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Chen Sheng Wu Guang uprising site, located near the village of 40 li Liu at the Suzhou City of Anhui Province, southeast of the city. The site is covered bucket-shaped high-profile, 4.5 meters above the ground, is 67.6 meters from east to west, north-south width of 65.5 meters from north to south. Tainan is Chen Sheng and Wu Guang Uprising marble statue.

involving so Taiwan Village

Chen Sheng and Wu Guang Uprising name of the site involved so Taiwan (also known as radio stations it, shoot drum sets, radio Lutai), in ancient times was a desolate swamp, named "Osawa Township . "

stage that there are a primary school in 1983, moved to New Taixinan. The stage has fourteen years of Ming Dynasty (1586), the Qing dynasty 29 years (1849), Emperor Guangxu seventeen years (1891) and 32 years (1943) stone four. Qing dynasty, twenty-nine "drum fire station rebuilt tablets" Description:. "Archer Chen She also Taiwan also, Chenshe Yanwu drumming the table also," the Ming Dynasty, to raise funds to build a "temple tower and cast a bell, cover bell tower. " These ancient buildings have been destroyed, the only earth station stone particular deposit. It opened in 1984, involving the stage memorial, carved Chen Sheng and Wu Guang statue, after it involved dressing table for people to pay their last respects.

Climate wherein

relates station warm temperate monsoon climate, four seasons, the annual average temperature of 14.3 deg.] C, 850-900 mm average annual rainfall.

History and Culture


209 BC, Chen Sheng and Wu Guang Lu left with nine hundred frontiers Tong Fu Yu Yang, Tai Chak village, blocked due to rain, when the loss of the cut. "This death also died, also cited plans to die, die, die State may peace!" Chen Sheng and Wu Guang Zhi then kill Captain, mobilize people to chop wood for the soldiers, Jie Gan for the flag, the altar vows to punish cutting Bao Qin. By Sheng related word, which is later ordered altar vows to as "table so related." Therefore, involving Taiwan as China's first peasant uprising birthplace, it is the source of Chinese peasant farmer war and revolution, is the carrier of history and witness, is a great historical monument. 1961 announced for the provincial key cultural relics protection units.


Confucian tape Spicy Chicken, Chicken Spicy market is a large component of the iron plate installed very adequate refreshing delicious meat, spiced feel when the inlet is not particularly strong but staying hot. Further hot cooked will send a wide hand roll. Pour dipped in thick spicy spicy chicken soup for the rest filled with meaty taste of the soup as a staple food.


Taiwan bonfire so involved fox-ming, the belly of the fish book Dan Bay, longan well seventies Erlian camps and other attractions.

it relates station

it relates station was covered bucket-shaped, north 4.6 m high and 3.2 m high south, east 67.6 m, width of 65 north and south. 5 meters, an area of ​​4427.8 square meters, shade trees around the station, elegant environment. There are several strains Cooper on stage,

Longan well

Taitung along the surviving old well, 20 meters deep, said: "longan well" for the temple remains. Stage there Ming Dynasty, Qing dynasty, the Qing dynasty, in 29 years four tablets. According to the inscription records, the Ming Dynasty had previously been set for this station, "Temple tower."

zhe Longshu

I have an old dead trees in Tainan, dragon tree form, whole body scales, said: "Ja dragon tree."


Tainan stands a central axis of 70 m and Wu Guang uprising large relief image, the high-pass statue 9 meters, 6.2 meters wide, 1.7 meters thick, the total weighing 120 tons, the statue is a torch-shaped appearance, a symbol of Chen Sheng, Wu raging fire lit the first great peasant uprising, Sheng Qi County, his right hand pointing sword, left a rallying call for the rebels, Wu Guang angry lift bars, the former first punch. This proofs won the bronze award in the 1984 National Urban sculpture competitions at.

Swan Court

Taiwan Southeast has Chen Sheng and Wu Guang Uprising Memorial Hall "Swan Court", antique buildings, with a total area of ​​2475 square meters. Set Beilang, relics on display in one place, there are dozens of famous inscriptions party, and display the well-known painter painting gift of nearly five hundred.




by train or car to Suzhou, Suzhou by car from the township to the Ozawa. You can take a taxi or chartered to. Suzhou taxi fares starting at 4 yuan, more than 2 km 1 yuan per kilometer, at night (24: 00- 05:00 the next day) starting fee 4.8 yuan, plus subsidies at night, tolls and other expenses.


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