School History

February 1, 2000, Chiayi Technology and Chiayi Normal University integrated Jiayi University, now hold Lan Tan School, Minxiong Campus, Minsheng Campus, Linsen Campus and Central Pucheng Township Internship Forest Farm, and there is an experimental national elementary school and an affiliated kindergarten, covering an area of ​​283 hectares.

As early as in April 1919, Taiwan's public Chiayi Agriculture and Forestry School is designed to cultivate Taiwan agriculture and forestry talents. The first principal, Fuji black, the head, the campus field in the top of the mountain (No. 7 Zhongshan Road, East District, Chiayi City, today Chiayi Gaoguo).

Movement to the present, No. 580, Xinmin Road, West District, Jiayi City), 1985 Administrative Center, moved to Lan Tanjun (300 Jianfang Road, Jiayi).

Chiayi Technology Institute period

Former Chiayi Technology College was founded in 1919, the school named "Taiwan Public Chiayi Agriculture and Forestry School" aims to cultivate Taiwan Agriculture and Forestry Talents. In April 1921, it was known as "Tainan State Chiayi Agriculture and Forestry School". In November 1945, it is easy to name "Taiwan Province Li Chi Agricultural Vocational School". In July 1951, it is easy to name "Taiwan Province Li Chiayi Senior Agricultural Vocational School."

Surgical in March 1965 is "Taiwan Province Li Chi Agricultural College", for the five-year school school. In 1971, the second year of Night, and 1975 increased the second day. In July 1981, he met the Taiwan authorities, Yi school named Chiayi Agricultural College, July 1997, continued to be restructured as Chiayi Technology. In the same time, with the school development, the school is easy, and the colonial school site is in the top of the mountain (ie, the National Chiayi Gaoguo Shop), in 1938, the Xinmin Campus, the 1985 administrative center moved to the Lan Tantan Campus.

Chiayi Normal University Period

Former Jiasi Normal University, formerly founded in 1957, the school named "Taiwan Province Li Chi Normal School", the school site in this Linsen Campus (Linden State Old site). The establishment of Jiama is designed to cultivate excellent primary school teachers to meet the needs of primary school teachers and the needs of primary school teaching counseling in Jiayun. In August 1966, it was restructured as "Taiwan Province Li Jiasi Teachers College". For the five-year school school, recruitment of graduates in the early (country), in 1983, in response to the development of Taiwan's pre-school education, adding a second-year-old education teacher Cultivate a kindergarten teacher.

In the in-job education, in 1970, the summer department was established, and the nighttime department was established. In 1987, he began to build the people's campus. In July of the same year, it was "Taiwan Liji Normal University", recruits students at the University Department, and established a training department, serving it in primary schools, kindergarten teachers and education administrative staff. In 1991, he met the Taiwan authorities and was named Chiayi Normal University. 43 years of history, Jiama has cultivated countless outstanding national, kindergartens, kindergarten teachers and school administrations, education administration, and national education research talents. At the same time, the long-term responsibility of the national and kindergarten teaching counseling in Jiayun area and kindergarten teaching, and contributes to the improvement and development of the first education and pre-school education in the counseling area. Excellent teachers' cultivation, rich humanities, artistic breath, become the character of Jiama.

Chiayi University period

2000, passed by the Educational Administration Department of Taiwan, Jiasi Technology and Chiayi Normal University were combined into Chiayi University, now with Lan Tanjun, Minxiong Campus , The people's livelihood campus, the Linsen Campus and the Internship Forest Farm of the Social Township, and there is an experimental national elementary school and an affiliated kindergarten, covering an area of ​​283 hectares.

School conditions

Office set

As of 2019, Jiayi University has 8 secondary colleges and a research institute.

Humanities Academy

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Enterprise Management Department

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Financial Finance Department

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Biological Resources Department

Education Department Chiayi University

Counseling and consulting department

Sports and Health Casino

Special Education Department

Early childhood education department

Chinese Literature

Visual art line

application history system

Humanities Art Center

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Taiwan Culture Research Center

Management College

Application Economics

Information Management Department

Marketing and Sightseeing Management Department

Agricultural Institute

Agronomy Department

Department of Horticulture

Forest and Natural Resources Department

Wood Materials and Design Learning

Animal Science Department

Biological Agricultural Science and Technology Department

Plant Medical System

Institute of Technology


Application Chemistry

Application Mathematics

<185> < P> Information Engineering

Biological Electromechanical Engineering System

Civil Department of Water Resources Engineering

Electronics Engineering Department

Mechanical and Energy Engineering

Life Sciences

Food Science Department

Aquatic Biology Department

Microbial Immunity and Biopharmaine

< P> Veterinary College

Veterinary Department

Yun Jianan animal disease Diagnostic Center

Public Policy Research Institute


Teacher Power

Chiayi University's existing teacher 489; 95 school year student number is research 2477 people, 8980 universities, totaling 11457 people. Jiagun and Jiama's graduation alumni have more than 60,000 people, all over the harvest, engage in public, teaching, agricultural, workers, merchandise representatives, all can use their studies, respect, contributor, contribute to society, Zhuzhou .

Outgoing exchange

Chiayi University attaches great importance to academic exchanges and cooperation, in order to expand the vision of teachers and students, have exchanged information with domestic colleges and universities for many years, and conduct academic research cooperation, On February 1, 1989, he has compressed sister school with more than 20 foreign schools so far.

Asia (8): Japanese Cheese and Agricultural Park University, Japan Shangri University, South Korea University, Philippines University, Vietnam Agriculture and Forestry University, Vietnam Hu Zhiming Normal University University, Indonesia Malaysia, Thailand University, China Pingdingshan College;

Americas (6): USA Nikaho University, University of Northern University, United States Oregon University, Morrui University, Nova, Canada, Canada, Nova Agricultural College, Paraguay Asunsen University;

European Region (4): British Cartiv University, French European Business School, Nanyi Forestry University of France, Baken, Germany, Baken Applied University of Technology;

Oceania Area (4): New Zealand Lincoln University, New Zealand University of Victoria, South Australia, New England University, Australia.

Coriginal visit group has the United States, Japan, Australia, Philippines, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, St. Lucia, Africa, France, Germany, etc., except for each other, and Academic culture exchanges to achieve academic research, the purpose of information circulation.

School leaders

The development of Chiayi University, the end of the leadership of the principal and the efforts of all teachers and students. Former Chiayi Technology College, Taiwan's Dixia, Jianong and Jiagun have served as Dr. Liu Zira, Mr. Cai Pengfei, Mr. Liao Jiqing, Mr. Deng Shanzhang, Dr. Yu Yuxian, Dr. Lin Zhongmao, Dr. Hu Yilin, Dr. Qiu Yiyuan Generation); Jiama was from Master to the teachers, before and after Mr. Xumao Sheng, Mr. Xiang, Mr. Su Hui, Mr. Liu Wei, Mr. Wang Shao, Dr. Chen Guoxiong (Generation), Dr. Li Jianxing (Part) and Huang Dr. Fushun Jiu School Dean. After the establishment of Chiayi University, Yang Guo, the executive department of the Ministry of Education, was ordered to serve as the first principal, and Yang President led the teachers and students of all schools with its rich school experience and macro high education, "integration, multiculturalism, and big profit". The main shaft, with "Guang Yaji, the national, and the international" is the development mission. On February 1, 1994, Li Mingren took over the third principal, with the school training "honesty, strength, innovation, service" as the spindle of the school, in Germany, wisdom, body, group, and beautiful five-year-old school. The development goal is directed, continue to work hard to the school's vision, improve the quality of teaching, research and promotion services, and under the "innovation, excellence", improve the overall competitiveness, and create Jia Da Xinyi.

School Identification


Design Idea

Chiayi University Emblem Design Main Creation Concept is Chiayi The predecessor of the university, is a good university that is integrated by two excellent traditional Chiayi Normal University and Chiayi Technology College. Specially integrated into the world-renowned Yushan Totem, It means that Yushan is the most strong relief of Chiayi University, and the rays of Xuri East, representing Jia Da to achieve "Guang Yaji, famous national, and the international" becoming a well-known university. Supreme goals. The gentlest river has given a rich Jiaan Plain, symbolizing the history of Chiayi University, sustainable and joyful development, cultivating numerous excellent young students, contributing the national society, and has a deep meaning of Jiagu people drinking water.

element Description

"Sun Ray" represents Rising Sun. "Mountain" represents Yushan. "Eupy Rivers" represents the stream of streams such as Lanxi, turbid water, Zeng Wenxi and Baixi Creek, from Yushan Mountains. "Green Grassland" represents the Jiaan Plain. "Ancient Zhong" represents Chiayi University, its true meaning is "夙 夙 夜 夜,,,, 忝", "There is an end" active symbol, and there is a positive education philosophy. "Chinese" Jiayi Mei Mei Monitor System is the use of Wei's insistence between the school name created by the National Chiayi University. The totem system of "flowers" uses Abba's form.

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school motto

honest: Sincerity, advocating simple style.

Power: strive to practice, reflect the knowledge of the part.

innovation: creative innovation, pursue excellence.

service: enthusiastic public welfare, enhance social well-being.

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